15 Things in Life That Get Better with Age

30 September 2020

It’s True That as the Clock Ticks Everything Ticks off With It. Here Are 15 Things That Actually Bloom With Time.

Thanks to the old cliché, we all know that fine wine gets better with age. So do art, leather jackets, and certain types of cheese. But we’re not talking about any of those today. This article is all about the parts of your life that really can improve as you get older. 

That’s right Aluxers, you’ve heard time and time again how the best is yet to come. How 30 is the new 20, 40 is the new 30, and all the other numerical variations. But as much as they end up sounding like tired clichés, we’re going to show you, that if you take care to invest in yourself and give yourself opportunities to grow — yes, with age, you really can mature gracefully. Just like that fine wine we mentioned at the start.

Is this article looking like a chore as it ages? Here’s a fun and vibrant YouTube video on this topic:

With that taken care of, let’s dive right into the article and take a look at the first thing that ages well. 


Your Conversation Skills

Some people are genuinely extremely interesting at 20. But not that many. And others, frankly, are boring to get stuck in a conversation with, whatever stage in their life they’re at. 

But in general, you’ll find that your growing experience of the world means that bit by bit, you’ll acquire more and more engaging topics to talk about. With time you’ll be able to truly master the subtle art of conversation — and you’ll get better at engaging people in a wide variety of topics and offer valuable insights.  

Of course, it helps to stay well-informed, and increase your knowledge by reading widely. As well as travelling and having that adventurous mindset that makes you always try out new things. For some ideas for hot conversation topics to brush up on, check out our video ‘15 Topics You Should Know By Now’. 

And finally, make sure you’ve got the memo that being a good at conversation means being a good listener too. In fact, it’s probably even more important than being good at talking.  



There’s a time and a place for roughing it on a backpacking trip. The place, of course, is in cheap hostels. Andthe time is between the ages of around 18 and 24. And we’re not going to lie — you’ll have a blast doing it. It will give you some great stories to tell. As well as a few backaches from dodgy mattresses. But it’s OK — at that age, your back can take it. 

But once you can afford something a little more expensive, and once your comfort expectations shift up a gear as well, you’ll adjust accordingly. And by the time you’re used to plush hotel rooms with freshly scented bedclothes, upmarket travel activities, and maybe even a bouquet of flours waiting for you along with artistically-folded fluffy towel swans — by then, there’s no looking back.


Appreciation of Fine Food and Drink

When you’re 18, not many people are that bothered about eating in a Michelin starred restaurant. Or being served food that’s been meticulously prepared by a world-renowned chef. And it seems kind of pretentious discussing different types of Scotch whiskey or wine varieties. A few beers at the bar at happy hour will do the job nicely. 

But as you get older you really do start to appreciate the finer things that gastronomy has to offer. You’ll realize that there’s a whole world of subtle tastes to be discovered. And that those wine connoisseurs who you used to think sounded ridiculous describing floral scents in wine? Well, just maybe, they had a point. And you savor your wine. You don’t just down it. And you realize that those subtle nuances of flavor make the world of food and drink a pleasure to explore.   


Appreciation of Art

What we just said about developing a more sophisticated taste for food and drink —the same goes for art. We don’t want to go too far down the road of stereotyping people of different ages. Because we know there are people who love browsing art galleries at 18 and have a deep appreciation for it. But for a lot of people it’s something you develop more as you grow a little older. 

Especially if you make the effort to develop your knowledge of the world of art and the rich history behind it. You’ll realize it can open up whole new perspectives to you, as you see the world through the visions of people from different times and ages.

And the same applies to different art forms too.  As you mature you might find your music tastes expanding beyond rap, house or rock — nothing at all wrong with those — but you might sense a new-found depth once your musical tastes widen to include jazz and classical too. And when it comes to movies, you may notice the same as you develop a greater appreciation for world cinema or old classics. 


Your Expertise

It could be your expertise related to your profession. The more experience you gain through the years, the better you’ll get better at it. And the more valued you’ll be by your colleagues, peers and clients. 

Or in things you enjoy doing outside your profession. Hobbies — whether it’s golf, playing a musical instrument, or mountain climbing — the more you do them, the better you’ll get.

The reason is put forward in in Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Outliers’, and it’s what he calls 10 000 hour rule. Simply, once you’ve spent 10 000 hours doing something, you’ll have mastered it. And mathematically speaking, if you’re a bit older, you’re more likely to have spent 10 000 hours polishing your skills. 

If that’s caught your interest, Outliers is a study of the various factors that lead to success, and we’ll link you to it in the description. Even better than picking up a copy, if you go to alux.com/freebook and this is the first time you sign up, you can get the audiobook for free thanks to our friends at Audible. 



As you mature, the extra years of experience make you better at making tricky decisions. And having to make them causes you less stress.

Maybe it’s because you’ve managed to learn from your mistakes. Or maybe it’s because you’ve somehow become wiser with age. In fact, there’s even scientific evidence to show that the potential to become better decision-makers is hard-wired into our brains. And that over time, certain areas of our brain develop, and we cultivate something, which for want of a better word, we can describe as wisdom. 


Fashion Sense

When you’re younger, a pair of jeans and a hoodie — or perhaps a T-shirt or a tank top and leggings — seem OK for a lot of occasions. But as you get a little older, the more sophisticated your dress sense becomes.Besides, you’re less likely to just go with the latest trend, and you develop a style that you can call your own. And having a bit more money to splash out on quality brands helps with this too. 

Maybe you also get tired of having to replace stuff that wears out quickly, and you start to realize that it’s better to buy something really good quality that’s going to last. And at the same time, you learn to choose clothes that mark you out as a person of excellent taste. 

Looking for some inspiration to develop a tip-top fashion sense? Let’s borrow some from the 10 “Stylish Fashion Bloggers We Follow & So Should You.”


Stress Levels and Negative Emotions

Yep, we’ve got more good news for you about getting older — for this one, with scientific research to back it up. It’s been shown that as you get older, you’re less likely to feel stress.

Its even been given a name —The Happiness Curve, described by Jonathan Rauch (row-ch) in his book ‘the Happiness Curve — Why Life Gets Better After 50’. 

And the reasons for it? You readjust your expectations about how happy you’ll be — and with more realistic expectations, you actually end up more content. You also tend to live in the moment more. And hormonal changes make you calmer. Regardless of the reasons, feeling less stressed and more content is one more reason you shouldn’t be afraid of getting older.

And the good news doesn’t stop there. There’s evidence that a whole load of other negative emotions are dissipated with age. These include loneliness and depression. And your older, wiser, better balanced self is less likely to hold grudges too. 



It’s generally true that as you get older, the fewer people you’ll have on autodial – for social purposes at least. Partly because you see your free time as more precious, and partly because you get tired with superficial friendships. And you want to spend your quality time with the people who really count. 

Not that there’s anything wrong with being Mr. or Ms. Popular at 21, the life and soul of the party who knows absolutely everybody. That’s what being that age is all about. It’s just that as you get older, knowing so many people on a superficial level seems — well, superficial — and it becomes less fulfilling as time goes on. 

And as you get older you stick with the best friends. And the ones that have lasted that long — you know those ones are the really special friendships.



Your relationship with your significant other may not always have the same levels of excitement it did when you were younger. Or, conversely, the same amount of drama. But it’s probably based more on that feeling of being incredibly secure. And having that, is something that really does feel great.  

There’s nothing like spending calm, relaxed moments with your significant other — enjoying those comfortable silences, because you know each other so well, that when you don’t have really have anything important to say, well, there’s just no need to say anything. You’re content just being together. 

And talking of relationships …



Surprised to see this one on the list? True, it does depend. But we are used to thinking that amazing sex is reserved for people in their 20s with perfect bodies and supercharged sex drives. And now there’s evidence that shows this isn’t necessarily the case. 

Research shows that as people get older, they feel less self-conscious in bed; and more adventurous. And surveys demonstrate that increasing numbers of people feel more satisfied with their sex lives in their 40s and 50s, than they did when they were younger. 

True, it’s not automatically going to get better. Keeping yourself in good health helps — and keeping the sparkalive with your significant other does as well. 

And there’s especially good news for the ladies out there. Other research shows that women in their 50s are more likely to have orgasms than women in their 20s.



As you get older, you feel more comfortable with yourself. Again, experience has taught you that all those things you used to be insecure about, are not really worth the worry. 

And just think back to the other points we’ve made in this article. If you’ve spent the years working on the best possible version of yourself — that means you’ve now got more to offer in terms of your expertise, your social and conversational skills, and you’re a more interesting person. Plus the feeling of being more secure in your relationships, and it all adds up. You just feel comfortable with who you are. 

David Bowie once said ‘Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been.’ We agree — and of course, it works best when you’ve actually spent the years growing and investing in yourself. 


Your Body Image 

Sure, there are people out there who genuinely look stunning over 50 — men like George Clooney, or women like Monica Bellucci. But let’s be honest — it’s not easy for everybody to compete with them. But the good news is, you don’t even have to. Because as people get older, it’s common to feel more comfortable in your own skin.

You’re not bothered any longer about your slightly crooked nose, which used to cause you so much self-doubt when you were younger. Now you’re happy with it — and you realize it’s something that makes you unique. 

Keep in mind you still should be looking after your health, and taking care of your appearance with your impeccable fashion sense that we mentioned often comes with age. If you don’t, it’s less likely that you’ll feel good about the way you look. But you just stress less about the things connected with your body image that don’t really matter. 



When you’re younger, your family just stress you out that bit more. Maybe they’re a bit kooky, or maybe they’re a real pain in the ass. When you get older, you mellow more, and you start to appreciate them more for who they are. When you’re younger, you’re convinced you’re aunt’s plain wacky, and an embarrassment. Now the older you sees her as charmingly eccentric. 

Yes, we know every family is different. Some people draw the short straw and have real problems in their family relationships — while for others it’s plain sailing all the way. But the chances are, that as you mature, the easier it is for you to understand your family members better. And once that happens, family gatherings aren’t such an ordeal anymore — you even start to enjoy them.  



Aluxers, we’re sure you’ve noticed by now that most of the things on this list don’t just magically come with age. They come with living a life that’s enriching, looking after yourself and your relationships. And investing in yourself, physically, emotionally — and in this case financially.  

Whether you’ve invested wisely in shares, in real estate, or in intellectual property — If you’ve made wise investments through your life — it’s later on that you’ll really get to reap the rewards.

But as good as it is to think ahead and make investments for the long-term, also remember how important it is to enjoy the moment. Don’t settle for waiting until 60 to enjoy life — make provisions for then, but be sure to enjoy the ride on the way there too.  


What do you think we’ve left off the list? Let us know in the comments Aluxers, we would love to see life through your eyes as well.