15 Signs You’re an Extrovert

14 December 2020

Are You Genuinely an Extrovert? See How Much You Can Relate to These 15 Personality Traits to Find Out.

If you’re an extrovert, you already wear the label with pride… and you’re not afraid to let people know that you are fearless when it comes to meeting new people, speaking in public, heading to big gatherings and shooting up your hand when they ask for volunteers.

Are we hitting the nail on the head? maybe but did you know there is no such thing as a pure extrovert? As Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Carl Jung puts it, “There is no such thing as a pure introvert or extrovert. Such a person would be in the lunatic asylum.”

Extroverts can show signs of being an introvert and vice versa, so let’s discover 15 signs that you’re an extrovert.

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As an extrovert, you may prefer a fun youtube upload over a boring list. Watch the video version of this article here:

With that said, let’s get started with the list.


Networking Is Your Middle Name

Networking can be stressful for many, but extroverts are able to chat to any Tom, Dick or Harry effortlessly. They have an energy about them that makes people feel comfortable in their company, and they’re able to draw out information from you easily.

One minute you’re telling the extrovert your name is Daniel, and the next you’re showing them images of your 4-legged furry child celebrating their 2nd birthday. And you’re not quite sure how you got from, “I’m Daniel,” to “And this is Poppy when she got her first collar, and here she is on the beach for the first time…”


Your Feelings Are There to Be Shared, You’re Not Afraid to Let Them Show

Feelings, we all have ‘em. So, why not share them? Right, the introvert in you is probably thinking no bloody ways, but the extrovert doesn’t mind.

And that’s one of the reasons why people gravitate towards extroverts, because they’re not afraid to let you know that things are sh*t right now, or they’re going through a hard time… and when we’re open and honest about these things, we really do break down the misconception that everything in our lives is perfect and that everyone’s life is picture perfect like they portray on social media.


There’s Always Room for One More at the Table

If you’re invited out to dinner with an extrovert, be prepared to keep shifting your chair a little to the left or a little to the right, because the 4-seater table you’re sitting at will miraculously become an 8-seater.

Come one come all should be the motto of the extrovert.

We explained in our video, 15 Signs you’re an introvert, that there is a science backed explanation why introverts or extroverts are the way they are. We said, “Jenn Granneman wrote a book called, The Secret Lives of Introverts: Inside Our Hidden World, where she explains the difference in the brain of introvert and an extrovert.

An extrovert has a low sensitivity to dopamine, so they need more of it, whereas an introvert is extremely sensitive to dopamine, and too much can make them overstimulated.”

So, Aluxers, grab yourself a plate and join the table.

Can’t relate to any of these signs? You might be an introvert. Here are 15 Signs You’re an Introvert.


You’re on Every Guest List

If you’re an extrovert, there is never a shortage of invitations. You’re wanted at the baby showers, birthday parties, the plus 1 at weddings, and the partner for the Christmas office party. Why? Because, if you’re there, then everyone knows it will be fun and people will enjoy themselves.

We’re not suggesting that you’re going to each party and busting up the dance floor, jumping on tables and swinging your bra around for a few laughs, but rather you’re interesting to talk to, you like to involve others in the conversation, you make people come out their shell and enjoy the evening.

Which takes us directly to our next point.


You Make Others Feel Comfortable Around You

Aluxers, have you met one of those people that enter a room, and they suck the energy out of it? They go in, striding with confidence… hear show-off… are loud… hear obnoxious… and attract all the attention… hear for all the wrong reasons.

Those “extroverts” that make others feel worse… are not true extroverts.

They’re just attention seekers who think they’re better than everyone else and wouldn’t be fussed if they hurt somebody’s feelings or hit on your boyfriend, or girlfriend.

A real extrovert makes people happy to be in their company and that is why they’re on everyone’s guest list.


You Love a Good Chat, but Can Plug It to Share the Floor

Yep, it’s true… extroverts like to talk. But it doesn’t mean that’s all they’re good at. They also seek out quiet time and will share the floor happily with others.

They do word vomit on occasion, but that’s when they’re really passionate about something.

Their confidence in speaking to others is useful in the workplace, which we’ll share with you next.


You Have Strong Leadership Skills and Can Delegate Well

Extroverts are usually good team players, and in a leadership role, can do very well. They’re able to delegate the work and get sh*t done.

They have the ability to get the introvert involved, without the need to tell them they need to speak up, because they’re sensitive enough to realize that saying that will only make the involvement of the already stressed introvert, even harder.

There may come a time when the extrovert will have to be reminded to tone it down a bit, but that’s fine, because at least you know the extrovert really does have good intentions.


People Mistake Your Friendliness for More

The thing with extroverts is that they are very friendly. They are affectionate – love to hug, pat a knee, peck on the cheek, and so on. Physical contact doesn’t scare them… well, not taking our current situation into account, because physical contact should scare everybody right now.

The problem arises when an extrovert is just being his or her usual friendly, affectionate self and the recipient of the affection gets the completely wrong idea – and truly believes that the extrovert is into them.

This has been problematic for many an extrovert and often leads to the dissolving of a friendship.

One thing to note – if an extrovert likes you – they’ll tell you. They won’t leave subtle hints in the hope you’ll pick up on them. They’ll flat out tell you, so avoid the heartache and don’t make up crazy scenarios in your head… just move on with your life.


You Have So Many Different Groups of Friends From All the Activities You’re Involved In

Aluxers, extroverts are usually involved in many groups or societies, so they’ll have a group of work friends, ice-hockey friends, hiking friends, school friends, the one’s from the running club and you get the picture… so it can be hard for the extrovert to select just a few if he or she needs to.

And you might think that it’s impossible to have that many close friends, but ask any extrovert, and they’ll vehemently disagree. Remember that the friends also revitalize the extrovert, so if one party is unable to get together, there’s always back-up.

Which leads us directly into our next point.


Socializing Leaves You Feeling Energized and Inspired

Social butterflies unite – because spending time with all those groups of friends we just mentioned – leaves you feeling on top of the world.

It’s where you draw your energy, your inspiration and your purpose in life from.

If you’re an introverted extrovert, you probably love being the social butterfly, but it doesn’t necessarily leave you energized or inspired. You manage to draw your energy from whatever environment you find yourself in. So, if it’s a peaceful nature walk with a few close friends, you’ll derive just as much pleasure as if you were hanging out for drinks with a large crowd.


You Have a Hard-Pressed Desire to Be Liked by Everyone

Like with any personality type, there are pros and cons, and the extrovert takes great offense if someone doesn’t like them.

They really want to be liked by everyone they meet, and it may be a bit of insecurity, because just like introverts, extroverts can worry about what people think about them. It’s sheer myth that extroverts don’t give a damn about other’s opinions, or that they’re not easily embarrassed, or they’re not afraid to take chances…. They’re only human after all.


You Get Bored When You’re Alone

Aluxers, extroverts don’t mind spending time alone, but just for a short while and then they’re ready to mingle again.

They do generally need higher levels of stimulation to keep going.

There’s been many a meme floating around since lock-down, stating you need to check in on your extroverted friends, they are not ok. And there’s truth in that, because while the idea of being alone for a limited time might be appealing for the extrovert, it doesn’t take long before they need the energy of others.

So, Aluxers, check in on your extroverted friends… they are not ok!


You’re Always Expected to Bring Your A-Game

And this can be exhausting. It takes a lot of energy to be the one holding up the conversation, ensuring you’re including everyone, are saying the right things to the right people, and generally holding down the fort.

Interesting to note, a study was done on introverts and extroverts to monitor the fatigue levels after socializing for 3-hours. It confirmed that extroverts were more exhausted than their introverted friends after all that peopling. Look, it may be because the introvert didn’t do much, but watch the festivities from the side-lines while shuffling to the snack table to grab handfuls of snacks in the hope of not bumping into another introvert doing the same thing.

Extroverts, if you want some help keeping your a-game strong, be sure to look into our mindmastery course here.


Sitting Still Is Not Your Strong Point

Did your school report say something like this?

“Sally is a bright girl, but she’d do so much better if she just sat still and didn’t talk so much”


“Craig has potential, but he is easily distracted.”

Ahhh, extroverts, your teacher probably tried to move you next to the introvert in your class, and you even got them to speak. But look at you now… all that talking and chatting has you in a career where you can speak to your heart’s content and get paid for it.


You Want to Be Connected All the Time

Aluxers, extroverts need a lot of connection and if they can’t get it with social interaction IRL – then it’s social media to pick up the slack. Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter, WhatsApp… and the extrovert probably has all of them going at the same time.

Aluxers, embrace your personality style, whether its extrovert, introvert or ambivert… at the end of the day, all that matters is that we are kind to one another, and it doesn’t matter what personality type you are, everybody can be kind.


What is your personality type? Do you believe that nobody can be a 100% true extrovert like Carl Jung once said?