Revealed: 15 Things Rich People Worry About the Most

25 March 2018

It’s not all rainbows and sunshine when you’re wealthy, here are the things rich people worry about the most!

Almost everybody wants to be rich, but achieving a high level of wealth does come with several costs that poor & average people never get to experience, that’s why we believe going through a list of Things Rich People Worry About will make you rethink your choices.

I know this might sounds like Rich People Problems, but we’re not talking about how to fit a pool table on your yacht.. We’re looking at the things that dramatically impact your life.

If you’ve achieved any form of success you’ve witnessed first hand how your life is changing.

Hopefully by the end of this article, some of the things we mentioned here will stick around allowing you to escape the traps that come with a lot of money.

If you do not want to go through the article, we distilled all the information in this amazing video:

Here are 15 Things Rich People Worry About That Poor People Don’t.

Number 1: Does my spouse really love me?
One of the biggest downsides of having money is that you will forever question the motives of those around you, especially the ones who are closest.

We’ve all heard of gold diggers or trophy wives or husbands, but unfortunately, sometimes it can be really difficult to identify them. The world is evolving and the layers of masks people are able to portray just to get a chunk of that money without putting in the work is extraordinary.

As a rich person, you will always question your partner.

This has less of an impact if you are together before the money, but if you’re already rich and looking for a soul mate, you’ve got a great challenge ahead of you.

Even if someone seems genuine or checks all the boxes in the beginning, people change over time and you need to be ready for this.

Poor people never have to worry about this, because there’s very little for them to lose if things go sideways.

things rich people worry about that poor people don't - does my spouse really love me

things rich people worry about that poor people don’t – does my spouse really love me

Number 2: Will my children turn out to be spoiled brats?
Your kids will not grow up in the same environment that you grew up in, they won’t face the same type of challenges and your financial situation will make their lives easier.

That’s something every parent aspires to, but there’s a catch to it.

In order to acquire your wealth, you’ve been around all types of people and know what the world is like at this level.

You’re surrounded either by wolves or by sharks most of the time and you fear that the easy life will make your children soft, that they won’t have the hunger you had and that will result in them getting off the rails.

Rich people what their kids to learn how to fight for what they want without putting them in the trenches because they still want to protect them from harm.

This is one of the paradoxes we’ve mentioned in our last Sunday video, while the parent gets rich because he is able to develop street smarts, the child has a disadvantage because he doesn’t have to figure it out on his own and sometimes easy times create weak men and women.

2 things rich people worry about that poor people don't - children being spoiled
2 things rich people worry about that poor people don’t – children being spoiled

Number 3: Do I have any real friends? Or are they just here for the money?
When you’re rich you meet a lot of people! You laugh with many of them, you share stories with many of them, but you’ll never be 100% sure of their motives.

The rich don’t have the luxury of just being friends with someone without question and concern about whether they are looking for financial gains from their friendships.

Real friends are hard to come by no matter how rich you are, but it increases in difficulty with your net worth.

The truth is, friendships are usually created over extended periods of time by overcoming or facing the same type of struggle. This is they the poor usually have more friends, they all struggle with the same things.

things rich people worry about that poor people don't - real friends
things rich people worry about that poor people don’t – real friends

Number 4: Will my family ask me for money?
Once you reach the top, the ones at the bottom will ask for a handup themselves.

The rich are always faced with a difficult situation where they have to say NO to Loans or certain “Investment opportunities” from family members or relatives.

These people grew up with you, they sat at the same table as you for years and know you since you were vulnerable.

In their perspective, you and them are the same, they could’ve easily done the same as you, but you got lucky.

This is based on their perception of reality, they didn’t see the sleepless nights, the grind, your education, the time you put in and the sacrifices you had to make, because you did most of these things without an audience. They just see the end result and thing you had it easy.

If you have the money and there’s an important emergency, go ahead help as many people as you can!

But this is not what happens with relatives. Because they lack the right education they will ask for money for projects that have little to no chance of bearing fruit and they’ll be offended when you have to say NO, because they’ll think you don’t want them to be rich like yourself.

This is one of those things that you’ll have to learn to live with. Not to mention that strangers will also ask for money all the damn time!

things rich people worry about that poor people don't - family asking for money
things rich people worry about that poor people don’t – family asking for money

Number 5: Will I have enough money for the future?
A survey by Lincoln Financial Group, found that 48% of millionaires admit that they worry about having enough money to live out their rest of their years comfortably.

The other 52% have so damn much money that they don’t have to worry.

When you’re earning more, you tend to increase the quality of your lifestyle: you live in better homes, drive better cars, eat better food and in general experience life in a better way.

The problem is that it’s easy to increase in lifestyle, but damn difficult to decrease in it.

If you’ve made a lot of money you know that it’s all a combination of skill, timing, risk assessment and even luck. you’re never sure about the right ways to conserve and increase your reward.

We thought twice about including this one because while the rich are worrying about the future, poor people are actively worrying about the present.

We recommend you watch our video on 15 things poor people do, that the rich don’t! It puts everything into perspective.

things rich people worry about that poor people don't - enough money for the future
things rich people worry about that poor people don’t – enough money for the future

Number 6: Will I get sued?
When you’re rich, everybody is coming after what you’ve got.

In a series of surveys done by Prince & Associates, over 80% of people worth $20 million or more worry about getting sued.

Being rich makes you a target of people who make it their mission to take advantage of your situation, so you need to be really smart about the way you position yourself in life and business.

For example, billionaire investors like Mark Cuban will bail out on certain investment opportunities just because there’s a slight chance that it will open him up to a law suite.

things rich people worry about that poor people don't - getting sued
things rich people worry about that poor people don’t – getting sued

Number 7: Am I healthy enough?
Wouldn’t it be ironic to work so hard all your life and not be able to enjoy it?

The rich worry about health more than anything. We know multiple millionaires who are spending a lot of money on advanced nutrition, health, fitness and even investing in companies that are looking for ways to expand someone’s life span.
The rich always worry about their health and would do anything to preserve it.

It’s one of those paradoxes in life which makes us humans so damn interesting.

We waste our health in the pursuit of money and then spend that money in the pursuit of our health!

And in the meantime we’re getting closer to death because we were not paying attention to TIME!

things rich people worry about that poor people don't - health
things rich people worry about that poor people don’t – health

Number 8: Is my money safe with these people?
In the back of your mind you’ll always wonder if your accountant and your financial advisors are actually looking for your best interest or just theirs.

As we’ve mentioned before, it’s hard to really trust anybody so you’re constantly wary of everything that’s going on.

Our best advice is to get as educated as you can so you understand what’s happening with your money. In addition, look for ways to protect yourself, get them to sign binding contracts which lock them into following your best interests.

If you’re unable to understand to detail what your financial managers are doing with your money, don’t give it to them, there are simpler ways to manage your funds where although you won’t have such a high return as they project, but at least you’ll sleep better at night.

things rich people worry about that poor people don't - is my money safe
things rich people worry about that poor people don’t – is my money safe

Number 9: Will someone try to steal my identity?
Studies done by Prince & Associates revealed that 74% of high income individuals have been or are worried about people trying to steal their identity.

Most rich people have different internet and computing set-ups than you and I. They use extra layers of security, they have custom machine builds and use private networks put together directly for them.

Identity security is and will probably be one of the biggest industries in the near future, because everything currently runs over the internet and it’s hackable. Your credit card and personal information is at risk.

Even your basic info is currently used in order to sell your more stuff or change your perception. Just have a look at the Cambridge Analytica story that dropped this week which costed facebook over 44 billion dollars.

So you need to start being smarter with what you do online Aluxers, use V.P.N’s, don’t use the same password everywhere and find ways to manage your digital footprint, because it can be used against you.

things rich people worry about that poor people don't - identity theft
things rich people worry about that poor people don’t – identity theft

Number 10: Will my family be torn apart fighting over everything after I die?
We’ve seen families torn to shreds when it came to money. This happens to poor people as well, they fight and argue over a small piece of land or a house. Now imagine what happens when tens of millions are at stake.

People are willing to go far beyond what you’d think is ok in order to squeeze as much of it as possible.

When you die, your kids will probably be left with enough money to never need to work in their life again, but they’re gonna have children as well so that’s where the things get messy. Everyone wants as much of the pie as possible and unless these things were priorly discussed and agreed upon in front of your family’s attorney, it’s not going to be a pleasant experience.

When money is at stake, people will show their true face, gloves come off and they’re ready to go at it. Even if you’re getting a lot of money people still find it unfair that another sibling maybe got the better positioned property or the more profitable business.

All this leads to unhappiness despite the fact that someone special just died and you still inherited more money than you can ever spend. Do you realize how crazy people are.

We recommend you check out our video on 15 REASONS WHY YOU’RE NOT HAPPY! It dives deep into what really makes people happy and how you can gradually improve your happiness if you are aware of the things we mentioned in that video.

things rich people worry about that poor people don't - family being torn apart fighting over your wealth
things rich people worry about that poor people don’t – family being torn apart fighting over your wealth

Number 11: What if the government decides to take away everything I worked so hard for?
If you’re a poor person, you’re probably thinking that you should pay more in taxes if you earn more.

This mindset seems to make sense until you have a business of your own. Then you start to think that taxation is theft.

You’re creating value for people, you’re taking care of the families of your employees, you busted your ass for many years of hard work, hustle and sleepless nights and it the highly improbable chance you do make it, you now need to pay 30 to 50 percent of what you earn.

Times are changing and sometimes there are external factors upon which you do not have control over that can dramatically impact the state of your finances.

You need to be smart about it and especially to maintain yourself educated, but there’s always going to be that thought in the back of your mind that asks itself if the “Totally legal” offshore account you have in Belize is somewhere on the grey line which could potentially cost you everything.

things rich people worry about that poor people don't - government taking everything
things rich people worry about that poor people don’t – government taking everything

Number 12: Will my family take care of the things I care about?
You know that vintage Testa Rossa that took you years to find and buy, what about that shelby cobra that took time and attention and you had restored?! What about the house you grew up in which you paid a premium on just to purchase it back from the current owner. Will these items that mean so much to you on a sentimental side, be valued to the degree you had valued them?

Or will the new generation just sell them at face value in order to make a quick buck. How long can they survive until the emotion out of them fades away?

In life there are things that have intangible value which unless people are directly aware of it, will fade away once there’s no longer anyone to tell their story.

That’s why the rich look for legacy, for things that will stand the test of time and so should you!

things rich people worry about that poor people don't - things I care about
things rich people worry about that poor people don’t – things I care about

Number 13: What happened to my childhood friends?
Do you remember your childhood friends? How many memories you got with them? I bet a lot!

But what happened? It’s not like you actively decided to never speak or hang out, but life got complicated and you went on different roads.

Now, despite sharing that early beginning, you’re totally different people which barely speak one with the other.

The rich realise this, and see it as a sacrifice for getting to where they are today. Friendships only last if people are willing to more or less walk the same road with you, otherwise they’re to translate from friendships to acquaintances.

Now when you meet each other, things are different, they look at you differently and so do you at them. Life is complicated and sooner or later then end up in the number 3 or number 4 box on our list and that’s when you know you’re done.

things rich people worry about that poor people don't - childhood friends
things rich people worry about that poor people don’t – childhood friends

Number 14: Should I have lived more when I was younger?
In order to make it rich you need to make certain sacrifices which is never easy.

You’re going to have to put in a lot of hours, hard work and shift your focus from yourself as an individual to the company you’re building.

This doesn’t leave much time for personal things or enjoying yourself. To be honest, you’re basically trading the present for a future which you believe will be much better than your present can ever be, so you make the trade.

Once you get there most rich people look back and regret they didn’t do more for themselves in their 20s and 30s.

This doesn’t happen with poor people. They live just in the present with no regard of the future. Ironically, when the poor get old, they also look back to their 20s and 30s and which they put in more work.

If you are curious to know which are the 15 SACRIFICES you need to make if you want to be rich. It’s probably one of our best videos and you’ll learn a lot.

things rich people worry about that poor people don't - living more
things rich people worry about that poor people don’t – living more

Number 15: Was all that hard work worth it in the end?
The paradox of the achiever is that there’s always a bigger target to hit and most rich people feel that they didn’t do enough either way. We’re forever innovators, hustlers, creatives and we wish we could play this game forever.

Sometimes, when you do make it really big and look at what you’ve acomplished you see excess. Do you really need that 4th house? 6 cars in the garage? 2 private jets?

The rich no longer have to worry about money, so they worry about MEANING! About happiness, they ask themselves if they are really happy as a human. That’s just something to keep in mind as you go ahead in your journey ALUXERS.

things rich people worry about that poor people don’t – all worth it in the end

We’re curious to know: What are some other things rich people worry about which we should have included in this article? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!