15 Steps to Master Self-Motivation

1 November 2020

Hello Aluxers, it feels amazing to finally get to do this article about self motivation. Many of you have been requesting it and as we promised last week, here it finally is.

Life is hard!

Most of the time you’re going against it alone.

It’s you… your goals, your objectives and more often than not… this sense of “why do I even bother?!”

In every one of us, there’s a secret switch that once flipped can get you to do things you know you should do, but don’t feel like doing. By the end of this Sunday motivational article, we’re going to find that switch together so you can leverage it to advance your life in the direction you choose to.

Self-Motivation is by far one of the most valuable skills one needs to master if you want to be successful in life, because who in their right mind would put up with all the hard, boring and terrible things that get thrown at them along the way?

If you master Self-Motivation, any feasible dream you have becomes an objective that is separated from you only by time.

…because you’re able to put in the work.

Self motivation will have you keep going when other people quit… when normally you would have quit yourself! So pay attention today, for this one could literally change the way you go through life from this point forward!

This will be one of the most valuable resources you will use for school, work, business and life in general! It all depends where you choose to deploy it!

Before we start, make sure you grab a notebook as we strongly recommend you write some of these things down.

We get it… we’re discussing motivation. If text doesn’t do it for you, you can switch to our YouTube upload for this topic below:

With that said, here are 15 Steps to Master Self-Motivation


Accept That You’re Not Motivated and That Needs to Change

We’re going to start strong right from the bat! Most people feel unmotivated to do anything, because they’re confused about how motivation and progress works.

Most of you are waiting for some magical wind of motivation to blow your way, for your planets to align, for everything to fall at your footstep so you can waltz right through it… be honest with yourself… you wish things came to you instead of you having to hunt them down!

But this doesn’t make you lazy, or a procrastinator. For some reason, during a Sunday of all days you happen to be here! A lazy person would never take the time to invest in themselves and overcome their situation.

Everything that happened to you in your life before has led you to be reading this right now! You’re actually hungry for this! The hunger is there; you want more, you’re just unsure what needs to happen for you to get there!

What we’re about to tell you now is a shocking truth 99% of the people reading this are not aware of:

Motivation doesn’t come to you, you create it internally!

Yep! The world will never motivate you to work, to study, to start the business, to get the to-do list done.

Motivation is the result of you doing the work successfully!

And nobody has ever told you this until this point!

Motivation comes after starting!

Think about the last time you were motivated to do anything. It was fun, you were actually enjoying doing what for others seemed like work didn’t it!

Even better, motivation is driven by willpower! and…

Willpower is like a muscle that you can train!

The more you use this muscle the stronger it becomes and the easier it is for you to make use of it. If you want to master self-motivation, we’ll have to flex the willpower muscle consistently, until the point where every time you have to get something done that you don’t normally feel like doing, you just flip the willpower and motivation switch and get it done.

You’re scared to get started on something new because you don’t have everything set in place or it will take a long time. Time has to go by, might as well have it go by in your favor! Let’s get started shall we?


Why Are You Doing This? What Is Your Purpose? Break It Down!

Here’s a really hard question to ask yourself:

What do you really want?!

Not what others expect from you… not what society has taught you to consider success.. ?

But when you’re alone with yourself and can be completely honest, what is it that your goal is from all of this?!

What is the one goal that if you achieved, everything in your life immediately changes for the better? What is that goal? Just by picturing it right now, your blood flows quicker, hair is sticking up on your arm and your mind gets excited. As you FEEL this sensation going through your body, we want you to be aware of it.

How amazing would if be for you to achieve this goal?!

The most important reason for having a clear understanding of what your objective is, is because when things get hard – and we both know they will eventually – this feeling, that you’re currently bottling up will be your secret fuel tank.

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how!

You’ve heard them say it when an underdog emerges victories from a battle: He simply wanted it more!

If the goal you chose is life changing in the best possible way.. Why wouldn’t you spend all your energy and effort to make sure it becomes a reality?!

There’s another person inside of you that all they want to do is: eat junk food, drink beer, watch tv, jerk off, smoke, get fat, be miserable. Every day, you’re going to war with that person!

You NEED to overpower this person, through force or sheer willpower if you have to!

You probably heard this before, but it’s the truth:

A dream written down becomes a goal!

A goal broken down becomes a plan!

A plan backed by action becomes reality!

Break down your goal into smaller pieces. Find the one thing that if you do every single day for the next 100 days your life will change! When you do make it to the 100th milestone, and you’re done with the easy part… shoot for 365th, and then 1000th.

By that point it becomes your life.

There’s a reality-bending realization that happens when we, as individuals, realize we are responsible for everything happening in our lives, no matter the external circumstances.

You may not be able to control everything that’s happening to you, but you sure as hell can control what you do from the moment you wake up until you go to bed.

So ask yourself these 2 questions:

  1. What’s one thing that if I achieve, my life will radically change for the better?
  2. What’s one thing that if I do every single day, I am almost certain this goal will become a reality?

Write down your answers! For the first time in your life, you have a direction and a way to get there. All you need to do now is work and we’re going to teach you how to hack it!


Make the Goal Visible So You Can’t Miss It

We forget about our goals and dreams because we get buried in the noise & misery of everyday life. This is when self motivation plays a vital role.

One day you wake up and you’re 50 years old, unhappy and unaware just how fast time flew by.  You once had dreams, you wanted to do things, but as they say “Life happened” and here you are today, living with regrets.

The truth is, we’re constantly getting these windows of opportunity to close in on the previously determined life goal, but we put it off for “LATER” or “TOMORROW” and sadly, Tomorrow never comes.

It gets easier and easier to trade the important for the urgent, until eventually, you forget about what’s actually important; so set reminders for yourself!

You want to graduate? Print a graduation photo and put it above your study desk!

You want to get that promotion at work? Start organizing your workspace accordingly, print your future title and put it under the monitor.

You want to be a millionaire? Print a 1 million dollar check and keep it with you in your wallet.

The more reminders to set for yourself the more you will be able to regain focus and not lose it along the way.

This isn’t the law of attraction or any other bullshit like that. It’s a clear and straightforward reminder that “hey.. Instead of watching another episode, why don’t I try getting in some actual work that I’m gonna be proud of”

Look at the way miserable people live… what about their lives do you think motivates them? Nothing. Be the opposite of what they are… set reminders that you need to be more and set them in places you see often.


Visualize the Entire Process of Achieving Your Goal

Another brutal truth about life is that:

People set goals that they know deep down they’ll never achieve!

And they don’t even try.

What’s the point of even saying you want to be rich if there’s no number, plan or strategy behind it? Do not waste your time wishing things were different, if there’s no way or interest for you to make it be different.

Visualisation isn’t some bullshit approach of attracting things into your life, it’s a form of planning!

Pause this right now and force your mind to walk yourselves through the steps that would take you to the goal. Visualise yourself putting in the work, making progress, putting brick over brick until you build the castle you’ve proclaimed yourself king of.

Visualizations allows you to see into the future!

Make adjustments based on the simulated outcomes. If you’re not finding ways to win in your mind, there’s no way you’re going to win in real life.

Build confidence! Know that this is possible! Other people have done it, so can you! They’re not more special than you, they just put in the work and so will you. You have to be confident that you are destined to do this!

Believe in yourself god dammit!

Some of y’all believed in Santa Clause until you were 12, so take a couple of minutes and believe in yourself so you can get this done!

Anything within the realms of reality can be achieved! Why would you risk living with regret when reality is much more satisfying. You’ve seen it happen in your mind, now it’s just a matter of time and effort to get your reality to catch up to your expectations!

If the pain of rejection is now and acute, the pain of regret is chronic and forever! Don’t be afraid to take the chance. Talk to the girl, shoot for the number 1 spot. Even if she rejects you, and rejection will hurt, what is she says yes? What if your goal does become reality. What if this is the moment your entire life changes because you took this small chance on yourself?!

Don’t go through life with regret asking yourself “What if I did try?!”


Find the First 2 Steps You Need to Take and Complete Them

You have the goal, the motivation, and you know from the bottom of your heart that this is what needs to happen in your life. You’ve even visualized and simulated ways of getting there, but the road seems long and daunting so where do you start?

Put one foot in front of the other!

Take the first step and after you do that take another one!

Ask yourself right now… what is the first step I can take in my journey? And then take it!

People tell others that they’re busy all the time, but what do they really do? They work for the sake of work. They spin in circles… at the end of the day their lives are no better than it was before they work up this morning.

For the first time in your life, do something in order to get shit done!

This part of your journey is a lot more focused on having the right plan, the right breakdown, so that once you do take the first and the second step, you build momentum and once you have the ball rolling down the hill it only picks up more speed!

Every successful person out there has got to where they are through 2 things:

  1. By mastering self-motivation and self-discipline required you to push through the steps &…
  2. By knowing how to plan correctly so they know which steps to take.

This article is focused on self-motivation, the one on self-discipline is already out.

Watch these 2 until you’re confident you’ve taken every ounce of value out of them.

For the second part, the one on goal setting and planning, that’s what we’ve been working on for over a year now with Goal Mastery, the premium experience which will be made available at alux.com/goals.

It’s all the strategies, shortcuts and techniques we’ve personally used after analyzing billionaires companies athletes and more, that helped us build our multi-million dollar company and many other businesses in the process. Go to alux.com/goals to make sure you’re on the waiting list for that!

The reality is, the first part is more important than the second one. It doesn’t matter how good the plan is, if you’re unmotivated, not-disciplined enough to put it to work, you won’t get anywhere.

Everyone knows how to lose weight and get a six pack… but putting in the work is the hard part and that’s where our free content will get you years ahead of everyone else.


Fix Energy Levels in Your Body

Here’s another brutal piece of truth:

Your body runs on fuel!

If you put shitty fuel in your body… it will run poorly!

You want to be motivated and get things done? Fix the chemistry in your body. Build health and strength so that your mind can function properly.

Life is a competitive game and the winner is the one who’s got a bigger edge.

If you’re competing with someone who’s healthy, whose mind can make better decisions quicker than you can… it’s just a matter of time before results are in and you lose.

Sugar, alcohol, fats, drugs are keeping you lazy. They’re giving you energy spikes and then the crash comes in. You know damn well what we’re talking about.

We’re not saying you should cut every one of these things out from your life, but urge you to become more aware of what kind of fuel you put into your body. You can’t put these low quality fuels in a Ferrari and expect it to function at peak performance. And speaking of which, we both know your body is no Ferrari… but it can be improved.

You need a stronger body to house that mind of yours. You need strong organs that allow you to crush it in life… yet even today people get it wrong, so we’re going to say it once so you get it through your head!

Exercise is a celebration of what you can do… not a punishment for what you ate!

The moment you understand this change in perspective, that you’re exercising so that you can DO MORE OF WHAT BRINGS YOU VALUE – instead of punishing yourself for eating a donut, reality changes and the way you look at working out will shift forever.

You can’t run the full race if you crash only after a few minutes, so fix your energy levels by:

– Eating healthier,

– Exercising for a stronger body and…

– Making sure your body gets the rest it needs.


Force Your Body to Put in the Work – Even if It’s Shit

We’ve been doing this for years and in our experience, almost everyone who’s a high achiever does the same. There’s a setting in your body called: WORK MODE!

We simply put our bodies on WORK MODE and turn on autopilot!

Basically, for the next couple of hours, it turns the entire world off and all we do is force out the body to create output. Sometimes it is really good, sometimes not so much, but even the ‘not so much’ is more valuable than nothing.

It’s not the best motivation, but this is the secret of getting work done.

Good enough ‘now’, will always be better than perfect but ‘never’.

Yet, most of y’all don’t want to do anything because you might be embarrassed by the result but here’s what we want you to remember:

Embarrassment is the cost of entry! As a beginner, If you’re not willing to pay the price of embarrassment you will never do anything worthwhile in life!

Be brave enough to suck at something new Aluxers and life will open up for you!

Everyone’s first version of ‘whatever’ sucks hard. Our first articles were lame. Our first videos weren’t as good or as valuable as they are now. But we got it done anyway. Getting it done allows you to move further through the maze, it brings in data you don’t know you need.

Not to mention that as you go along, a distinct part of motivation called: “Inspiration” might struck.

Inspiration will find you eventually… but it has to find you working to take effect!

This is where mastering discipline becomes more important than motivation, for motivation can be fleeing, but discipline gets the job done no matter how you feel.

You self-motivate yourself to start work when you don’t feel like it…

Discipline will keep this process going, long enough until inspiration hits and you eventually become a master!

This is the most effective way to think about it! Rewind if you have to, until this carves a new mental path for your thinking.


Clean up Your Environment & Remove Distractions

You’re not gonna get any work done if you have 20 tabs of distractions open.

The same way a child will not spot itself eating the chocolate you put in front of him, the same way you will check your phone, watch the cat video, talk to a friend, put on a new episode and so on.

In all honesty, you are addicted to junk content consumption!

Because these platforms made sure you are! Notifications, endorphins, likes, recommended content, it’s all designed in the same way casinos and drugs do it, so you get hooked on them and go for the next dose.

If you want to get real work done, you need to shut these down. As an interesting experiment, try to catch your mind going: “maybe I should check Facebook or Instagram real-quick”.

Whenever that happens, you’ll know their system has gotten you hooked and addicted.

In the same approach of your body, you need to remove distractions from around you, especially when the goal is getting work done.

No extra tabs, phone on silent outside of reach, face down.

If your room is clear and orderly, you won’t get the urge of finding the missing sock while you should be working. Clear your real environment and then your virtual one as well.

Unfollow Instagram models and influencers and begin following people who inspire you to be more than you are.

Start following creatives, designers, art, beauty and reminders of what your goals really are and your entire outlook will shift.


Create a Sense of Internal Urgency – Set a Deadline With Real Repercussions

You live with the illusion that you have time until you realize it’s November 1st. This year is already gone. December will go by in a blink of an eye and how much did you really achieve this year?

As long as you’re not where you want to be, you can’t kick back! You need to be scared that life will go by unless you change! This is a “hell” of a motivation.

The sense of urgency will go away after you get to where you want to be. The athlete rests after the race is over, not in the middle of it.

Set deadlines for your milestone. Remember in school when you had to deliver the project before midnight so somehow you found a secret fuel source to get things done? Why did that work for you? How can you use that in your other goals? Artificially create this sense of urgency and deadlines, to trick your body into focusing in towards results. Even better, we respond well when real repercussions are at stake.. If you miss a deadline at work, you get fired; but nobody is firing you from your life.

People take their work-life more seriously than their real life!

…And it’s a shame.

A big thing you can do to aid your process is to spend less time with lazy and unmotivated people. Their energy is contagious. You like spending time with losers because it makes you feel better about yourself doesn’t it? But it doesn’t make you grow. Just because you’re the least dead flower in a garden that’s withered completely doesn’t mean you’re thriving.

If you want to win, you can’t let the slow runners dictate your rhythm.

Also, don’t believe everything you see on social media or print. You’re seeing the people posing on their make-shift podiums saying out how smooth and easy their success was. It’s a trap.

Social media is a bitch that way! Remember: nobody is posting their failures! Nobody is posting the hard parts!


Schedule for Tomorrow – Start Early!

The biggest reason you’re failing to get things done isn’t because you’re failing to self-motivate, but you’re lacking direction.

It’s super easy to self-motivate when everything is waiting for you to just sit down and get the work done.

A big big factor in how effective you will be in life is by structuring your day ahead of time.

Every evening, successful people go through a list of things they want to achieve the next day and get things in order.

Remember when you were a kid going to a class trip the next day? Do this with everything you need to get done.

The beginning of the day it’s when you get to be most productive. We don’t care how much you hate mornings or how you think of yourself as a night-owl, you’re not here hunting rats.

Your goal is to crush it among humans.

There’s even a term for this called: eating the frog. Which says that if you put the most difficult task of the day as your first priority you have the highest probability of getting it done and everything else will follow that big win momentum.

There’s an entire book about it by Brian Tracy. We’ll leave a link to its amazon page in the description so you can find it, or if you don’t want to spend the $20 bucks for it, you can go to alux.com/freebook and if this is the first time you sign up you can get the audiobook free thanks to our friends at Audible!


Think of the People That Doubted You That You Need to Prove Wrong

Think of your father… of your colleagues… your -so called- friends… your teachers… your boss…

They said you won’t be able to do it. They doubted you. They don’t want you to be happy, they don’t want you to make more money than them. Why would you get the recognition instead of them? They called you names didn’t they? They laughed in your face.

How did you feel then? You bottled it somewhere inside of you and you know exactly where it is, because you feel it to this day.

We want you to use that as fuel. Whenever you feel like things are getting hard, remember their faces and how great it will feel when you prove them wrong.

The best of the best always love competition. They love to prove their haters wrong because nothing feels as great as taking a bath in the tears of your enemies.

You need a rival! A living, breathing motivation!

And not in the Naruto vs Sasuke way… but someone who’s going fast in the direction that you want to go. That’s your competition. While you take the day off, your rival is putting in work.

When you want to quit halfway… your rival is going all the way.

Let it drive you.

Let it motivate you to push yourself.

You don’t need to be smarter, better looking or have a better start than they did. All you have to do is outwork them.

Screw talent. Talent is overrated! When you’re able to work hard consistently, you build your own talent, you build your own success. Don’t let their closed mindedness be the measure of your ability!

You can’t change the past, but the future is an empty page. Prove those suckers wrong for doubting you… for thinking you and them are made of the same fabric.


Emulate Your Heroes and Then Help Yourself

You have people that you look up to, don’t you? Research them! Watch videos about them. Make their success stories your motivation.

Hear them talk about their struggles and connect them to yours.

What did they do?

How did they overcome them?

What do they do now?

What small things do they do that you can implement in your life?

Act the same way your heroes do, and it won’t be long until you stand among them!

Everyone wants a mentor. Someone to hold their hand, make the choices for them, set the pace, the direction, open doors and use their own connections for your personal gain. Guess what, you’re probably never gonna get the mentor you hope for, they have their own races to attend to.

But… you can get the next best thing. A hero.

A hero is someone you want to be like that you spend time dissecting and learning how they operate.

Whenever faced with a decision like yours, ask yourself: what would my hero do if they were in my place? Then do that! You’re getting most of the benefits from a mentor just by figuring out their course of action.

You know this truth better than anyone else: if you want help you first have to help yourself.

There’s a great story told by comedian Chris Rock that goes like this:

“I’d always end up broken down on the highway. When I stood there trying to flag someone down, nobody stopped. But when I pushed my own car, other drivers would get out and push with me. If you want help, help yourself – people like to see that!”

While we do believe that an overnight superhero is a myth, if you insist on becoming one you might want to check someone out. This Talented Artist Turns People into Comic Book Heroes.


Move the Needle – Every Day

There’s not a day that goes by without us doing something, even the littlest of things that help us grow. Some days it is important work, others it is just reading or resting.

The worst thing you can do in life is go through the day and at the end realize it didn’t mean anything for you! This day didn’t make a difference. That you missed it.

If you’re feeling lost, ask yourself:

What is one thing that I can do today that will have a positive effect on my future?

This question acts as instant motivation. In just a couple of minutes suggestions will start coming your way. Your mind is amazing like that, because buried inside of it, there’s a long to-do list of things that you know would make a difference.

It takes less than 5 minutes to send an email, a resume, to get in touch with someone.

It takes less than a minute to put your running shoes on and once you do, you’re ready to get out. Since you’re out, might as well run once around the block.

Our favorite thing is to find things that have a long term positive effect. The best example is: finding a good new employee or setting a new software system in place that will save us time or add value every single day forward since it starts.

The more of these you can put in place, the more exponential your growth is.

Life is a combination of planning and executing.

Some days your job is to think!

Some days your job is to put in the work!

What day is it for you today?

Never allow a day to go by that you didn’t do something that makes your life better.

In the beginning, you’ll find it hard, because it’s meant to be hard and Hard is good!

Hard means that you’re growing, that you’re doing something outside of your current comfort area and by result, your reality is expanding.

In the words of that one chimp guru from Bojack Horseman

Every day it gets just a little bit easier.. But that’s the catch: you have to do it every day!


Create a Reward for After You Achieve Your Goal or Milestone

You’ve heard the notion of “work hard play hard” before… and there needs to be a reward for working hard. This goes without saying, a reward is the easiest motivation.

In our society, hard and smart work is rewarded with material success… you get rich… you get the comfortable home, the beautiful kids, etc.

The reward from going to the gym is seeing your body in the mirror and being able to enjoy life more.

The reward for doing what you love in a way appreciated by others is that you don’t have to do work that doesn’t fuel your soul.

In our opinion, there’s no worse way to live life than by working for the sake of work, just to be able to pay your bills until you eventually die.

The great things about today, is that you have options. Just through the fact that you’re consuming this piece of content right now, you’re already rich. You own hardware, an internet connection, speak and understand the language value is packaged in…

You have access to this kind of information that’s being provided to you for FREE.

We could’ve easily added a bit more fluff, a few more techniques and sell this to you as a paid product, but we didn’t. We’re giving you REAL VALUE for free. Our entire strategy is to guilt you into supporting our efforts, so that more and more people can get to this kind of information.

If you do get value out of our work, our reward is you subscribing to our channel, liking our videos, if you have the money supporting us through memberships or purchasing our products.

We believe in the idea of giving back, we give you value irrespective of what you will give in return, because we are confident that those whose lives will be better off because of us will help our business grow. It’s a perpetual cycle and we are thankful that you chose to be part of this process, Aluxer!


Do It for the People You Love & Remember to Love Yourself

If you’re not going to do it for yourself, do it for the people who need you.

Do it for your partner, do it for your kids, do it for your parents.

Find whoever needs your help and do it for them. Keep them in mind as you feel like you wanna quit and they will be a good source of motivation.

People would do anything for love. They will go to war, they will survive hell, they would travel the world to find it or get back to it.

Many forget that love is internal. It begins within. Learn to love yourself and care for yourself the same way you would care for an ill puppy or a child.

If your child would be sick, you’d do anything to make sure they get better. Why don’t we do the same with ourselves? Why do we disregard our own well-being…

Be strong for yourself and for those you love.

Be strong so you can provide security, comfort and love.

Strong means different things to different people and you probably know what strong means to you.

With the driving force of your loved ones, with the skills, discipline and strategies we’ve outlined in this article, we believe you’re ready to conquer the world – or at least YOUR OWN world!

We believe in you! We believe that today you just took your first step to something incredible! Can you feel it? Your goals feel different… your mind feels different. It’s like a bull waiting to be let out of the cage.

Your life has gotten you to this point… if what you have right now is everything you want from life… then congratulations to you… you have enough… just wait it out until you die.

But if you feel it in your gut, a hunger, a fire burning strong, a desire to prove everyone – including yourself – that there’s more to you than your current reality… we can’t wait to see what you become!

If you are ready to change we’re issuing a 50-day challenge to every Aluxer out there, to make what’s left of this year the best part of 2020. For the next 50 days, we want you to do 1 small thing that will add to your goal and write it down.

Make a calendar list in your notebook and place it next to your bed. Every night before you go to be, write down the 1 thing you did every day that helps you, before you reach day 50. When you do, send us a photo of your list to our instagram @alux and we’ll personally congratulate you on your progress!


The question of the day is: Do you accept our 50 day self-motivation challenge?

If the answer is YES, please write: “I’m IN” in the comments!