15 Things Rich People Look For in a Sugarbaby

8 July 2021

Want to Know More about the Sugar Dating Industry? We’ve Got You Covered.

Hello Aluxers! It’s probably happened to many of us to see a couple where one of the partners is much older than the other one. The question is obvious: what do these two people have in common? Well, sometimes, that’s something much more practical than love! When men and women of a certain age decide to financially support younger partners in exchange for some sort of romantic relationship, that’s called sugaring.

Don’t be so naughty, Aluxers! Sugar-daddies and Sugar-mommies don’t go looking for young partners just for the reason you are thinking!

Let’s find out together what leads mature people to desire so much younger companions by their side to the point of spending real fortunes.

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Without further ado, let’s get started.


Saviour Complex

This applies more to men than women. It’s the “knight in shining armour” syndrome, the all-male impulse to save the damsel in distress. When a 50-60-year-old man manages to help a young woman out of her financial difficulties or achieve her dream, the man feels incredibly proud of himself and, in a way, powerful. The gratitude he will receive from the young lady makes him feel appreciated and important. He’s become a super-hero!


Transference of Emotions

Sometimes, severe past trauma can lead a person to seek consolation by transferring what they have lost into something similar. In the case of sugar-daddies and sugar-mommies, finding a young partner to support, protect and spoil could be a form of compensation for the loss of a child. In other cases, it is a way to fill the void left by a child they never had. They need to feel more like a parent than a lover.

This is exactly what makes sugar dating different than prostitution. The relationship between the Daddy or Mommy and the young partner usually involves so much more than mere sex. It’s more connected with how the “sponsor” feels in their soul than in their body.


Feeling Young(er)

There has never been a society that has fought against aging more than ours. Cosmetic surgery, facelifts, cosmetics, everything seems to want to delay the moment in which we will have to deal with the first wrinkle.

In some ways, having a much younger partner follows this trend. It makes one feel younger. One has the illusion of turning the clock back and reliving those strong emotions of the earlier years.


Make Up for Lost Time

How many have sacrificed so much to achieve their goals. Nights spent studying on books instead of going to student parties. Holidays postponed to invest that money in an important project. And when you have everything you wanted, you often find yourself alone. This is the time when many run for cover, trying with a younger partner to make up for lost time.


Compensated Dating

Remember “Pretty Woman”? How Vivian’s journey into luxury begins? She needs money and he, Edward Lewis, a wealthy finance mogul, a woman to accompany him in his business meetings. Well, Aluxers, apparently, these things don’t just happen in movies! Often, wealthy businessmen look for young women who can act as escorts at events and soirees. She makes money and gets expensive gifts, and he looks great against his married colleagues!!!



Imagine being a man or a woman who is not very young, perhaps with some first doubts about their charm and attractiveness. Undoubtedly, dating a younger partner gives a boost to one’s self-esteem! It still makes you feel able to charm, fascinate and seduce!



Keeping up with a 20-year-old is not easy! Travels, outings with friends, a thousand passions, sports. The life of a 20-year-old is hyper-active! And this is incredibly stimulating for those … well, who are no longer twenty! Having to deal with the rhythms of a much younger person encourages to get involved, not to give in to age.

We forget about tiredness and maybe even small aches. It can also be a spur to take better care of yourself: a healthy body and mind give more energy, which is essential in order not to lag behind your young partner!

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The feeling of being someone’s creditor, of knowing that they are commanding another person’s gratitude is incredibly intoxicating for some. They feel powerful, as if they have the other person’s fate in their hands. They feel supermen, intoxicated by the possibility of being the only ones who can change the life of a person who is weaker than them.


Revenge against the Old Bat

Oh, the sweet feeling of seeing the look on your ex’s face when he or she sees you with a new younger partner! When in the midst of a bloody divorce legal battle, every little victory counts! Being happy with a younger partner is one of those little paybacks to an ex-husband or ex-wife who is doing their best to ruin our lives.


A Second Life

A difficult divorce can lead a person to want to cut the past off cold turkey and start completely from scratch. Dedicating oneself to a younger person brings a breath of fresh air compared to the previous stale and overwhelming relationship. New friendships, new experiences that bring lymph back into a person’s life.



Generally, sugar-daddies and sugar-mommies are pretty wealthy people who have everything life has to offer. In these cases, there is a risk of falling into a form of apathy that meeting a young person full of aspirations can overcome. The young partner’s project can easily become the new purpose for a person who is bored with life. All the money accumulated in a lifetime takes on a new meaning and a second chance.



Running a big company, spending your days between meetings, difficult decisions, headaches, and serious stiff employees can be downright nerve-wracking. Many of those who go sugar dating feel the need to take off the heavy clothes they are forced to wear every day and lighten the mood.

In the youth of their partners, sugar-daddies and sugar-mommies look for the lightness and light-heartedness of their 20s, the absence of worries and the recklessness of youth.



The vitality of young people is contagious. Seeing a group of friends having fun on the beach, going to the cinema, attending a concert is contagious. Sugar dating allows to savour these moments of vivacity. Contact with a young partner is an injection of vitality that many middle-aged people yearn for.



The pursuit of beauty is one of the reasons that brings people of a certain age to seek younger companions. Shiny hair, smooth skin, a toned body are irresistible callings for those who begin to see their body give way to advancing age.


Friends with Benefits

Yes, Aluxers! Here we are! We tried to make you understand that not all those who look for younger people to start a relationship are perverts, but we’re not that innocent! There are also those who are sexually motivated towards people younger than themselves. Not so rarely, however, what begins as pure mutual benefit then blossoms into a relationship with all the trappings!

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