Sunglasses Summer Trends 2014 | Women’s Fashion

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Sunglasses Summer Trends 2014 | Women’s Fashion

Are you a sunnies lover and don’t know what to wear this summer? We got that covered and we present you the Sunglasses Summer Trends 2014.

Personally, I am just obsessed  with sunglasses, I think it doesn’t have to be summer to wear them! They make you look more mysterious, keep your eyes protected by wind and dust, and can completely change your outfit from boring to WOW in a second.

So based on my love for sunglasses, I present you today women’s sunglasses fashion trends for 2014. They are big, they are bold, and I love them!

Even though the trends are not completely new, the style of the sunglasses for this summer is reinvented and innovative, just the way we like it.

We have to stay stylish and chic from head to toe, without forgetting an important accessory that makes an outfit complete.

So let’s see what are the Sunglasses Summer Trends 2014.

 Cat Eye

women's sunglasses fashion trends 2014Sunglasses Summer Trends 2014

Sunglasses Summer Trends 2014Sunglasses Summer Trends 2014

Vintage-inspired, the cat eye sunnies will make you look like a 50’s diva! With a few curls, a red lipstick and a cute summery dress you will look like you just came from a runway.

Whether you go for white, brown, or stay with the classical black, the cat-eye sunglasses are a big trend this summer!


women's sunglasses fashion trends 2014

Sunglasses Summer Trends 2014

The old classic Ray-Ban’s are reinvented in a fresh way. The mirrored glasses are not only more fun and coloured, but we have to admit, they look so good!

They add that little splash of colour to any outfit.


women's sunglasses fashion trends 2014

Sunglasses Summer Trends 2014

Geometrical shapes are a huge trend this summer, and the sunglasses are part of it. If you want to go for that WOW factor and let your classic aviators at home, choose a fun-shaped pair of sunglasses.

Even the cat-eye has a bigger, bolder, edgier version.


Sunglasses Summer Trends 2014Sunglasses Summer Trends 2014

Sunglasses Summer Trends 2014

Round glasses are not just for Ozzy Osbourne or John Lennon any more. They are one of the biggest Sunglasses Summer Trends 2014 and we like it!

You have many colours to choose from, from dark black to the more romantic rose, so it’s time to get yourself a pair! They are innovative, and include trends such as print, cat-eye rims or very light colours.

Retro Sunglasses Summer Trends 2014

Sunglasses Summer Trends 2014

Classic Ray-Ban’s? I say go for retro ones! With a more rounded shape and a metallic detail, these sunglasses add that vintage effect to your look.

The white or light-coloured rim is one of the women’s sunglasses fashion trends 2014, so forget the usual black and buy a new pair of vintage sunnies!

Vintage Details

Sunglasses Summer Trends 2014






women's sunglasses fashion trends 2014A trend that has been with us from 2013, the vintage accessorized sunglasses are still IN and we are happy, because they look glamorous!

Brands such as Prada or Dolce and Gabanna give you a couple of really amazing vintage-detailed sunglasses that look avant-garde.

These are the Sunglasses Summer Trends 2014!

What trend is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below which one you would buy first!

We hope you enjoyed our article and don’t forget to share it with your friends!


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