How Rich Is The Cast of The Big Bang Theory

28 April 2016

This year is their 9th year. How much has cast of The Big Bang Theory made so far?

The Big Bang Theory has become one of the best sitcoms in the history of television. When it was first aired in 2007, it came with a fresh idea of comedy TV among the swarming cop shows. Since then, the cast of The Big Bang Theory have become one of the rich and famous.

The plot of this TV series is a group of scientists with their nerdy lifestyle meeting a girl with a blond girl stereotype who was clueless about the world of science. The collision of the two different worlds goes along with the analogy of the big bang theory itself.

The show has been running for nine consecutive years. The cast of the Big Bang Theory have become one of the leading stars on TV. This raises the question: how rich have they become?

We picked up 10 of the most reoccurring actors and actress on The Big Bang Theory and did some research on their net worth. Take a look!

10. Carol Ann Suzi (Mrs. Wolowitz): $500,000 net worth

How Rich The Casts of The Big Bang Theory Are Carol Ann Susi Mrs. Wolowitz
How Rich The Casts of The Big Bang Theory Are: Carol Ann Suzi (Mrs. Wolowitz) – $500,000 net worth | source: movieplot.com

Carol Ann Suzi portrayed Mrs. Wolowitz. The Wolowitz family consists of her and her son, Howard, who is one of the main characters of the show. An interesting fact, Carol was never seen on screen throughout her entire 39 episodes on the show. Audience could only hear her loud voice as she talked to other characters.

Unfortunately, Carol Ann Suzi passed away in 2014. The producers of the show decided not to replace her. They adapted the story to her passing instead. So, they came up with one episode in memoriam of Carol Ann Suzi.

By the end of the episode, they wrote  “In loving memory of Carol Ann Suzi “Mrs. Wolowitz.”. Every time you spoke, we laughed. You’re in our hearts forever.”

Carol Ann Suzi passed away leaving her $500,000 net worth to her family. Her death was affecting the entire crew and casts of The Big Bang Theory. We will always remember you, Mrs. Wolowitz!

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