15 Richest Crazy Asians

15 March 2021

Do You Ever Wonder Who the Richest Asians Are and What They Do With Their Money? Read on And Have a Look Into Their Lives.

Remember when showing off excessive wealth meant falling out of a car with your luxury items spilled out around you?

These 15 Richest Crazy Asians don’t need to fling themselves out of cars onto dirty sidewalks to prove their wealth, as you’ll soon find out.

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Wang Sicong 

Aluxers, we begin with the most gorgeous, beautiful, eye-catching… malamute. This gorgeous boy belongs to Wang Sicong, and he’s often the centre of attention on Sicong’s Instagram posts, doing the “usge”, like posing with 8 1Phone 7s, or donning both of his 2 18-karat gold Apple watches.

His owner is the son of Wang Jianlin, who has a net worth of, let’s say, billions!

The 33-year-old is known for dropping huge cash on a single night out, like this one time… in 2018 when he spent $385,000 at a Beijing KTV.

Screenshot 2021-03-14 224313


Kim Lim

When every selfie features a different outfit from the likes of Dior or Prada, then you know that money is no issue and how can it be when your dad has over $2.1 billion to his name?

Lim generated a lot of attention when Cristiano Ronaldo popped into the hospital when she had her first baby. Many speculated that Ronaldo was the true father of the child, and those rumours were fuelled when she split from her hubby, Kho Bin Kai.

The Singaporean socialite was recently accused of jumping the Covid vaccine line, but as todayonline.com confirmed, “As the hands-on owner of three medically licensed aesthetics clinics, she and her staff qualified for the jab as they are considered under the healthcare sector, a group that is given priority in Singapore’s vaccination exercise.”

Screenshot 2021-03-14 224448


Dimash Adilet

With 1.1 million followers, this 25-year-old businessman from Kazakhstan likes to portray a certain image – that being opulent luxury.

Expect to be inundated with hundreds of selfies, classy outfits, lavish holidays, and plenty of pretty things.

The philanthropist tries to inspire others, and always leaves motivational, encouraging messages along with his posts, like “be kind to one another,” or “stay positive.”

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Screenshot 2021-03-14 224606


Dhillon Lee

It’s birthday month for Dhillon Lee who turns 25 on the 30th of March. This ocean-loving Singaporean has been dubbed the “Real Crazy Rich Asian,” and fills his feed with luxurious cars, jet skis, skydiving, speed boats and anything that captures his imagination.

He adores water, be it the ocean, river, lake or swimming pool. He has a website detailing all his business ventures, including Aquatic Division, which is a private aquatic zoo, Naked Aperture, Mansions Consulting, high End bars, Face masks and Atlantis Private Estate.

The man works hard for his money, and he is not afraid to enjoy it.



Jamie Chua 

You’d never guess her age first time, because she looks 20 years younger than her 46 years! While working as a flight attendant for Singapore Airlines, she met her future husband, Nurdian Cuaca. The Indonesian millionaire fell hard, and marriage came soon thereafter.

The marriage didn’t work out and it ended in a high-profile divorce where Chua demanded $450,000 a month in alimony! Her reasons were “unreasonable behaviour.” They settled out of court, and now Chua is showing off her walk-in closet, kitted out with a security system and a Himalayan Birkin Bag valued at $400,000!

The couple have 2 children. Cleveland, who received a fully furnished bachelor pad courtesy of his rich dad for his 24th birthday and then there’s our number 6…



Calista Cuaca 

She’s the older sister to Cleveland and is every much the influencer that her mom is. Many mistake the pair for sisters, which is great for mom, but perhaps not so much for daughter.

Cuaca has almost 300,000 followers on Insta, and unlike her mom who likes to show off the classic luxury pieces, she prefers trendier items. A recent Insta post showed her sporting a pair of bright yellow Crocs, which as you might remember from our video, 10 Companies Who Managed to Make A Comeback, have managed to make an unexpected comeback.

Screenshot 2021-03-14 225153


Chryseis Tan 

Tan is the daughter of Malaysian billionaire Tan Sri Vincent Tan, chairman and chief executive of the Berjaya Group, a multi-industry conglomerate.

This busy mum of Arianna Kyla may feature opulent Insta posts but she’s quick to point out the following, “People think, as you’ve read it before, that I don’t work, I just travel. People think what they want to think – I don’t get affected by it so I don’t feel the need to set anything straight.”

But there’s no doubt about it, she has an “instafabulous” lifestyle, which puts the Kardashians to shame!



Arissa Cheo

No stranger to hard work, Arissa Cheo, creative director and founder of the Carte Blanche X Group. The group currently has 2 brands, Arissa X – a fashion line and AxJ BEAUTÉ – a cosmetics range.

She is the daughter of Singaporean billionaire Cheo Tong Chun, chairman of edible oils refiner Mewah International.

With over 350,000 followers on her one Instagram account, she calls herself an “anti-fairytale he?roi?ne,” and was married to Taiwanese actor-singer Vanness Wu, but they divorced in 2018.

Seeking no alimony post-divorce, she’s heiress to her father’s multi-million-dollar business.



Feiping Chang

Hong Kong-based socialite, blogger, and fashion influencer, Chang is considered one of Hong Kong’s “It Girls.” Her feed is crammed with travel, fashion, luxury, and everything beautiful.

The Taipei-born socialite grew up globally. She lived in Australia, Singapore and America. She’s married to financier Lincoln Li and the wedding was a three-day affair in Capri, Italy. They exchanged vows on the cliff of Villa Lysis. The Italian government only gave them permission after they agreed to refurbish it.

Everyone is so into luxury weddings these days, but mostly they aren’t worth the money. Check out 15 Reasons a Luxury Wedding Isn’t Worth the Money.



Kane Lim

He might come from a mega wealthy Singaporean family, but he has also been in business himself, since the age of 17. He made his first million by 20.

This S’porean is not the brother of Kim Lim whom we mentioned earlier. What he is, however, is a cast member of “Bling Empire,” an American reality tv series that was released on Netflix in January 2021. The show focuses on the lives of wealthy Asian and Asian-American socialites based in LA.

There’s no shortage of Christian Louboutin shoes, Chanel, Hermes, and Moschino bags and Chanel accessories. Even Rihanna is a fan!



Tien Nguyen

Her old man is Imex Pan Pacific Group’s (IPPG) billionaire chairman Jonathan Hanh Nguyen. He’s the guy responsible for distributing brands like Burberry, Bulgari, Armani and Versace as well as Belvedere, Dom Pérignon, Louis XIII and Hennessy.

Nguyen was one of Vietnam’s most high-profile corona cases. The 25-year old allegedly caught the virus from one of her sisters traveling to Milan, London and Paris for fashion shows. Tien happened to be in London at the time.

So, like any concerned father would do in a similar situation. He arranged a charter jet to bring her back to Ho Chi Minh City. The cost of this is said to be roughly $360,000, something only the richest asians can afford!



Love Marie Escudero 

She’s, “Wife. Artist. Entrepreneur. Author,” according to her Instagram and she’s also very, very wealthy. She’s been described as the “modern-day incarnation of Audrey Hepburn.”

Escudero actively posts images of luxury and opulence for the insatiable appetite of her 7.6 million followers on Instagram. She’s married to Francis Joseph “Chiz” Guevara Escudero, a Filipino Senator and is a multi-talented businesswoman to be reckoned with.

From sold out art shows, to a successful acting career, add musician to the list and philanthropist – and you’ve got someone to inspire to and as she says, “A beautiful face with a sexy body is a dime a dozen in showbiz. When you have magnetic personality, you beat everybody else.”



Ezra William

New York, Paris and Milan are all his home away from home. This Indonesian socialite is currently based in New York, but for how long is anyone’s guess.

He’s a self-confessed shopping addict and loves to flaunt his wealth and excess lifestyle. He is friends with Tiffany Trump, EJ Johnson and Paris and Nicky Hilton. He starred in the reality TV series Rich Kids of Instagram which was released in 2016.

Wiliam’s dad is a real-estate tycoon in Indo, and he hangs out with other richest Asians, like Dorothy Wang, daughter of billionaire mogul, and CEO of Golden Eagle International Group, Roger Wang. And we’ll introduce her next.

Screenshot 2021-03-14 225939


Dorothy Wang

One of the richest Asians, Wang describes herself as “funemployed,” and that’s a career path we’d love to pursue, even just for a short time.

Her father was born in China and has a net worth of $3.2 billion.

Dorothy has been dubbed the “the Asian-American Kim Kardashian,” but rest assured, a much tamer version with no sex tape to gain followers. As she confirms, “I’m not perfect, obviously, but I don’t have that many scandals or skeletons in my closet.”


Rachel and Michelle Yeoh 

Meet Malaysian Chinese twins Michelle and Rachel Yeoh. The twins are currently living in London and both are on the advisory committee for the British Fashion Council.

Their family have amassed their wealth through YTL Corporation’s multi-billion-dollar fortune. Since they were young, they were attending couture shows and were the first non-royals to be invited to the Queen Charlotte debutante ball.

Expect the feed to feature private jets, trips around the world and front row seats at exclusive runway shows.

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