15 Secrets RICH People Use to Get Everything in Life

28 February 2021

Rich People Have a Ton of Secrets. We Are Here to Uncover a Few for You.

Hello Aluxers and welcome back to what might be the most valuable Sunday Motivational article of 2021. We are going to uncover some secrets of successful rich people.

What if we told you that every successful person out there has used very specific secrets to get where they are in life?! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to get more money, find fame, find love or live a life of fulfilment by helping others… these secrets can be applied to absolutely anything you want to achieve in life and they will dramatically improve your odds of success.

We hate the word: “SECRET”, because it implies that there’s something hidden for most people, that only the rich and successful are privy to, but by the end of the article, you will understand that it’s not the information, but the way these people use this information is what makes them get the results they want.

The secret is using all of these 15 in your life together, because they build on top of one another. That’s why some people are able to do in 5 years what would take others a lifetime.

Buckle up, for this is an immensely valuable article for those who have ears to listen.

As always, here is the video version of this article:

Here are 15 secrets rich people use to get anything they want in life.


They Constantly Re-Evaluate Themselves

Most people use a very simple way to know what their LIFE is like. It’s one of 3 scores:

Not good Meh Ok-ish

That’s how most people evaluate their life holistically. 

The rich and successful do it way differently. They break their lives down into 5 big pillars:

Intellect Money Relationships Health Emotions

They take the time to see where they land on each one of these, individually and at a group level, where the group could be your family, your social circle or your business.

Unless you know in detail how well you’re doing in every specific category, how are you supposed to know what to focus on?

Most people bundle them all together and wish they somehow their life will magically fix itself.

Successful and rich people re-evaluate their lives every quarter. That’s why businesses report how well they are doing quarterly as well. It allows you to make changes fast enough to improve results.


They Focus on 1 Objective at a Time

A while ago somebody put the idea of Multi-tasking on a pedestal and the entire world ran with it as it was something from the Gods themselves.

Truth is Multi-tasking was a marketing play where companies instead of hiring more people, decided that the same employee should be responsible for more than one task, that way they can improve profits.

Only employees multitask.

The rich and successful choose 1 goal specifically for every segment of their lives and put all their efforts into it. 

Jeff Bezos made his life’s purpose to make Amazon the biggest store in the world. That was the 1 focus.

You might be thinking Elon Musk is very good at multitasking, but in reality, Elon has only 1 goal and all his companies work together towards the same goal: to make human life sustainable long term. Everything else is a subset of this goal. Every company he decides to built is another pillar supporting this one goal and once the company is in place, other people are put in charge of making the smaller company sustainable.

The more things you do, the shittier the quality of the outcome and everybody successful knows that.

That’s why you need to put all your energy into 1 medium-term goal and every year set 1 different goal that builds towards it.


They Play Long Term Games

This is the curse of mediocrity: Everyone wants success, but it has to come quick, cheaply and without sacrifice.

Long term games are quite literally, the opposite of all these 3 characteristics. 

The average person thinks quickly means in a couple of weeks. For the rich, quickly means in the next decade.

The average person thinks cheaply means without spending money, while for the rich, cheaply means not having to trade all their hours in a day.

The average person doesn’t want to sacrifice anything in order to get something in return, while the rich know exactly what kind of sacrifice is required so that a goal can be achieved.

Every action you take daily will have effects over the long term. Buying and reading a book now, could provide valuable information that will change the path of your life. 

A small investment in an emerging technology such as bitcoin, could have massive results in 20-30 years. 

Mediocre people think about how they can score a quick point in the game of life, while the rich are focusing on winning it all in the end.


They Use Specialised and Updated Tools & Information

The average person spends a tremendous amount of time online exposing themselves to information, but the information they choose is bad or of low value. 

They are consuming the equivalent of “junk food” in terms of content and entertainment. 

Why?! Because eating healthier is more difficult than eating healthy food. 

It’s the same with content. Learning how to invest money, how to grow happiness in your life, how to have better relationships and friendships.. It all takes work, time and sometimes money.

But that’s why so very few people are successful: 

Quality is expensive, but most people want it for free!

In order to have an edge in this marketplace we call the world, you need to have new tools and new knowledge – both of which will require you to spend money.

Think of it in terms of traditional vs modern agriculture.

While the average person is out there working the field by himself, the rich use technology to read weather patterns, use drones to see how their crops are doing and modern day machines to optimise their results.

This is quite literally a race between someone running on foot vs someone in a ferrari. The one in the ferrari will always win long distance.

Figure out what you need to learn and then learn that. Figure out what tools you need and work until you can afford them. 


They Set Goals in a Unique Way That Allows Them to Achieve Them 

As of writing this article, It’s the end of February. Most people have already failed or are far behind the new year resolutions they set for themselves.

Why?! Because for the normal person a new year’s resolution is just a wish they set out into the universe and pray that THE UNIVERSE will give it to them.

Almost every successful person out there uses a very different system of setting goals – for the past 10 years we’ve done the same and the results are by far superior.

They build what is known as goal pyramids where the big goal sits at the top of the pyramid and everything else is broken down into smaller supporting goals until you get to the bottom of the pyramid which is where you have your weekly goals. 

Normal people struggle with procrastination because they lack an effective calendar which allows them to get the important things done quickly and without needing much motivation.

Normal people don’t know how to use the domino method in order to achieve big goals, by building stepping stones that open them up for bigger and better things. 

We’ve been studying successful rich people for our entire adult life, we’ve read every book on success and goal setting out there and for the past 10 years we’ve tried it all. At the end a lot of it was bullshit, but there were a few things that worked consistently.

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They Have Friends Who Specialise in Different Fields That Have a Common Purpose

A big secret successful rich people use is building networks of other successful people, or at least of individuals that have the same goals as they do.

If you’re over 25 and your friends don’t talk about investing, about the future, about building, and all they talk about is partying, complain about money and the good ol’ days, you need to level up your inner circle.

Do you realise just how powerful it is to be able to pick up a phone and somebody provide the answer to a problem you’re dealing with?! – just how much money and time it saves?!

Not to mention that these people bring you in on deals and help you accelerate your growth because you do the same for them. 

Their friends are smart and specialised. They do incredible things in their own fields and all of them are pushing hard for similar goals – this is a massive competitive advantage.


They Don’t Quit Until They Get What They Want

Most people don’t even try. Out of the rest a very good portion try just a little, figure out it’s too hard and give up. 

That’s why the rich are called the 1%, because the remaining 99% are not able to do what they are doing: to not give up. 

If this is the life you chose for yourself, how are you supposed to give up after 1 year, 2 years or even 5 years?! It’s mind boggling to us. 

If this is what you want to do, you know that long term it will be the best outcome for yourself and everybody you care about, just keep pushing. Figure out how to survive the shitty part of the journey and keep putting that one foot in front of the other. As long as you have breath in your lungs do not quit.

While normal people keep trying the same thing over and over again and expect different results, when we say keep going and never give up, this refers to keep learning and improving. Everytime you try, you try with new knowledge, with more understanding of the process and every single time your odds of success improve. 

The best thing is, you only need to break through the wall once for your life to dramatically change. That’s why you need to keep learning, to invest in yourself, in your tools and to not give up. It’s just a matter of not quitting before your time is right.


They Invest First and Spend the Interest

This has been one of the biggest financial hacks we’ve learned early on in our journey and it has paid off big time. Let’s say you want to go on a holiday or splurge a product that is fairly expensive. 

Before you pay for it, you have to make a large enough investment that the outcome pays for your purchase. 

As a rule of thumb: if you can’t afford the investment where the interest pays for the product you want, you can not afford the product. 

We love travelling, which is why we have a travel investment portfolio. We want to travel a lot, so we have to keep putting money into the travel portfolio. The interest we make on that portfolio pays for our luxury trips. 

Normal people earn a salary and then go to the apple store and spend it on the new iPhone. When you leave the store, your wallet is empty. 

Compare that with our position: when we come back from our holiday, we have more money than we had when we left, because the portfolio keeps making money for us. 

A simple example is:

Let’s say you want to buy a new car, buy a rental property first and allow the rent to pay for the lease on the car. 

This change in thinking, the idea of having different portfolios for your splurges in life is a game changer which will allow you to grow wealth indefinitely. 

Thinking about investing your money smartly? Don’t worry because we have got you covered. Check out 15 Investment Markets Every Aluxer Should Keep an Eye On.


Negotiate Absolutely Everything 

This is why some people think the rich are cheap. They keep negotiating things everywhere they go. Why? Because the extra 10-15% they negotiate gets to be reinvested in the portfolios we mentioned earlier. 

10% doesn’t sound like much, but when you factor it in over long periods of time you’re leaving a lot of money on the table, especially if you can get a good price on large purchases. 

An important rule we learned from a very rich real-estate investor is: The profit is always made at the point of purchase. 

If you’re hoping that prices will go up, you’re basically gambling. But if you can purchase something below market value, that’s immediate wealth that you’re bringing in into your life. 

You see Aluxers, reality really is negotiable, but most people don’t know how to negotiate a better reality for themselves!


They Invest a Lot in Their Own Growth

Listen to us very carefully:

Nobody can take away what you have inside your mind!

Your mind and your ability to use it, is the most valuable asset you have. If you use it right you will get everything you want in life. Every good thing in your life right now is the result of good decisions that you’ve made in the past.

And the best thing is, you can develop your mind the same way you would improve the value of a house – only you don’t do it with new kitchen floors but with new knowledge and insights.

That’s why rich people read so damn much. They’re looking for money and happiness between the pages of the books they read and more often than not they find it, again and again.

They pay fortunes to spend time with even more successful people just so they can peek their brains and extract valuable knowledge from them.

From this day forward think of yourself as a business. If you want your business to grow you need to invest in the business. You need tools, you need knowledge, you need better marketing and so on. 

You are a business but you don’t know it yet.

The reason why you as a business have not grown fast enough is because you failed to invest in yourself. Look back at your previous years and ask yourself: How much money did I actually invest in myself as a business? You’ll find that it wasn’t that much.

There’s even another layer to this: if you actually own a business, investing in yourself is a tax deductible. Take our Goal Mastery course for example: Let’s say you go to goalsbyalux.com right now and decide to spend $499 on the course.. This money is seen as an investment by the government so you don’t pay the money in tax.

Instead of giving this money to the government, not only you are giving this money to yourself, but you’re investing in something that will provide recurring added value to your life for the years to come. $500 is nothing for a business.

That’s why you see rich people spending tens of thousands of dollars on similar coaching sessions, it’s the businesses they own that are paying for it and it’s themselves who are reaping the benefits.


They Develop Good Judgement Over Years of Trial and Error

Your ability to develop good judgement is what will make or break your life. Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and the likes of them are so successful because of their ability to make good decisions. The richer you are the more is at stake with every decision you make, so developing good judgement is key.

If you’re very good at making decisions, people will even trust you with their money to make money decisions for them. That’s quite literally how the entire hedge fund industry works. 

People respect those who have good judgement and elevate them to positions of power.

If you can improve your decision making process by just 5% every year, in less than 10 years you will get everything you want in life, because even slightly better decisions end up with incredible long term outcomes: picking the right life partner, deciding to quit a job and start a business, picking your friends, making an investment or not are just few examples that depend on decisions but carry outcomes over decades.


The Money Is There to Buy You Time So You Can Think

A big secret rich people use to get everything they want in life is that they make it a priority to give themselves time to think. Their decision making is so good and the type of decisions they make can have such large impacts that they need to consider it carefully.

The average person gets home from a job and completely disconnects, be it with Netflix, food, sports or video games. 

Successful people work hard so they can take the time to work on the future by thinking and strategizing about it. That’s why we’re all so damn stressed out all the time, we’re constantly thinking about the future.

Here’s the golden nugget you are looking for:

The mind can not create new value if it’s already busy with something else!

Very few people take thinking seriously. We spend a lot of money to get as far away for our office as possible just to give us a better thinking outcome, because when we come back a single idea or decision we’ve come across in our journey could be worth millions.

That’s why you see successful rich people spend tremendous amounts of money in remote hotels. They’re not paying for the hotel buffet, instead they’re paying for their ability to think freely.


They Break Life Down and Look Behind the Scene

The more you study the way the world works the better understanding you have of what’s happening behind the scenes. You get to a point where you can look at any business and understand how it operates.

You look deeply at yourself and understand why you act in certain ways. 

The more you understand the world, the more obvious the outcome is. 

Once you look at the source code, it’s easy to do anything in life.. You simply follow the tutorial.

We use the word education a lot, but people confuse it for degree. Education is what you’re left with once the degree is out of the way. It’s what you’re able to learn about the world that has value.

Good luck memorizing the name of every river in your country, it won’t help you pay the rent. 

The more educated you are, the more you are able to break society down and then navigate it. 


Every Single Day They Do Something That Gets Them Closer to Their Goals

The thing is, it’s not enough not to quit. We used this metaphor before, but it’s so good we want to repeat it.

You don’t start with a complete wall. You start with one brick. You pick it up and place it as perfectly as a brick can be laid. The next day you pick up another brick and do the same. Brick by brick.. day by day.

You have the idea of the final wall in your mind, you know where it needs to go and the shape of it, but your actions are focused on the brick itself.

Time goes by and when you step back you realise you’ve finished the wall you set out to build.

Successful people become successful because they focus on the daily brick. Not  day goes by without them adding one brick to their wall. 

As you go through life ask yourself: What is one thing I can do today that builds towards my wall?

And then do not let the day pass without putting that brick in its place.


They Study Other Successful People and “Steal” Skill Sets and Know-How

We are not created equally, but if someone managed to do it, it sets a precedent that it is possible to do it.

People thought a 4 minute mile was physically impossible to run, nobody has managed to do it ever. Then one day a lad by the name of Roger Bannister comes along and does it. The entire world watched in silence. 

pasted image 0

Something that they believe was impossible was just proven otherwise by this individual right here. In the next few years tens of other runners broke the 4 minute mile. It was a psychological barrier that couldn’t be overcome until someone did it.

We look at other successful rich people the same way these runners looked at Roger breaking the record. Now we know it’s possible, it’s just a matter of putting in the work and breaking down how he got to that kind of performance, but one thing we know for sure: it can be done.

Every successful person out there has a plethora of other successful rich people that they look up to, that they study, they analyse and try to emulate what they’re doing, because it’s obviously working.

If you train like Roger, you might not break the 4 minute mile, but you’re sure as hell about to improve your performance.

Now, who else is giving this much value out for free? If our free content is this good, think just how amazing our paid products are.


Every single one of the things we mentioned in this episode will have long term positive effects on your life and we’re curious to know: which of these secrets do you believe would have an immediate impact on your life?

Let us know in the comments!