Change Your Mind about Buying an Expensive Yacht

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When you ask a rich person about buying an expensive yacht, he can give you many reasons to. But has anyone ever told you otherwise?

Some people think buying an expensive yacht is one of the ultimate goals in their life. It can be simply about its luxury. And it can also be about the freedom and adventure it offers.

From successful businessmen to world-class athletes, luxurious yacht is on top of their spending spree list. Tiger Woods owns two yachts, Privacy ($20 million and 155 feet long) and Solitude ($3 million and 61 feet long). Novak Djokovic bought a $2.5 million Manhattan 60 yacht.

As you can see, a luxurious yacht costs millions of dollars. That is for purchasing only. Let alone other costs that we will discuss later on in this article.

High cost is the obvious reason not to buy an expensive yacht. But what else can it be? Take a look at our list and you may change your mind about getting yourself one.

15. It is Not What You Really Want

15 Reasons Why Buying A Really Expensive Yacht is a Bad Idea | It is Not What You Really Want
15 Reasons Why Buying A Really Expensive Yacht is a Bad Idea | It is Not What You Really Want | source:

Has it ever occurred to you that yachting may not be your desire? It may be fun. But it may not give you the same pleasure and excitement you get when you go fishing on a small boat or riding your fast sport car.

It is better to realize what your desire really is before you lose millions of dollars. Ask yourself the million dollar question, do you really need a yacht?

Buying something you do not really need will only make you regret your decision. Even when it seems like it is what you really want prior to buying it.

Besides, a yacht is a big money-sucker. It will drain your money real fast. No matter how rich you are, you are going to regret those millions of dollars you spend.

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