They Got Rich but Gave All The Money Away

5 December 2016

Have you ever thought of how would you spend your money if you were Richie-Rich rich? How about giving it all away like these generous philanthropists did?

You have heard of how Mark Zuckerberg pledges to give all of his money away. Or that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have donated most of their fortune for charity. Yes, those stories are incredible. But these fifteen generous philanthropists on our list have done beyond what those popular billionaires did.

These people might not have given as much, but they have given it all away and chosen to live without their fortune. Their stories should be told loud and clear. So that the world would know that being rich means nothing if that brings you unhappiness. Don’t get me wrong, I agree that money can’t buy you happiness but money sure does buy you the things that make you happy.

The bottom line is what you can do with your money to make you happy. And if living a casual, simple live brings you enough happiness, so be it.

There are more than these generous philanthropists who have done such an amazing thing for others. But we decided to pick these fifteen because of their stories, background, and where they are today. So, in no particular order, here are fifteen inspirational stories of generous people.

15. Chris & Colin Weir

15 Generous Philanthropists who Gave It All Away | #15. Chris & Colin Weir
15 Generous Philanthropists who Gave It All Away | #15. Chris & Colin Weir | source: mirror.co.uk

We have talked about people who won lottery but lost them all in other article. It may seem like winning a lottery is a bad thing. But hopefully the story of Chris and Colin Weir will change that perspective a little bit.

Five years ago, the couple won nearly $250 million from EuroMillions lottery. And they have given 80% of that winning money away. That is around $200 million they could have spent on a luxury yacht or most expensive house.

The Scottish couple is not just generous, they care about their country as well. They donated that instant fortune to Scotland’s pro-independence campaign. Is it possible that they might have thought of changing their mind after Trump‘s victory? Oh well.

What the Weirs did might have been the start of gradual change in Scottish independence. The campaign is still active until today with more supporters and donors of the movement.

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