15 Unusual Signs You Are Smarter Than Everyone Else

20 November 2020

Here Are 15 Signs Common in the Most Intelligent of Us.

Aluxers, isn’t it funny that people who often profess to be smarter than average, are usually not?

But those that fly under the radar, who are not the first to speak up, are introverted, quiet individuals, are far smarter than their loud-mouthed, opinionated peers.

If you hopped onto this article to affirm that you are indeed smarter than everyone else, chances are, you’re not. But if you’re reading to learn something and see if you feature any of these traits, you probably are – without even realizing it.

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You Don’t Need to Put Much Effort Into Anything You Do

If this is you, then you’re miles ahead of your peers. If doing something new or retaining new information comes easily to you, then there’s a good chance that you’re smarter than others.

Don’t despair Aluxers, if you find you struggle to remember things or need to be shown something a dozen times before you’re able to do it yourself, you can train your brain to work more efficiently. Our brains need to work out, just like our bodies do.

First and most important… stop telling yourself you can’t do something. The brain is all-powerful and it will begin to believe that. Instead, change your rhetoric and never stop learning.

Here are a few quick ways to train that lazy brain:

Read, Listen, Rest, Keep intelligent company, eat food that’s good for the brain and indulge in brain games – Suduko, Crosswords, Scrabble and Chess are all fantastic!


You Cuss as Part of Your Everyday Language

It has been scientifically proven that people who swear are more honest and have higher intelligence.

Swearing is a feature of language that articulate speakers use to get the maximum impact of the message across.

Swearing has another benefit, it offers natural pain relief. A study was conducted which saw several volunteers plunge their hand into iced water. They were told to swear the entire time their hand was in the water. The experiment was repeated, but volunteers were not allowed to swear. Pain tolerance was much better when the participants could vent their hurt in the form of swear words.

We sh*t you not Aluxers, so let’s carry on with this f*cking article, shall we?


You Have No Problem Being in Your Own Company

In fact, those with superior intelligence would rather be in their own company then in the company of others.

Most people would list being with friends as something that brings them happiness, but highly intelligent people don’t have this desire.

There are two schools of thinking behind this theory. The first is evolutionary – smarter people adapt better to the modern world where we don’t need to rely on people for our own shelter, food or protection.

The other is aspirational – when you’re smarter, you’re driven and focused and don’t need the distraction of social interactions.


You Take a Long Time to Fall Asleep

You’ve counted the sheep, you’ve tensed your body and relaxed it, you’ve drank a glass of warm milk and you’re still awake. Before you start having full on anxiety attacks, rest in the knowledge that you’re probably smarter than others, and that’s why you can’t fall asleep easily.

Your brain is too busy working through sh*t and answering some of life’s profound questions – like how is it possible that swearing is a natural pain relief and why did I only learn this information today.


You Understand Why Other People Are the Way They Are

It’s called empathy, Aluxers, and if you’re able to put yourself inside someone else’s shoes and make an effort to understand what they’re going through, there’s a good chance you’re smarter than others.

Often people base intelligence on higher IQ scores, but it’s really higher EQ scores that makes a person smarter.

Researchers at Texas Tech University confirmed that smarter people could recognize the feelings of others and those people were also more willing to help another out without expecting anything in return.

As author of Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman puts it, “our ability to manage ourselves and relationships matters twice as much as IQ.” If this is your first time here with us, go to alux.com/freebook and get Emotional Intelligence for free, thanks to our partnership with Audible.


You Can Ignore the Heart if Needed

You’re probably thinking, hang on Alux, you just said that EQ means someone is smarter and we did, but this is different – let us explain.

When faced with a tough or difficult decision, smarter people are able to bite the bullet and just make the decision. They don’t hold onto it forever, they know it’s sh*tty, and the sooner they make the decision, pull off the band aid – whatever you called it – the better.

They know that the sooner the decision is made, the sooner things can continue, and everyone knows where they stand.


You Talk to Yourself a Lot

You’re already happy in your own company, you don’t need social interactions to validate who you are, and your inner thoughts keep you awake at night… so, no surprises you speak to yourself a lot.

Psychologist-researcher Gary Lupyan did an experiment to put this theory to the test. He had a group of volunteers go into the grocery store with a list of what they needed to buy. The list was just verbally relayed to them, with the instruction that half the group could repeat the items that needed to be bought and the other half couldn’t. Those that kept repeating the items remembered them far better than those that didn’t and they could retrieve the items faster as well.

He further added that speaking to yourself stimulated memory, clarified thoughts and helped one stay focused.


Some People Find It Hard to Relate to You

There’s a study suggesting you can only relate to people within your IQ range if you are of higher intelligence. If you have intellectual curiosity, and you’re trying to hang out with those that don’t, it’s a mismatch made in… well… not heaven, that’s for sure.

If you find it difficult to make friends, and you’ve tried on numerous occasions, but it just doesn’t seem to work out – it may just be that you’re smarter than the crowd you’re trying to be friends with. It can be draining and frustrating to keep the conversation flowing because they’re just not on the same level as you are.

Euripides once said, “We pay a high price for intelligence. Wisdom hurts.”


You Have Social Anxiety

Aluxers, if you’re already struggling to mix and make friends with people that are not in the same IQ range, then you probably also experience social anxiety.

Before you even head to an event or social gathering, you start to worry about it. We’re not speaking of the extreme here, like social anxiety disorder, that’s in a league of its own. We’re just referring to that feeling you get before you head into any social situation.

You get that dry mouth, itchy throat scenario. Your palms get sweaty and you need to pee a lot. Your heart rate accelerates, you blush, your stomach feels terrible and you can barely breath. Those are all signs of social anxiety, and smart people often experience some or even all of those symptoms.


You’re Really Good With Figurative Language

Metaphors, similes, personification… all the colourful ways to write and speak come easily to smart people.

It’s not just a playful puppy, it’s an exuberant, high-spirited, fun-loving puppy! Language is there to be used and enjoyed, and of course, we always leave room for expletives.


You Question Reality

Aluxers, if you’ve been with us for many years, you’ll no doubt remember an old quote we liked, “Reality is Negotiable” taken from Tim Ferris. As he says, “outside of science and law, all rules can be bent or broken, and it doesn’t require being unethical.”

Smart people know they can choose and change their reality at any time. They question reality and push the boundaries.

They question the truth. They know that two people witnessing the same car accident will report the accident differently; they each have their own version of the truth.

Smart people take risks – look at the Elon Musk’s, the Nikola Tesla’s and the Pythagoras’s of the world, and sure, there’s a fine line between eccentric genius and smart madman, but they all took risks and went ahead with their work despite being told otherwise by those around them.


You Worry a Lot

Anxiety, worry and intelligence go hand-in-hand. An anxious mind is busy considering all possibilities, playing out each outcome and crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s. A study conducted by Israeli psychologists took 80 students and set them up with a computer.

When they switched the computer on, they received a message saying the PC had a virus and they needed to get help from technical support.

They set up various obstacles on route to get help, to increase their stress and anxiety levels. The students that exhibited higher levels of stress and worry during the experiment had higher IQ levels than those that didn’t stress as much.

It also stated that worry was linked to intelligence because worry could potentially save us from dangerous situations.

1 out of 10 times, worrying can be good. Here are the worries we all want because they are the  15 Things Rich People Worry About the Most.


You Tend to Procrastinate and Be Messy

Aluxers, if you’re one of those people that can put it off until tomorrow, and then tomorrow rolls by and you put it off to the next tomorrow, chances are, you’re pretty smart.

Now, take a look at your desk or bedroom… is it neat or messy? If it’s an organized mess, basically you still know where to find your sh*t, then you’re of higher intelligence.

To further affirm this, a study conducted by the University of Minnesota claims that smart people leave their areas messy because instead of investing the time to clean their space, they’ve rather use it for more important things.

We give that study two thumbs up!


You Know What You Don’t Know

When you’re smart – you realize you don’t know everything, and you don’t have all the answers. You acknowledge that there is always something to learn and someone to learn from, whether they’re older or younger than you.

You’re always open to learning and won’t pass a judgement until you know all the facts.

The late American spiritual teacher, author, and philosopher, Vernon Howard put it beautifully when he said, “Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn, and you will.”


You Don’t Post Inspirational Bulls*It on Social Media

Aluxers, we found several articles suggesting that people who post inspirational messages and memes on social media are not as intelligent as those that don’t.

We decided to look into this a little more, and we’re so glad we did – because it seems that even that study was reported on inaccurately and taken out of context.

But it’s a perfect case in point, in that smart people don’t just take people’s words as law. If it seems odd or unusual, they’ll go and investigate and draw their own conclusions from the evidence presented.

So, go ahead and keep posting your motivational memes, there’s always someone who needs to read them!


What signs do you believe make people smarter? Share your thoughts with us, Aluxers.