Richest People In Japan 2014 | Top 10

13 September 2014

8.Masatoshi Ito – $3.4 billion

One of the richest people in Japan is Masatoshi Ito.

Net Worth: $3.4 billion

Source: Self made, retail

Even though he was on the 12th spot in 2012,  Masatoshi Ito has managed to be on the 8th place of Japan’s richest people in just two years.

The chairman of Japan’s largest retail group, Seven&I, also known as 7-Eleven in the USA, the billionaire is the richest 90 years old in Japan.

Seven&I operates around 43.000 shops, as well as superstores and department stores. The company has closed about 350 of their stores after Japan’s earthquake, to offer shelter for the victims.

The company’s stock price has risen 24% over the past year.

Richest People In Japan - Masatoshi Ito
Richest People In Japan – Masatoshi Ito
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