Sick Of Being A Rich Snob? Find Out How To Quit!

24 April 2016

How To NOT Be A Rich Snob

In the society that we live in being having lots of money, can either bring you peoples’ respect and be very enjoyable, or it can bring you jealousy and hatred thus being very stressful; if you think there might be something wrong with the way you behave, check out these tips on How To NOT Be A Rich Snob.

Money can come from various places, you can be lucky enough to get born into it, as in you don’t really have to work to get it and you basically have everything you could possibly want since the day you are born. The problem with this scenario is that it doesn’t occur too often, leaving the rest of the population pretty upset.

Sure, it’s not you fault you got lucky and were born to some rich parents, but then again, you spoiled brat, you better at least try to make peace with your haters, so that you don’t get too depressed and ruin the heated leather seats in your Lamborghini by crying all over the place (you’re human too, we know).

How To NOT Be A Rich Snob
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But how can you take advantage of the fact that you have tons of money that you didn’t even work for and turn it into something that you might actually get appreciated for, huh? Easy, sot being a rich snob and look for some charity work!

You literally have too much money you’re getting almost bored of it, instead of buying the 38th car, why not travel (in the comfort of your very own private jet, of course) to Congo or Niger and help out some of the people there?

How To NOT Be A Rich Snob
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And if moving around is not an option for you, there is always the precious alternative of simply giving away some money to companies that do the charity work for you! Well that sounds convenient, am I right?

The next situation I am going to discuss is the one where you weren’t born with a silver spoon in your hand, and you still somehow managed to make it big! In this case, you obviously worked hard for your money, had the ambition to take risks and had strong initiatives that made your work unique.

You’ve come to a point where you have people working for you and you can finally rest and enjoy life’s finest moments, your beach house that you struggled a long time ago to build. Are people still going to think you are a rich snob? Well of course they are! (given the following scenarios)

You completely forgot where you came from, this is the main thing you should have learned from basically every rap song: never forget who you were, where you were born and how you came into money. If this doesn’t click in your mind, then you are most likely to be hated on for the rest of your life.

You screwed over some people over to get to the top. You can’t always work alone, the most of us have been in need of somebody’s help and support at some point in our lives. If you know you too have been trough this kind of situation, be kind enough to give the other person credit for their work. Don’t be a selfish liar and risk becoming the target of some well-deserved karma.

All in all there are many ways in which you can enjoy your expensive lifestyle without being judged, and without being a rich snob, no matter how you made your fortune. You simply have to be a down to earth person.

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