15 Massive Signs You’re Actually Further Ahead Than You Think

14 May 2021

Most People Underestimate Themselves. Here Are Some Signs to Prove That You Are Further Ahead in Life Than You Think.

Trying to get ahead is tricky. Often it feels like we’re taking one step forward and two steps back. When we turn around and see how far we’ve come – we realize how much further we are then we thought. You can know you are on the path to success by looking at these 15 Massive Signs You’re Actually Further Ahead Than You Think.

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You Can Finally Say “No” and Follow Your Gut

This is a subtle change. You may not have realized that you’re doing it, but have you noticed that you’re not being dragged into events that you’re not keen on going to? Or you’ve declined the subtle hints to join the neighbourhood watch group or passed on being in charge of organizing a birthday party for your niece.

Being able to say no, without the guilt attached to it, is a good sign to acknowledge that you’re much further ahead than you think you are.

Like actress Claudia Black says, “saying no can be the ultimate self-care.”


Your Decisions Are Not Income Based

Aluxers, how often have you had to say “no” not because your gut was telling you to do so – but because your budget was dictating what you could and couldn’t do.

Again, it’s a subtle shift. One moment you’re saying “no” to everything, and over time you’re accepting an invite to have a glass of wine out with friends, a beer at the pub or a picnic in the park.

Next thing you know, you’re buying a pair of shoes, not because you need them but because you like them… and that Aluxers, is a massive sign you’re further ahead than you think.

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Your Priority Is Yourself and Not What Others Think about You

This is an important one out of all other signs of success. Are you in a space where you wake up, get dressed and think, I look and feel good in this without other’s opinions entering your head?

 Or you dye your hair pink without worrying about what other people will think?

What about finally sitting down to write the book you’ve always been told is a complete waste of time?

Yes, all of those things that you put on hold because you were worried about what other people would say… that’s dissipating as you grow each day.

And not only is it refreshing not giving a sh*t what other people think, you’ll find you also don’t care about what other people do. You’re less judgy, and more accepting and overall, you’re feeling good.


You’re No Longer Attached to Drama

In our video, 15 ways we all love to complicate our lives, we mentioned that having b*tching sessions with friends can often add more complications in your own life.

And if you find yourself in a space where you’re not heading to your friends or family to b**ch and moan about things, but rather to have meaningful conversations, these signs show you’re on the right track to success Aluxers.


You’re Constantly Finding Ways to Improve Yourself

It doesn’t have to be ginormous changes. Perhaps you’re running an extra kilometre each time you hit the road, or you’ve downloaded DuoLingo and are learning a new language instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media… all of those little changes make a big difference.

And once you find yourself managing on the smaller changes, you’ll be motivated to try bigger, more fulfilling ways to keep improving yourself.

As the question goes… how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.


You’re Making Your Health a Priority

Aluxers, trying to lead a healthier lifestyle is not easy. We’ve all been there. But making small changes is the best way to ensure that the changes you make… last.

Ask anyone who has tried one diet after the next, just how difficult it is to maintain.

But if you’re managing to swap your afternoon chocolate for a banana, you’re doing well. Or you’ve cut back on your alcohol consumption and you’re starting to see a visible difference in your skin and overall health or reduced your sugar intake in your tea and coffee… you get the picture.

Well done for being persistent. These healthy eating signs show that you are on the right path to success. 

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You Can Listen to a Story without Trying to One up That Person

Imagine being in a space where you can listen to a story and you don’t feel the need to try and tell a better story. People who usually one-up another are often insecure and jealous, and believe their own value is based on being better than anyone else.

As we said in our video, 15 Everyday Things That Make You Less Likeable, “You don’t need to one-up anybody. You can honestly just be happy for their cool experience, purchase, or achievement. Their story does not take away your value, or your worth.”

It’s a good space to be in when you can listen and enjoy the story. Which brings us to our next point…


You Are Genuinely Happy for the Success of Others

We’ve all gone through those stages where we hear stories or see signs of other people’s success, and we are so jealous that it literally eats us up.

And sometimes we try to one-up them… or we try and make their achievements seem like not a big deal.

When we are able to genuinely be happy for someone else, with no strings attached, Aluxers, you’re good.


You’ve Got a Little Money Saved for a Rainy Day

It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? You know that if you needed to replace your tyres, you could do that without freaking out. Or if someone invited you for a weekend away, you’d be able to go without moving money from one account to another or selling your microwave oven!

Even if you’re saving $20 a month, it’s better than what you were saving before… which was nothing. Keep it up, very soon your $20 will be $100 and as you see the digits rise, you’ll want to continue making it grow.


You Work Hard but Play Hard Too

They say hard work never killed anyone, but it actually does. That’s why it’s so important to strike a balance between working hard and playing hard.

Career expert and CEO of Amplio Recruiting, Chris Chancey, quoted the following for Business News Daily, “A good work-life balance has numerous positive effects, including less stress, a lower risk of burnout and a greater sense of well-being. This not only benefits employees but employers, too.”

If you’ve managed to strike this balance, you’re a great deal further than most people!


You Have Friends That You Can Rely On

Aluxers, if you have a group of friends that you can call at any time, day or night, and they will be there for you… then you’re further ahead than you think.

Especially as an adult, our lives can often get so busy and manic, and we don’t get to see our friends like we used to. However, whether you saw them last week or last year, they are still the ones you turn to during the good times and the bad.

We love the book ‘Friends, Understanding the Power of our Most Important Relationships” by Robin Dunbar. Reviewed by Rachel Cooke for The Guardian, she says “Dunbar could not have known that his book would be published in a time of such loneliness, and some readers may find what he has to say, in this context, reassuring.”

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You’re Enjoying the Journey You’re Taking So Far

Waking up in the morning and not being filled with a sense of anxiety and dread is a feeling that we don’t experience often. And maybe you’re finally waking up in the morning not feeling panicky or stressed out and actually enjoy getting ready for work, making your coffee and heading off to whatever you do… even if it’s staying home with the kids.

That’s a place that so many people aim to be at, and you’re way ahead of the pack and on your way to success if you have these signs already.


You’ve Lifted Someone up Recently

Aluxers, can you remember the last time you went out of your way to help someone else? Even if it meant that you were inconvenienced by the deed.

When things are not going well for us, we often don’t see that other people are struggling too. But if you’ve noticed that someone is in need of help and you can help, then you’re in a wonderful place. Even if things are perhaps not going so well for you, and you’ve received assistance from someone else – always remember their kindness and remember to pay it forward when you’re in the space to do so.

Helping others and caring for others are obvious signs of success.


You No Longer Make Excuses for Your Situation

We’ve all had the life knocked out of us, and it’s ok to be angry, upset, frustrated and all the other emotions that you can think… but we can only hold onto those feelings for so long. Then, it’s time to get our sh*t together, and start regaining our power.

When you’re in that space where you go, ‘Ok, this is tough, but I’m going to rise above it…’ Aluxers, we’ve got your back all the way.

And you will have setbacks, but keep that positive mental outlook on track and you’ll get over them quickly, and possibly, with a little help from your friends ?


You like the Person Looking Back at You in the Mirror

We saved the best for last. Remember when you looked in the mirror and you didn’t even recognize that person looking back at you? It’s discomforting and weighs you down.

But if you’re finally looking at the mirror, and you’re not silently tearing yourself to pieces, you’re doing ok.

And if you’re not there yet, that’s ok too. Remember the elephant and take small bites. Start by saying one nice thing about yourself each day… and with time, you will like the person who looks back at you in the mirror.


Aluxers, when was the last time you lifted someone else up and what did you do? We’d love to hear from you.