10 Reasons Why Success Scares People

7 October 2021

Does the Idea of Getting Success in Life Scare You to No End? Find Out Why.

Success can seem like a great idea, especially if you keep it in the distant future. But when you are suddenly standing face to face with the reality of success, then you realise just how scary success actually is… and just how comfortable and familiar mediocrity can be.

But fear isn’t a good enough reason to keep Aluxers from ditching their dreams.

So, let’s stare fear in the face together and look at 10 Reasons Why Success Scares People.

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With that said, let’s jump straight into the article.


It Makes Your Life Feel Lacking

When your friends from college are racking up awards, finding the answers to the universe and sporting a picture-perfect home life, it can make you feel like your life is lacking in a few areas.

Perhaps someone who started with you at the same time at work got a promotion, you might suddenly realise that you haven’t made the most of this employment opportunity. The truth is, seeing success around us when we aren’t moving forward in life can remind us that we’re kind of stagnating or missing out.


It’s Envy-Inducing

It’s easy to deal with some of the “out there” success stories like Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk, but when your friend from high school is bringing in millions and rolling with a seven strong luxury car fleet, it can hurt.

Seeing success close to home points out just how few luxury cars you have in your life, and if the figure is less than seven, it can make you feel like you’re lacking.

This might seem like one of the most common reasons why success is scary, but there is a much more common reason we’ll reveal if you keep reading.

If you want to know more about why people feel uncomfortable regarding others’ success, check out Why the Average Hates Success.


Success Changes People

Have you ever worked with someone, and they were promoted, and it felt like they changed? Success does change people, for sure, but it isn’t always an unjustified change. Blaming someone for being on “management’s side” when they receive a promotion is a little…lame.

Of course, they are more aligned with management’s higher goals. That’s the point of moving up the ladder. Naturally they won’t be able to take extra breaks or cover for you like they used to.

Get real about what you want, and if you’re part of Alux, we can assume you’re striving towards big goals.

Which is a good segue to the next reason success scares people.


It Seems Only for a Select Few

Success can play tricks on us when we’re on the outside looking in. Success can look like it is reserved for a select few who have some unexplainable advantage. These successful messiahs seem to possess the secret answer to how to turn hard work or ideas into a success.

That’s not the truth though. Success is just the end of the journey. If you ask any successful person, there would have been numerous failed attempts, plenty of mistakes and a life time of self-doubt before they struck success.

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Success Seems Elite

Successful people can seem like the untouchables behind that red rope in the VIP section. They can seem unapproachable and part of some elite club, and that’s scary. But successful people are just you and I, but a little further down the line.

The truth is some of the most successful people are actually some of the humblest folks you will come across in life. While they might tend to keep a few people between themselves and the general public, that is often because they genuinely have a jam-packed schedule and need any spare time they can get to think over matters.


Success Shows Us What Could Have Been

 One of the most confronting parts of success is when it shows us another reality of what could have been in our own life. If we had tried, or started something, or taken a risk.

Comparisons like this are only useful if they inspire us to action, but dwelling on how little progress you’ve made compared to someone else, is futile. No two people, no matter how similar the circumstances, can ever experience life the same.

Like we said in our video, 15 Success lessons to learn from Hollywood, “There are no bad ideas, remember the success of Sharknado.” So, what we’re saying is, if you have a great idea, run with it… you could have the next Sharknado on your hands!


Successful People Might Choose Favourites

Success can feel like an elite club, but it can also feel like a favourites game. People with a view from the ivory tower do seem to pick favourites and unfairly advantage some.

The fear of not being on the receiving end of such a “blessing” is real.

But let us get very real here. Firstly, people who are truly successful don’t get there because of picking favourites for no reason. They promote people based on their merit. Think about it for a second. It’s not in their best interest to give someone more responsibility or a raise just because you support the same team, it’s because that person can make more money for them.

So, don’t let your fear run away with your sensibility. Look at who seems like a favourite, get real with yourself about what special traits or skills they possess, and work on upping your game.

You might just find yourself the next hot favourite soon!


Success Threatens the Ego

We all have a certain idea about ourselves, and for most of us, no matter if we think we’re great or not, we believe we deserve success.  That’s all thanks to the ego.

When we see other people’s success it’s tough on the old ego. An inner monologue is triggered between us and the ego asking, “why aren’t we as successful”. It begins to eat away at our confidence.

That’s why it’s so important to take notice of how others’ happenings in life and success makes you feel and take control of your thoughts sooner rather than later… or else you’ll end up consumed by negativity and toxic comparisons.

If you struggle with this, check out our mind mastery course and change your life in the process!


The Money or Fame Will Change You

So, while kicking back at work is fun, you might need to make some changes yourself to be taken seriously and be in line for promotion. These kinds of changes can be scary because of who and what you might lose in the process.

You might lose freedom to take time off when you want to if you get a big promotion. You might lose anonymity if you end up well known through your success. These kinds of changes can mean you feel as if you’re up for more scrutiny both at work, and in your personal life. That is one of the downsides of success.

But if you’re like us, the downsides to not living to your potential are far worse, so we’ll take the bitter with the sweet life!


They Become Your Competition

Part of the reason you become a target to haters when you succeed is that you’re suddenly competition. People were okay with you when you were taking short cuts or kind of stagnant. But now that you’re make money moves, you’re showing them up, and people don’t like that.

Becoming competition puts a target on your back, but you know what we say at Alux? Keep on going, because it’s harder to hit a moving target.


Why do you think success scares people? We’d love your feedback in the comments below.