Richest People in Netherlands

8 September 2014

Richest People in Netherlands | Top 10

Did you ever wonder who are the wealthiest people who really run this world? Today we’ll meet just a little part of them, the richest people in Netherlands.

I don’t know if you were ever aware of this, but Netherlands is actually one of the richest countries in the world, The Dutch economy being the sixth-largest economy in the euro-zone!

A lot of individuals and families have built great empires here and helped the coutry to maintain its reputation as one of the richest countries in the world.

They say that money rule the world and as much as you may not want to admit that, they are right. Let’s forget about the president and the government for a while, let’s see who actually rules Netherlands!

10.Joop van den Ende – $1.3 billion

We start our top 10 richest people in Netherlands with 72 years old billionaire Johannes “Joop” Adrianus van den Ende.

Joop is a media business magnate and a theatrical producer who developed a new musical tradition in the Netherlands back in 1969. But this is not how he became one of the richest people in the country, no way.

Back in 1993, van den Ende and John de Mol created Endemol, the famous international television production. And if it still doesn’t ring any bell for you, Endemol was the producer of the TV show Big Brother, a show that 25 countries around the world watch.

Endemol was later sold in 2000, but right before that van den Ende bought the live entertainment division which was the start of his new successful business. This is how Stage Entertainment, the international live entertainment company that activates in 8 countries, was born.

Nowadays, the only partner he has is his wife, Janine van den Ende. I suppose it’s better to keep business in the family!

richest people in Netherlands
richest people in Netherlands
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