The 10 Richest Transgender People In The World

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The 10 Richest Transgender People In The World

Let’s talk about the 10 richest transgender people!

Just like sexual orientation, the gender you identify with isn’t the gender you were born with. And sometimes it happens when you are born in a rich family.

Now transgender people are seen in a new light, thanks to TV shows like Orange is the New Black or films like Dallas Buyers Club. It is because nowadays, society seems to become more informed on the important topics of transgender identities and issues.

The same thing goes with the sexual orientation and color. People are starting to open their minds to new choices and opinions, a thing that I find necessary in today’s society.

Because if you want to be happy you have to accept and embrace what’s around you. And due to that awareness a lot of people started to step up of the darkness and become the person they always wanted to be.

For example, in the White House and in Hollywood the subject of transexuality is becoming increasingly celebrated instead of being shamed.

That awareness let’s people from this list, for example, to do their thing.

Let’s see how rich are these 10 transgender people in the world.

10. Andreja Pejic – Net Worth: $200,000

The model is just at the beginning of her career and already has a net worth estimated at around $200,000.

Andreja Pejic is a Bosnia-born and Australia-raised beauty who was scouted while she was still a male high school student, working at McDonald’s.

Her modeling career began and she started wearing both clothing for men and women on the catwalk.

And in 2011 she found herself on the list of Top 50 Male models and three years later decided she underwent sex reassignment surgery and now identifies as a transgender woman.

She now has a prosperous career ahead of her in modeling, acting and directing and currently she is making a film about her life and transformation she went through.

The 10 Richest Transgender People In The World 10. Andreja Pejic – Net Worth $200,000
The 10 Richest Transgender People In The World 10. Andreja Pejic – Net Worth $200,000 |via:|
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  • I am an MTF post-op transsexual and wealthier than all but the top name in your list. I earned my money in the electronics industry. I transitioned twenty years ago. I keep a low profile, my name is not publicly known. Goes to show your list is pretty meaningless. Maybe you should have called it The Top Ten Richest Transgender People Who Like To Blab About Themselves In Public.

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