This Egg-Shaped Spacecraft just Hit the Market for $1,300

25 August 2016

Unique in Design and Functionality, Power Egg Drone is the First with Gesture Control

Power Egg drone is the latest autonomous flyer from Beijing-based PowerVision. The company has made its first attempt to enter the world of consumer drones.

Power Egg drone features a unique egg-shaped robotic design and the industry’s first gesture recognition remote control. The Egg weighs over 2kg and is roughly the size of a rugby ball. Its body is made of high density plastic. Despite its namesake, this device appears surprisingly robust.

Power Egg’s landing legs and propeller struts retract back into the egg-shaped base for easy transportation. Once they flick out for flight, the drone can fly for up to 23 minutes and has a range of 3.1 miles. Although the landing legs automatically extend, you’ll have to manually fix the propeller struts in place.

Power Egg Drone
Power Egg folded for transportation | Image source: powervision.me
Power Egg Drone
Arms and legs extend to form a drone | Image source: powervison.me

Compared to Drones Available on Market, Power Egg Drone Certainly Stands out

At its bottom, the device has a 4K UHD camera on a 360 degree gimbal. As a result, it can steadily capture panoramic high-quality photographs and videos. Conversely, the top of the Egg houses the 6,400mAh battery.

Power Egg Drone
The bottom tip of the Egg pops off to reveal the camera | Image source: powervision.me

Interestingly, the landing legs also retract when the drone is flying above a certain altitude from the ground, so the camera won’t capture the legs in the photo shots.

Furthermore, Power Egg drone can fly both indoors and outdoors. When outside, the drone’s GPS system identifies its position relative to the operator. When inside, Power Egg drone scans the ground for patterns using its visual and ultrasonic sensors, to understand its orientation.

Controlling the Device

In addition to its futuristic shape, users can control the drone with either a traditional controller or a single hand gesture remote. This secondary remote, which looks like a Nintendo Wii controller, is designed for people who are new to drones, and has motion sensing capabilities. Therefor it allows users to easily launch, land and steer the device with gestures.

Power Egg Drone
Power Egg, Controllers and the Base station | Image source: powervision.me

Yes! Power Egg drone is super simple to use. Wave the remote up to have the drone climb or move it to the left and right to have it pan. Don’t forget to let go of its activation trigger if you just want to wave your hand at your friend, otherwise the flying Egg will also drift around with your waving hands!

See Power Egg drone fly and learn more about its details.

While Power Egg drone is currently available on preorder from the PowerVision website, the company expects the  deliveries to start in October.

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