Here are 15 Richest Families in the World

7 December 2016

You have heard of the success story from some of the world’s richest people. Now, it’s time to take a look at the world’s richest families.

Wealth is a life goal for some people. It is not just about the material, but the possibilities you can achieve with the money in your hand. I’m talking about adventures and the chance to explore the world you love without any limitation. And that is one of the privileges these richest families have.

Although some generous billionaires have joined The Giving Pledge and decided to give away their money to charity instead of their own family, many others keep it. And they keep building their money-making empire with the rest of their family members. Thus, these richest families were born.

The source of these families’ wealth varies, and so does the way they spend it. In this article, we are going to focus on some mind-blowing facts about their wealth.

We ranked these wealthiest families based on their total estimated net worth in 2016. Let’s see if you have been contributing to making them even richer with all the money you spend on buying things.

15. Chearavanont (Estimated family net worth: $28 billion)

Here are 15 Richest Families in the World | #15. Chearavanont (Estimated family net worth: $28 billion)
Here are 15 Richest Families in the World | #15. Chearavanont (Estimated family net worth: $28 billion) | source: thailandblog.nl

Chearavanont family comes from Thailand, Southeast Asia. Back in 1921, two brothers from the family, Chia Ek Chor and Choncharoen started a seed shop. They imported seeds from China and sold them to Thai farmers.

Today, that seed shop has become one of the world’s largest producers of animal feed and livestock. And the family still runs it under the Charoen Pokphand (CP) Group flag.

Chia Ek Chor’s son, Dhanin Chearavanont, is leading the family’s money-making machine alongside his three other brothers. And they have spread their wings even wider. Dhanin’s son is running Thailand’s third largest telecoms operator, True. The family bought the business from the Thai government after winning the auction with a whopping $3-billion bid.

The Chearavanont family is estimated to have $28 billion of net worth from all of the business they run. This puts them as the second richest family in Asia, and the fifteenth worldwide.

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