Tesla Wireless Charging is a Thing & We Can’t Get It Sooner

22 August 2016

Get Ready, This Tesla Models S Wireless Charging Device Is the Future of Refilling Your Electric Car

Having to plug in your Tesla when you come home, might soon go down in history. Aftermarket EV charging company Evatran, will start shipping its Plugless Tesla Model S Wireless Charging device to the customers who pre-ordered the product in February.

A new video has been released showing the Tesla Model S wireless charging system in action. The company offers an add-on module installed on the Tesla, which receives the inductive charging power from a drive-up wireless charging pad.

The charging pad is mounted to the garage floor and is connected to an electric line. There is also an on-wall control panel mounted at the front of the parking spot that helps navigate Tesla to the best position for optimal charging.

Installation of the 35 pound add-on module on the Tesla Model S is done by a network of installers. It is included in the cost of purchase which is currently $2,440 per charger. The module connects to the front end of the car beneath the car’s original protective panel.

The Tesla Model S wireless charging add-on module  causes no changes to the Model S ground clearance or entry and exit angles. Moreover, not only will the charger have no effect on your Model S warranty, but also a three-year warranty is offered by the Plugless itself. It covers the cost of any impact the charger installation could possibly have on your Tesla.

Tesla Model S Wireless Charging - Silver Tesla
Tesla Model S Charging with Plugless | Image Source: pluglesspower.com

Can you imagine coming back from work and not having to worry about plugging your car in? Thanks to the Tesla model S wireless charging device, you will have to do nothing! Just park your Model S over the 7.2kW Plugless charger in order to save 20-25 miles of range per hour of charging. Consequently, you will rarely think about the range once you get a full workday or overnight charging.

Is the Plugless Wireless Charging the Future?

The Plugless Tesla Model S wireless charging device can have an amazing potential if used with Summon, an extension of the Tesla Autopilot feature. Summon gives your car the ability to park automatically and return from being parked. Once used with Pluglesss, it will allow your car to simply park, charge and drive itself.

However, the integration of Plugless and Summon is still on the process of finalization. Therefor some of the first units may not integrate with summon. If so, reservation holders will have the option to hold shipment until the functionality is included.

You can reserve the Tesla Models S wireless charging device here.

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As of now, the Tesla Model S wireless charging device works only with rear-wheel drive Model S. There are of course promises of support for all-wheel drive versions beginning later this year. Furthermore, the owners of Tesla Roadster, Model X and Model 3, will have to keep on plugging until their compatible wireless chargers show up in the market.