Richest People in Europe 2014

4 September 2014

Richest People in Europe 2014| TOP 10

Want to guess who are the richest people in Europe? Best stay with us to find out!
In this top you’ll read about famous people, the people behind all the famous brands you love.

You’ll see the people behind L’oreal, H&M, LVMH and I’m sure you’ll be more than surprised. I’m telling you, is worth it sticking around.

10. Theo Albrecht Jr – $18.1 billion 

Theo Albrecht and his brother were the ones to inherit the German discount supermarket chain Aldi Nord and U.S. discount grocery Trade Joe’s in 2010. All of these happened after their father past away.

Two years had passed and Theo’s brother died too. Berthold died at the age of 58, leaving his stake to his wife, Babette and his five children.

Theo was the one left to carry on the business. The two chains have more than 5,300 stores in nine European countries and U.S.

The chains have pulled in estimated revenues of $38 billion.

Being the only one left, his revenue has grown, despite the fact that Aldi Nord is owned by a family foundation that pays dividends to the beneficiaries.

Richest People in Europe 2014 | TOP 10
Richest People in Europe 2014 | TOP 10
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