They Turned This Submarine Into a Luxury Hotel and It Might Be the Best Hotel Ever!

22 January 2015

This Submarine Transformed Into Luxury Hotel Needs to be on your Wishlist!

If you`re a regular Ealuxer, you know that I’ve presented you a lot of interesting and strange houses or hotels.

There’s the Ice Hotel, the Igloo Hotel, the Floating House, the Mountaintop Eco-Hotel, but this one, well this one out-takes them all.

Why is that you may wonder. Well this one is a submarine transformed into a luxury hotel, and during your stay, you’re not actually staying in one place, because you’re also travelling, the hotel being a submarine.

The amazing submarine transformed into a luxury hotel called Lovers Deep, offered by by Oliver’s Travels is perfect for an amazing romantic getaway for the couples that are searching a unique way to spend time together deep in the ocean.

So let’s have a look at this amazing Submarine Transformed Into Luxury Hotel!

Submarine Transformed Into Luxury Hotel

Just imagine the view on your window, an underwater-scape more than a landscape, and all of it coming to life, constantly changing your view. Well that’s what I call a luxurious stay.

Submarine Transformed Into Luxury Hotel

The amazing luxury submarine houses one guest bedroom with the staff, a chef and butler and the captain, all of them sharing a separate, sound-proof living quarter at one end of the craft to ensure guest privacy.

Submarine Transformed Into Luxury Hotel

The living spaces are glass-fronted to offer the guests a unique view of the surrounding coral and sea life while enjoying their stay.

As mentioned, included in the amazing underwater journey are a personal butler and a VIP Concierge service to an aphrodisiac tasting menu with free champagne on arrival.

Submarine Transformed Into Luxury Hotel

“The stunning views of the marine world will take your breath away and the vessel comes fully staffed with your very own team who are on hand to make sure you never have to take your eyes off the view, or each other.”

Submarine Transformed Into Luxury Hotel

And because everything has a price, a unique experience in Submarine Transformed Into Luxury Hotel is set at about £175,000 per couple for one night.

What do you think, would you pay this much for an underwater stay at this hotel?

We hope you enjoyed or article about this Submarine Transformed Into Luxury Hotel.

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Leave your answers along with other opinions on this amazing submarine tuned into a luxury hotel in the comments section bellow.