Richest Actors Who Were in Band of Brothers

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You may not realize that these men were in Band of Brothers fifteen years ago. Have they become the richest actors? Or are they just forgotten?

In 2001, Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg produced this top-class TV mini-series about a group of American soldiers during the World War II. This was a great starting project for some actors who turned out to be one of the richest actors in the world.

The show was packed with talented actors. But the story itself has intensely drawn its viewer into the characters. It was so intense that they could not even recall seeing most of these actors.

Band of Brothers was a huge success. They won the Golden Globe award for Best Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television. Plus, the show generates buck load of money for the filmmakers.

So, what about the actors? Have they made as big achievement as the show has? Let’s take a look at this list of richest actors who were in Band of Brothers.

10. Michael Cudlitz (net worth: $2 million)

Richest Actors Who Were in Band of Brothers | Michael Cudlitz
Richest Actors Who Were in Band of Brothers | #10 Michael Cudlitz (net worth: $2 million) | source:

Michael Cudlitz was one of the main casts of Band of Brothers. He appeared in nine episodes (out of ten). He portrayed a tough and righteous soldier, Denver Randleman, a.k.a Bull.

On today’s screen, you can see him as Abraham Ford in the zombie apocalyptic TV series, The Walking Dead. Abe was also a soldier before it all went down.

Abe is currently on the list of Negan’s victims. The Walking Dead ended its 6th season with a major cliffhanger as Negan killed one of main characters. We have to wait until this October to find out if Abe makes it out alive.

After Band of Brothers, Cudlitz starred many movies and TV series including Southland (2009-2013). Now, he earns $250,000 per year to add into his $2 million of net worth.

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