Richest People In Japan 2014 | Top 10

13 September 2014

9.Keiichiro Takahara – $3.3 billion

The next rich Japanase is Keiichiro Takahara.

Net Worth: $3.3 billion

Source: Diapers

Producing diapers might not seem like a luxurious thing to do, but for Keiichiro Takahara, it’s exactly opposite. The billionaire is the chairman and founder of Unicharm, producer of diapers, sanitary napkins and other personal goods.

As of 2001, Keiichiro Takahara’s son is running the company and has expended it internationally.

The key target off the company is Southeast Asia, as China has the only 1-child rule, so Unicharm is looking for a growth in that area.

The successful joint between Unicharm and Sumitomo’s U.S. pet business, Hartz, has helped the company grow.

Richest People In Japan - Keiichiro Takahara
Richest People In Japan – Keiichiro Takahara
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