Will.i.am Net Worth in 2020

How much is Will.i.am Worth?

Will.i.am Net Worth $85 million

Will.i.am salary $5,000,000

Will.i.am Net Worth: How rich is Will.i.am? & How much money is Will.i.am worth? Time to find out!

Will.i.am is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, actor, musician, DJ, record producer and philanthropist and his current net worth is $85 million.

Born in Eastside Los Angeles and raised in Estrada Courts by his mother Debra, who encouraged him in pursuing a musical career, Adams never met his father.

His mother often encouraged him to be unique and avoid becoming like the other youth in his neighborhood.

Debra also sent him to public schools in affluent West Los Angeles. While at John Marshall High School he met Allan Pineda, with whom he became best friends.

**Allan Pineda aka apl.de.ap is also a member of The Black Eyed Peas.

While in high school he and his best friend often performed in East L.A. clubs along with other three entertainers.

They were part of the socially conscious rap group Atban Klann, which caught the eye of Compton rapper Eazy-E. Thanks to the rapper, his record label, Ruthless Records signed them in 1992.

Despite he uses electro and house sounds in music elements, he prefers to separate the underground from pop.

Included on Eazy-E’s album, the Atban Klann’s first ever official track, “Merry Muthafuckin’ Xmas”, opened their way to a lot of more recordings.

With the help of producers Mookie Mook and DJ Motiv8 the trio recorded an album but never released it due to Eazy-E’s death in 1995.

After Eazy-E’s death the band changed its name to the Black Eyed Pods, and Will replaced Dante with Jaime Gomez aka Taboo.

A while after, the band changed their name again to The Black Eyed Peas, and began recording their first album, Behind the Front.

Soon enough they signed with Interscope Records and released their debut single, Joints & Jam, back in 1998.

After the success of their album, Will started recording his first solo album, Lost Change. The album became the official soundtrack to the film with the same name.

The album became an instant success thanks to the collaborations with Medusa, Planet Asia and Terry Dexter.

After Nicole Scherzinger almost became the lead singer of The Black Eyed Peas, Dante Santiago introduced Fergie to Will.

She impressed him with her vocal abilities and the two immediately formed a bond.

Among the band’s greatest successes is the breakthrough single Where is The Love, released in 2002.

Around that time Will released his second album which became an instant success.

In the UK alone, it has sold over 1 million copies at over 1.6 million copies and 10 million worldwide. Following that success, he is one of the richest singers in the world, as well as one of the most respectable rappers.

He has contributed to The Voice UK since 2012. And also returned for the sixth season, which is now on ITV.

This year he will also be a coach on the first series of the UK Version of The Voice Kids.

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