15 Reasons Why You Should Travel the World

Like you needed another reason to travel the world..

We are strong ambassadors of what it means to really travel the world and what it can do for you mindset, so we decided to write this piece in order to go through the benefits we identified from our own experience.

A special distinction we want to make before we start, is between traveling and being a tourist.

Tourism is a commercial product very similar to having a movie pass. You get to experience different things, without having to go out of your comfort zone.

While traveling is more similar with exploring, immersing yourself in a destination to the point where you’re as much a part of it as it is of you.

Big cities are filled with tourists while travelers focus on the less traveled paths.

The rewards are exponentially higher for travelers than for tourists, now it all depends on the reason for your trip.

Hopefully, by the end of this piece you’ll be ready to book a flight and start exploring the world!

As always, there’s a video version as well which you can watch here:

Here are 15 Reasons Why You Should Travel The World:

Number 1: It’s outside your comfort zone
What is traveling, if not leaving order and moving towards the unknown. How far into the unknown you’re willing to go, that’s up for you.

You’re going to places where you don’t speak the language, where people don’t know who you are and you gotta be in control of yourself for once.

That’s why many people never go to new places. They explored one place with which they’re comfortable and then they repeat visit.

Please consider this nextime you decide to go somewhere.

Number 2: It helps you escape the routine
We use traveling as a tool to consciously break our behavioral pattern when we feel like to many days look the same.

It’s a brute force strategy, but for us, it gets the job done.

We plan trips ahead of time and space them out throughout the year so you always have a new one to look up to. It’s also a great way to add a new dimension to your life which makes the hustle bearable.

Number 3: Travel is a more advanced form of education
Want to get smarter quicker. Go explore. Traveling is like condensed education. So many skills and new forms of interconnected knowledge merge together in a travel experience that you level up at the end of the trip.

What we love the most about the type of knowledge you get off traveling is that it gives you a detail of insight which you can not match otherwise.

You make sense of history, geography and of international event which others only study in school books. This type of experimental knowledge allows this information to stick around a lot longer.

Number 4: You get to meet new people and hear their stories
Despite being more connected than ever, it’s hard to make new friends and expand your network. Traveling is the perfect opportunity for this.

Both parties actively want to expand their networks with people from different places around the world, so the environment is optimized for this type of goal.

The last thing you want when coming back from a trip is to have never spoken to anyone new. It’s a missed opportunity to learn about the world. Just talk to people and they’ll gladly tell you their stories, about their past and their lives and how they end up the person they are today.

This allows you to understand context and form non superficial relations with people which will dramatically outlast the others.

It doesn’t hurt to keep in touch once in awhile.

Number 5: You’re exposed to new ideas
A single trip can change your entire world view. People fear what they don’t know or don’t understand.

This is a very prominent issue especially today when media chooses to portray the worst in people.

Just because someone lives in another geography than you, his skin color is different and worships a different supernatural being than you, it doesn’t mean they don’t share the same emotions; that they don’t have the same desires or the same goals.

In our travels we’ve found that most people are good and welcoming, they will share what they have with you in order to make you feel good. A smile is always returned no matter where you go.

Explore the world, talk to people and actively try to learn from them. We’ve been alive as humans for so long that different parts of the world have mastered different aspects of existence. The last thing you want to do, is travel with the belief that you know everything.
You’ll be shocked by your ignorance.

Number 6: It makes you more independent
One goal is life is to be self sufficient, meaning if it came to it, your own set of tools is enough to keep you going.

We’re seeing this with younger generations, where parents are overprotective and do not allow their children to face the hardships of live until it is too late. They grow up in a bubble and then reality hits them like a brick.

Traveling is a great solution for this, because although you can call your mom and dad to hit that western union or book you the flight home, you still have to rely on your own abilities to have a good time.

Traveling in small groups or even alone gives you the super-power of being enough by yourself and decreases your reliance on external factors.

Number 7: The food is amazing
Life’s too short to eat the same type of food every single day. Not exploring the food culture of the world is a major sin in our eyes and should be punished accordingly.

Imagine there’s a book with thousands of pages and you read over and over again the same first page never turning it over. Even hearing that makes you think of how stupid it actually is, but that’s how most people live their lives.

Food is an extraordinary sensorial experience. You are literally bringing a part of the new environment inside of your body! What is more personal than that!

Some of our best experience happen around food, because people can be themselves when eating. Food has that power over people and it brings out their most natural selves.

Number 8: Makes you realize how much you don’t know
The more you travel the more you understand how close minded you’ve been living. The world is so vast, filled with knowledge and stories you would otherwise die without knowing.

The beauty of life comes from expanding your horizons, whatever form they might take.

This might sound odd to some people, but the more you explore the more you realize how complex human life is and it’s hard to comprehend that most people will never get that perspective.

A life without traveling is like living in a cage, you’re not living, you’re just being kept alive!

Number 9: It de-stresses you
We’ve experience this ourselves. Like is complicated and it’s taking a strong toll on us as humans, especially since we’re putting so much pressure on ourselves.

Despite us justifying the importance of whatever it is we’re stressing about for the moment, the world keeps on spinning in a major disregard of our minuscule existence.

Traveling provides an escape from that, it makes you a passenger in other people’s existence instead of your usual position as the driver of your own life.

Number 10: You make memories
Memories are the type of wealth which grows more valuable as time goes by. At one point in life, we’ll all find ourselves left with just our memories. These will probably be the last thing we have to give up before we die, so might as well invest in them.

People who travel have stories to tell, because they lived, they’ve seen places, they’ve met people, life happened to them.

These are even better if shared with people you care about, because memories are the underlying bond of relationships, they set the cornerstones for true friendships.

A while back we made 2 very important videos, on the things which money can and can not purchase.  You’re probably expecting a fluff piece, but that’s not what we did there, we went deeper than anything we’ve seen and we’re really proud of the end result.

Number 11: Freedom to travel is the new measurement for success
Who cares how much money you have in the bank if you’ve never seen the world.

Who cares what your cash flow is, if you’re unable to leave the country because the government forbids it.

Freedom to travel has become the new measurement for the new rich. One week we’re in Rome, the next we’re settled in in our apartment in Manhattan. Once the business is done we’re in a plane headed to Shanghai.

The world is your playground and you need to start playing in it if you really want to feel wealthy!

Number 12: Travel forces you to be more social
In this digital world people have become excessively boring. They lack a personality because they no longer go out to form one.

Because of their indoor existence we are forming our personalities based on almost the same type of pattern provided on the internet. We all laugh at the same memes, we all watch the same tv shows, we order the same type of clothes from the same online retailers.

You are no longer you! You’re just a product of what the aforementioned companies want you to be.

The antidote to this is real life conversations. Even better if these are hard conversations, meaning they’re meant to test your current beliefs.

We’re so used to living in our own designed echo chambers that people are triggered when they hear something which goes against what they’ve been infused to believe and are massively outraged.

Traveling teaching you to be social, to talk to people you don’t know and learn from them.

Number 13: It increases your problem solving skills
Want to get better at life? Travel! Inevitably you’ll be faced by situations where you’ll need to be quick on your feet, to get creative in your problem solving and figure out how to get yourself out of difficult positions.

All this makes you a more resourceful individual and has side benefits into whatever you are planning to do in the future, because life is very cyclical in nature, only the details change.

We like people who travel a lot, they seem more confident and are not shaken easily.

Number 14: Some experiences have an expiration date on them
You’ll never get to experience a city the same way as you did the first time.

Visiting Paris when you’re a teenager holding hands with your highschool sweetheart differs completely to the experience of a couple who just had their second kid or to that of someone who’s in his 50s.

The experiences you can enjoy while traveling have an expiration date on them.

This means if you don’t travel right now, you’re missing out on something which you’ll never be able to experience again.

Yes, you can see the landmarks, but by now we expect you to understand that travel isn’t about getting a selfie in front of random buildings or constructions. There’s more to it than that!

Number 15: Travel is a better investment than more material things.
We’d take experiences over another set of fancy clothes any day.

We’ve touched on this some way back, but some investments you do for your financial portfolio which is meant to secure your freedom while others you do for your soul.

Everything else is just an expense.

We hope that this article sparked some interest into exploring the world Aluxers and if you want to know what we do when we travel, please watch our Vienna or Milan videos.

We’re always looking for exciting new destinations so we’re curious to know:

That was it about our 15 reasons why you should travel the world! What is your favorite country to visit? Let us know in the comments!

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