15 Things to Leave Behind in 2020

2020 Ends Now – and So Does All the Crap It Brought With It.

It’s almost time to say goodbye to this sh*tty, stressful year known as 2020 now. We’ve lost a lot and we’ve endured a lot and we’ve learnt a lot.

But now, it’s time to bid it farewell along with all the extra baggage it brought with it.

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With that in place, let’s start with the first item on the list.


Pandemic Lifestyle

No, we don’t mean stop following safety guidelines in your area… it means stop the crap you’ve been getting up to while using the pandemic as an excuse.

Stop drinking that glass of wine at 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon. Stop watching Schitt’s Creek for the 4th time in a row. Stop sniffing your socks to see if they’re good for another day and stop forgetting what day of the week it is! On a side note – please don’t stop re-creating famous pieces of artwork while you are at home… we love those!

So, yes, things have been weird. Yes, you’ve been home… a lot, but it’s time to cut the crap and start organizing your life!

Which leads us directly to our next point.


The Pounds You Put on During Isolation

Yes, we know about the baking of bread and that was great the first few weeks of lockdown… but then people had to go and up their game and start turning focaccia’s into artworks and then the rest of us gave up on baking bread. Mind you, we didn’t stop eating bread… we just couldn’t be arsed to make the bloody stuff from scratch again.

Enough with the bread! Enough with the crisps, the chips, the chocolate, cookies, cakes and treats. It has to stop. And parents, the kids will eventually go back to school – so enough of the pretend health smoothies with the not so sneaky shots of vodka!


The Feeling of Dread

Just when you wondered what kind of legacy or history our time would leave behind for our future great, great grandchildren – the Universe provided us with something rather unique. And it wasn’t what we were expecting. We would have guessed living on Mars would have become a reality, or flying cars becoming a part of our transport to work.

But no, it was Covid and the mad rush to create a vaccine in 2020 to save the planet.

So, think about it. We are living history right now. Already movies have been released with the Corona virus backdrop, but imagine future blockbusters and books being written about what we’re going through at this very moment.

Aluxers, are you going to be one of the millions of deaths recorded because you didn’t wash your hands and social distance? Or are you going to be one of the survivors? You decide.

Choosing to be irresponsible means putting the older folk directly at risk. Read more about it here: During the Coronavirus Pandemic The Young Are Willing to Sacrifice the Old


The Us vs Them

This us vs them way of thinking is not just holding us back as a global powerful force, capable of greatness and doing amazing things for our planet, but in our very own lives and it’s up to us to change our way of thinking.

As Anne Frank said, “We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same.”

We’ve been taught, if not directly from our parents and teachers, but by the media, that categorizing people into groups is normal. Whether it be by gender, race, culture, religion, age, nationality, or wealth.

This categorization creates massive divides between people, when we see a group as being inferior or superior. If only we could look past the external and see each other for what we are on the inside and understand that we are all one and the same.


Your Facebook “New Year Resolutions”

We are all guilty of this, and maybe you’ve reached that stage of not giving a f*ck about those resolutions, but it’s not a bad thing to want to improve yourself and if you need the “perfect” day to do it on, then there is nothing wrong with the first day of a brand-new year.

It’s time to get serious. And Aluxers, we know it’s not easy. If it was easy, we wouldn’t even be speaking about it now.

A lot of you have been asking about our Goal Mastery Course, and we’re happy to inform you that it’s around the corner. Keep checking in with us and we’ll let you know the moment it’s available.




2020 was hard. We stayed home. We baked our bread. We watched Tiger King. We home-schooled our children and hoped for the best, we Zoomed, we drank, we cried, we watched our favourite local artists perform online and we slept. A lot.

And even if you didn’t start writing the novel you always wished you had time to do, or you didn’t de-clutter your entire house or be the perfect home-schooling teacher you thought you’d be.

Aluxers, you did your best under extremely trying circumstances and you need to ditch the guilt. Then you can start off the new year with a clean slate and a fresh perspective.


Lack of Discipline

So, now that you’ve forgiven yourself… it’s time to get out of that funk that was 2020 and start getting your life back on track. This new “normal” might be around for a lot longer, and we can’t just lounge around in sweats for another year – so we need to stop waiting for things to change and start gaining a sense of purpose for our lives.

If you’re battling to wrap your head around that, reach out and get help. Book a session with a reputable therapist and hash out some idea, thoughts, where you are emotionally, physically, and mentally, and work slowly towards becoming the person you once were before the Corona virus or better.


Self-Limiting Beliefs

Aluxers, we’ve spoken a lot about self-limiting beliefs and how you become your rhetoric.

“I’m not good enough.”

“I’m not smart enough.”

I’m not funny enough.”

You are enough. Period.

We highly recommend our Mind Mastery Here you’ll learn to control your emotions, deal with stress and anxiety and get clarity in your life. This is all the investment you need for 2021.


Toxic Friends and Family

An unusual bonus from being home-bound in 2020 was that you literally were not allowed to visit people, which meant that you didn’t have to make up some lame excuse to not see your self-entitled, narcissistic uncle or the clinger-on friend who loves crude jokes and makes everybody in the room avoid eye contact and suddenly need the bathroom.

And the truly best part, is that we’ve come to the realization that we don’t need them, and we continued our lives, and they continued theirs. Hopefully, when things start to resume as before, you will be strong enough to stay away from those toxic people and not be guilted into spending any time with them.



American author, speaker and former pastor Rob Bell aptly said, “busy is a drug that a lot of people are addicted to.”

Aluxers, we’ve been given a rare moment in time where being busy is not the be all and end all. We’ve taken busy to equal a sign of success and popularity, but it’s not. The whole point of life is not to be busy. It’s just to be.

Of course, work needs to be done and there’s admin to complete, but then there is the sea, sun, sand, grass, trees and flowers… and they are there for us to enjoy. To just be and soak in its beauty.

Don’t we always say, “the years go by so quickly?” or “Where has the time gone?” and we can slow time down if we slow ourselves down.


Comparing Yourself to Others

What an absolute waste of time. Another unusual plus of wearing a mask when you go out is that you don’t feel this incessant need to make yourself look perfect every time you head out the door. Instead, you go out and just rock the mask you’re in.



Covid is f*cking scary, there is no doubt about it. But after almost a year of dealing with the pandemic, we know more now than we did back then.

So, instead of being fearful of the virus, we go into 2021 with the knowledge we need to keep safe. Use that knowledge properly, and don’t slip up now just because it’s the holiday season, because you know what’s worse than not spending Christmas with your family in 2020? Not ever spending Christmas with your family ever again.



2020 has shown us who the great leaders are and who the incompetent ones are. And it’s up to us to get behind the leaders that are making the decisions for the people and not for themselves. So, if that means changing your political views, do it.

If you can truly see and understand how a leader is doing their best to ensure their country and all its people are thriving and happy, they deserve the support from everyone.

If a leader is only looking after certain races, financial groups, or genders, then steer away. If their values no longer align with yours, stop supporting them blindly.

It is ok to change your mind – always remember that.



Times of India compiled a list of lockdown excuses that people honestly gave when requesting a day off. Here are just a few:

“My kids keep complaining that I am always on my phone and laptop. I will need a day to explain to them that work is important too and so I request to take the day off today.”

“Sucks that maids aren’t allowed and I have zero talent when it comes to cooking. Will need a day off to figure out through YouTube how to feed my family and me.”

“I spent the whole night binge-watching the latest series on Netflix and I don’t have any capacity to work through the day. Can I please call it an off today?”

While these were fine, relatable and acceptable during lockdown, we’re totally leaving them behind in 2020, where they belong!


Lack of Inspiration

Aluxers, do you remember that viral video of a Brazilian fitness instructor trying to rev everyone up, and then people added themselves to the video eating chips, and biscuits. Heck, it was funny AF, but instead of being the comedian, in 2021 we’re going to be that fitness instructor!

Find your inspiration. It’s still there, we promise. It’s just hidden away, pretty damn well. Once you find it, it’s yours to run with. Do what you’ve put off. Achieve what you’ve always to and start finding your way back onto the path of success and happiness!


Aluxers, what are you leaving behind in 2020? Let us know in the comments below.

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