15 Traits of the Superior Man

2 May 2021

Who Doesn’t Want To Become a Better Person Than They Were Yesterday? Follow These Traits To Become a Superior Individual.

Hello Aluxers! On this Sunday motivational article we’re looking at how to become a superior man/woman!

There’s always room to be a better person!

Yet most people decide to become complacent in their mediocrity.

So a discussion on the traits and the lifestyle of the superior man or woman should serve all of us well.

The superior man seeks what is in himself, the weak man seeks what others have!

They pursue improvement for the sake of impact!

The superior man will put virtue above comfort!

For virtue means you’re playing long term games in the detriment of the short term ones!

Dissatisfied with you they are and what their life is, anyone can choose to do something about it!

As always, here is the video version of this article:

Here are 15 Traits of the superior man that one should pursue in order to elevate themselves!


Beyond Successful & Respected, but Humble & Relatable

This duology between societal success while being grounded and approachable is like the goldilocks zone of individual achievement.  

We think Confucius put it best when he said:

The superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions.” 

Others look to them for advice and guidance. They set trends, they proved their worth and judgement and now they are leaders in their community.

They are the trail blazers, the ones who lead by example. When children grow up, they want to be like this person! 

Achieve success, earn the praise but don’t ever forget that at one point you were starting out at the bottom yourself!



For some weird reason society has connected success with unhappiness. The smarter you are the less happy society expects you to be… but here’s the deep question:

If you’re so smart why are you not happy?!

Why can’t you fix your happiness with that big brain of yours?

The superior man pursues a happy lifestyle, not the fleeting moment of pleasure that can be construed as happiness. 

You don’t want to give the impression of happiness, you want to really be happy!

To get there, one has to know themselves and in order to know oneself you need to explore and that’s how the superior man got to where they are today, by exploring the world and reaping the benefits of that conquest.


Understands His Limitations

And understand that some of them are self-imposed!

To understand one’s limitations is a sign of competence!

As individuals, we’re not supposed to be the universal solution that serves everybody and everybody likes. 

Instead, the superior man will understand what their strengths are and will bet heavily on those. 

In the game of life betting on your strengths leads to better results than trying to fix your weaknesses!

The superior man knows not to

allow the limitations of those around you to become your own!

You want to be expensive in life, to go into your personal unknown as see what you find. Even if what awaits isn’t pleasant, you’re still growing from the experience! Don’t be scared to search for your limits!

If you can’t face your fears, they become your limitations.


Highly Educated

We’ve heard a great quote once that stuck with us that says something like this:

Beware of the man of a single book!

Think about it and interpret it anyway you want.

When talking about education, we’re not focusing on degrees, but about wisdom.

Education is the sum of all of our experiences!

It’s usually the thing you use to navigate life after you’re done with school.

In this context, being highly educated translates to an understanding of things beyond oneself, such us different cultures and customs. Highly educated people can easily carry a conversation with anybody on a variety of topics.

It doesn’t mean you’re a walking encyclopedia, far from that, but at its core the superior man or woman has curiosity for understanding the world. 

The truth is, a well educated mind will always have more questions than answers!

Being real, humble and kind is a sign of your education! 


Hard Skills & Soft Skills

Hard skills make you qualified for a position, soft skills are what help you nail the interview!

Hard skills are what you’re able to build, soft skills are how you get other people to build with you!

If all you have are hard skills, someone will hire you to build out their dream. 

If all you have are soft skills, you will need to figure out how to convince builders to help you build your own.

The superior man has both as Both are incredibly valuable when put together!

Soft skills are more about who you are than what you know and you can develop those through the education we mentioned earlier. It’s those education roots that form who we are and the values that we stand for!

Don’t be the person who loses politeness as soon as they get a little bit of power!

Society is changing!

The truth is it is only now we’re starting to really value Soft skills as more and more hard skills get automated. 

In the world of the future, hard skills will program the robots based on the soft skills of others.


Can Cook & Is a Great Host

What most people don’t know is that Cooking is less about food and more about people! Food is one of the very few things in the world that has the power to bring everybody together!

That’s why we put cooking and being a great host together, because they serve the same purpose: that of bringing people together.

Understanding food is to understand health and to an extent understanding that you are feeding not yourself but the body which you inhibit. A person who understands food, is a person versed in the fabric of society – for society gravitates around food.

No one is born a great cook! As with everything great in life, one learns it by doing!

It’s the same with being a great host! As with any valuable skill, it requires practice, study and creativity. 

A guest never forgets a host that made him feel welcomed! 

People remember how we make them feel and the superior man builds his set of skills in time.


Can Speak Art

Great art can be understood by everyone, they speak to everyone of us, without knowing any of us!

When talking about art, most people think of pretty paintings on the walls of some museum, but art is everything that makes you feel something.

Art is culture encapsulated at different moments in time!

The superior man thrives when surrounded by art. Living in a beautiful city, having access to mountains or the beach, listening to music that makes your soul move and looking in the eyes of someone you love as your heart picks up speed… This is art. 

The moment you understand this, your perception of art shifts. All of a sudden photographs or the paintings on the wall are no longer just pretty canvases, but stories from the past, feelings from the past that have stood the test of time.

To know art is to understand the world for the world in itself is art!


Well Traveled & Wise

Most people confuse tourism with travelling!

You don’t travel to a destination… you travel to learn to see things differently!

How we see the world changes when we travel successfully, for it’s not the lands that are foreign in a journey, it’s the traveler who is foreign to those lands.

You’re already traveling through time and space everyday, but doing it purposefully adds another layer to our existence!

The superior man looks at traveling as education. You can memorize geography from a book, or go explore it in person… see what it’s really like… what it smells and tastes like… 

The superior man doesn’t travel to get somewhere, they travel to find more of who you are.

Find time to travel before your time runs out!

If you need more reasons to make up your mind for travelling the world, check out 15 Reasons Why You Should Travel the World.


Speaks More Than One Language

Here’s something most people don’t know..

You can never understand one language until you understand at least two.

We’ve always found it fascinating how switching between languages alters the way we think.

Language defines culture and different cultures live differently.

Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where people come from and where they are going.

It’s amazing how much more complex of an individual you are the moment you add a new language. You begin to understand context, to make connections you would otherwise miss.

But that’s not all. It allows you to have a different kind of connection with others, it’s selfless:

You don’t want them to accustom you, instead you’re making an effort to reach out to them in their own language.


Crushing Every Goal

The superior man is always moving… always in pursuit; always climbing, even when he no longer needs to prove anything to anyone else… They do it for themselves.

Very few people have real goals… most have wishes. Most hope their wish comes true.

The superior man can not leave his future up to chance, he has to make sure the future he wants is being built… so he builds it himself.

As a society, we have a deep respect for people who do what they say they do… so become one of those people. 

Set goals for yourself and then pursue them strategically. Use everything you learn in life to give yourself a better shot at hitting them. 

We can’t wait to re-open our doors to Goal Mastery for those of you who missed it during launch. Go to alux.com/goals and make sure your email is on the waiting list so you get a notification when the course goes live!


Etiquette & Manners

Sometimes it might feel like the world rewards those who are the loudest and yell the most.. For we live in a society that craves attention.

This is one of those reasons why Fame is so disconnected from excellence!

Being polite today means you’re being fake. Manners don’t matter, because manners don’t serve you, the number 1 most important person in the world.

Manners and Etiquette aren’t about you, it’s about everybody else. 

There’s a grace to going through life and the superior man understands this grace. 

The wine tastes different when drunk from a wine glass rather than a cup. 

Society is calmer when we treat our elders with respect, not because of their age, but because of how much of what life is, they have in them. 

“Manners maketh the man!”

For it’s these exact manners and attitude towards life that separates us from every other being. 

Learn about manners, learn proper techniques because these are the findings of all generations that came before you into elevating your experience here. 


Contributes to the Well Being of Others

Last Sunday we published our longest piece yet, a 52 minute video on the Purpose of Wealth in which we touch upon the many ways wealth facilitates progress. 

The superior man understands that being the only one full, in an environment of empty people is no way to go through life and enjoy it. So one makes it a priority to contribute; to be the tide that raises all boats.

The superior man understands that All our rewards in life are in exact proportion to our contributions to the world!

That’s why people say you get what you put out there.

The highest form of being is when you put things out there expecting nothing in return as best described by the words of the ancient greeks:

A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit!


Pushes Everyone to Step up Their Game

The superior man is the one who changes the game.

When Nadia Comaneci scored a perfect 10 at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, the scoreboard wasn’t even designed to show the number 10, because they didn’t believe it was possible so the board showed a 1.00

She changed everything.

When Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile in 1954 the world stood in shock, because the game had changed. 

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone or Elon Musk the Tesla… the game had changed. 

The superior man is not a follower. He breaks from the pack and makes his own road. Everybody else follows. 

When you have the power to do it, it’s almost irresponsible not to.


Don’t Need to Talk To Have Their Presence Felt

This spurs from a state of trust and respect the community has for the superior man.

One gets to this point by proving his judgement time and time again. We are all sums of the decisions we’ve made up until this point, and Good decisions compound over time!

This is why society looks up to these individuals and mimics their approach.

Your presence, your ideas and what you stand for, transcends physical space and time and that’s how superior men live forever. 

Build your legacy and may your presence be felt forever!


Takes Care of His Family

The fundamental idea of this piece is to look into what make a superior man; the traits, the way they relate to their environment and so on. 

The deeper we dig, the more we discover that the superior man plays a parental role in society.

The superior man is the father you’ve never had but feel like you need!

This idea is engraved in our culture. We put individuals on pedestals and learn from them. Be it the Oprahs, the Elons, the spiritual guides, the authors, the Jordan Petersons, the Navals, the Thiels, the Goggins, the ones you know best… 

These are superior men, because we strive to be in some portion like them. 

Once you shift from looking up, to being looked up at, the perspective changes.

A man who doesn’t take care of his family can never be actually wealthy! 

The one who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man! – and yes, this is from the Godfather movie, but Corleone teaches a timeless lesson here.. If you’re in a fortunate position to fill the role of a parent, take care of your family and then expand the family until it includes everyone.


We still feel like there are more traits that we could add to this list, so why don’t you pick it up from here! Let us know in the comments what are some traits Superior Individuals have?! We will reward with hearths those who provide value to the Alux family!