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How much is PSY Worth? PSY Net Worth in 2022

$50 million
PSY Net Worth
$5,000,000 / year
PSY salary

PSY Net Worth: How rich is PSY? & How much money is PSY worth? Time to find out!

PSY is a South Korean singer, rapper, songwriter, and record producer, and his current net worth is $50 million.

Born in an affluent family from the Gangnam District of Seoul, South Korea, to Park Won-Ho, an executive chairman, and Kim Young-hee, owner of some restaurants, he is one of the richest rappers.

Growing up, he went to Banpo Elementary and Middle Schools, as well as to Sehwa High School.

He hated school and his classmates knew him as the class clown. He discovered foreign music through a TV show. In one episode, they showed a concert held by the British rock band Queen. There he fell in love with music.

PSY had originally other career plans. Supposed to take over DI Corporation from his father, he studied business administration at Boston University.

After his arrival in the United States, he lost his interest in business administration, spending his time and money on musical instruments and entertainment equipment.

With his remaining tuition funds he bought a computer, an electric keyboard, and a MIDI interface.

He dropped out of the university, after just one year, and applied to study at Berklee College of Music instead.

While there, he took core curriculum lessons in ear training, contemporary writing and music synthesis classes. However, he dropped out and returned to South Korea to have a singer career, without a degree from either Boston University or Berklee.

Back home he first appeared on Korean national television in 2000, after a TV producer saw his dancing skills.

A year later he released his full-length album PSY from the Psycho World!. The South Korean government authorities fined him due to his album’s inappropriate content.

Back then PSY, a rookie hip hop singer complicating the Korean pop music style with blunt content, unusual dance moves and an unconventional appearance, gained him the nickname The Bizarre Singer.

Upon the release of his second album, in 2002, the controversy continued and even increased a bit, earning complaints from many people.

Since then, people had seen him as a controversial artist, and even banned his single, Sa 2, back in 2002, from selling to the under-19 set.

The same year he released his third album, 3 PSY. Due to the World Cup games held in Seoul, the single from the album, Champion, had great success.

Despite receiving a significant amount of controversy for his music, he has received a lot of songwriting accolades at the annual Seoul Music Awards.

After completing his army duties, he released his fourth album, called Ssajib. The album received honors at the 2006 SBS Music Awards and Hong Kong’s Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Upon going back to army and due to his financial difficulties, he could no longer release his own songs.

But encouraged by his wife, he joined YG Entertainment, and under the label he released his fifth album, PsyFive in 2010.

Until this point, and despite his songs receiving ban again, he topped domestic music charts half a dozen times throughout his 12 year career in South Korea.

He made his international breakthrough with the release of his sixth album, Psy 6, Part 1, and the single Gangnam Style.

Few months after the release the song ranked first on YouTube’s Most Viewed Videos’ monthly chart.

After the video went viral, celebrities quickly jumped on board, with Katy Perry, Britney Spears, and Tom Cruise twitting about their delight.

The Gangnam Style fever has also helped popularize his older music videos, such as Right Now.

Following the success of the song, Scooter Braun from Schoolboy Records offered him a record deal.

He received $2.4 million from  the 2.7 million iTunes downloads, and 3 billion video views. His family also had to earn from his celebrity with their company’s earnings increasing.

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