The Wedding Dress | Bridal Week 2013-2014

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    The Wedding Dress | Bridal Week 2013-2014/h1>
    The big day is here, right ?

    We have planed the ultimate list for those who are planning the process, who are pinning images right and left, and for the bridesmaids who are dreaming about what will be one day.

    Here you can find your dream wedding dress !
    Break the rules and still, be the perfect bride.




    Here are some spectacular wedding dresses frothy, embellished and tiered gowns that make us weak in the knees.  

    Old Hollywood Glamour : The style of 20’ looks classic and it accommodates a lot of silhouettes and shapes, so don’t feel intimidates to try it !



    Romantic Lace : A liitle bit of tradition means a lot of romance. These dresses made us swoon when we watched them on the runway and we are sure that this will make your guests hearts to flutter. First, focus on the silhouette of the dress and the find the lace details that you love the most.


    Illusion Necklines : These unusual necklines cand be unembellished, lacy, suble and refined, or maybe glitter and over the top. For this kind of look, find the a designer who has the style you want.


    Floral : This floral trend will make you a little girly, which appear in subtle ways, like a flower peppered skirt. You can try a multicolor floral-print wedding dress if you dare.


    Blush : Wanna be the blushing bride ? Get literal. Colors were a runway trend, but if you have to choose blush . It’s more proeminent and sweeter. It’s you choise know : pale pastel or cotton-candy hue.


    Long  Sleeves : They can be modest or sexy.


    Peplums : They came last year, and don’t seem to be going anywhere this season.



    Maybe you will love these too





    The wedding dress must be perfect for each of us. We recommend to search hard for it. You will feel when it’s the right one. ( like your husband, you gotta know if he’s the one )


    Kisses Irina

    This Article was written by: Irina . You can visit her blog here:[button color=”red” size=”small” link=”http://imapuma.wordpress.com” target=”blank” ]I’m a puma[/button]

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