10 Supercars You Can Own for Less than $50k

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10 Supercars You Can Own for Less than $50k

These are the ten supercars you can own for less than $50k.

When we say supercar we mean a really nice car that is both expensive-looking and fast. I believe everyone is looking a car like that. I believe that if you can’t afford buying one of the most expensive cars in the world, you can surely buy one of these cars.

Here at Alux, we love to see those types of cars, the more, the better. Especially when you can choose a good looking car that is also a supercar.

From the brands featured on this list, we’d like to name Cadillac, Porsche, Ferrari as our favorites.

Let’s see the list of the 10 supercars you can buy for less than $50k!

10.Cadillac XLR-V -$35k+

The first supercar we are going to talk about is Cadillac XLR-V.

Under the hood, this car is all Corvette, and even today, this car can go for 450 hp with no problem.

The rest of the car, however, is all Cadillac, and is still available for anyone who’s ready to spend almost $40,000 for it.

10 Supercars You Can Own for Less than $50k
10 Supercars You Can Own for Less than $50k |via: 4wheelsnews.com|

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