10 Reasons Why Traveling to Spain this Summer is a Great Idea

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Summer is here! From music to gastronomy, Spain offers everything you need on your epic summer destination.

One of the effects of global warming is the deteriorating temperatures on earth. It makes some parts of the world suffer from heavy rains even during summer. This could be happening to your usual summer destination.

For example, Paris is a popular summer destination, especially with one of the biggest tennis tournaments, Roland Garros, in stored. Unlike summer at all, even this tournament was suffering from heavy rains. It was the rainiest month of May in Paris since 19th century.

So, where should you go this summer to avoid the rain? We have ten reasons for you to choose Spain.

Besides the weather, there are other great things Spain offers to its visitors. Let’s take a look at these ten reasons one by one.¬†Por favor!

10. It is going to be hotter than average

Summer Destination: 10 Reasons to Choose Spain | It is going to be hotter than average
Summer Destination: 10 Reasons to Choose Spain | It is going to be hotter than average | source: gettyimages.com

Even though it rhymes with the word “rain”, meteorologist from Accuweather predicted that there will be no rain in most parts of Spain this summer! In fact, it is going to be hotter than average.¬†This makes it perfect for you to catch some rays in the land of matador.

You may be concerned about last year’s heat wave. No worries, the meteorologist also confirmed that it is just a thing in the past.

If you want to avoid rain completely, go to the south and Mediterranean coast. Through the end of this month until August, the weather will be hot and dry there.

If you are looking for a bit of a fresh air, go to the north and northwestern part. There will be frequent showers with fresher and more humid weather there.

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