15 Things Every Modern Home Needs

19 November 2020

Managing a Modern Home Is Creative Business. Here Are Some Simple Ideas to Help You Get It Right.

2020 has turned modern homes into our offices, schools, hang-outs, restaurants and bars whether we like it or not. There is no denying that we have had to shift the way we spend time in our homes. For those who visited their pad occasionally to do some laundry and catch a few Z’s it’s quite a culture shock being “locked down” in your own space all day and night. And for those who spent 9 to 5 in a controlled office space, having to contend with home wi-fi, noisy neighbours, and home-schooling kids, it’s an adjustment to find a space where you can be productive.

No matter how you feel about it, now that you are home, we’re sure you’ve probably realised it’s time for some upgrades.

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With that in place, let’s get going to the first item of today’s article.


House Plants

Forget those plastic fantastic house plants that require dusting. It’s time to add a little green to your space and bring in some fresh air too. Nothing screams stylish and modern like adorning your home with houseplants.

We don’t want to hear your excuses about not having a green thumb. Most houseplants require only a little attention; in fact most of them thrive on the “treat em mean, keep em keen” level of care and don’t like being fussed.

House plants aren’t going out of fashion anytime soon, so feel free to invest.


Ambient Lighting

Great lighting makes a house a home. You don’t have to rewire the entire place and replace every light fitting if you don’t want to. Just adding some dimmer switches, or some well-placed lamps can create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere at the flick of a switch.

And let’s be honest, no one looks attractive in fluorescent stadium lighting!



You don’t have to invest in a masterpiece or have a PhD in art history to own some art.  Adding art to your home adds depth to your walls, points of interest and expresses your style. Looking at art is also known to relax the mind, and that’s whether you understand it or not!

If you’re not an aficionado don’t be intimidated by art-speak, just choose pieces that speak to you, that remind you of a personal experience, revelation or are just something you enjoy looking at.

It really doesn’t have to be more than that. Plus, you might not know it, but you might have just bought a piece by the next Picasso and it could value in time.

Nobody’s born with an artsy side. You can begin understanding right now. Here’s “What’s happening to ART in the age of the internet“. 



By now you’re probably thinking that this isn’t a very modern list, but that’s just it, having a modern home doesn’t mean that you have to fill it with endless tech gadgets. Modern just means that it is functional and uncluttered.

A great way to add warmth and style to any modern home is by adding wooden touches. It could be a great piece of statement furniture like a dining room table. Or as low-key as a classy solid wood cutting board and a towel rail. Use natural wood to boost your mood and the vibe in your modern home.


A Favorite Spot

We all need a cocoon sometimes, a place that speaks to who we are that we can creep to when we need a minute. Having a favourite spot like this within your house gives you a getaway without leaving home.

Find your favourite space in the house and equip it with what you need to become a sanctuary. Create a reading nook near a dreamy window by adding a cosy chair, a warm lamp and some throws nearby. Or create a kitchen of your dreams if cooking is your passion.

Reflect your passions in the space and it will feel like a mini-vacation every time you visit it.


A Style Direction

Decorating your house is something that is best done with an end goal in mind.

Very few people just start adding a few things they bring home from the store each time they go and end up with a cohesive style. More often than not it looks like a charity shop mixed with an Ikea promotion’s display.

To create a stylish modern home, work out your aesthetic. Are you going Brooklyn boho chic or Ultra-modern minimalist? A little browse of mood boards on Pinterest might help you tie-down a look and then work towards acquiring it with the right paint pallet, furnishings, and a few signature decorative pieces.


Quality of Life Tech

We can’t have a modern house without a decent helping of tech. But tech for tech’s sake just becomes a burden. Stick to the principals of modern living and keep it functional and well designed.

It might not the be right time to make major investments or rip up existing security or electrical fittings right now. But next time you’re changing fixtures consider the smart options that are available to you. Just don’t be suckered into everything that’s smart just because you can. Rather ask yourself if it truly makes your life easier, or is it just different? The truth is that it’s not always easier or necessary to control every device in your home remotely through your cell phone, leave some things for IRL.



Thanks to lock-down we have never spent so much time at home as now. So, it’s as good a time as any to start looking at your home entertainment. We don’t mean surround sound and cinema size screens, but rather how you and your guests can be entertained at your home.

If you have a passion for wine, then perhaps adding a wine bar that you can hang at, or a gaming corner is more suited to your interests. Adding a game’s area or a games room is a fun way to get your guests involved in a little friendly rivalry over a round of darts or a game of Cluedo.

If hosting is your thing, check out our video: 15 Ways To Be The Perfect Host, the ALUXER Way


Clever Storage

Somewhere in the DNA of mankind is the need to neatly store things. There is a direct connection from the brain to trigger happy hormones the moment we complete a sorting project and slide the neatly packed drawer closed.

Marie Kondo’s rise to global fame is proof enough that if someone can become a household name for teaching us how to create a sort out clutter then we have a real lust for order. And nothing promotes order like clever storage.

Designing a few drawers into the steps in your staircase or adding a foldaway shoe rack are basically modern-day porn.

If you look around your house with an eye to create a space for everything to go, you will soon see places where smart storage solutions could de-clutter your home and organise your life better.


Good Knives

Nothing enhances your cooking experience like a great set of kitchen knives. You can buy cheap knives many times in your life and regret it every time, or you can buy a premium set of knives once and let cooking be a pleasure.

For most people, cooking is an everyday occurrence, so buying a great set of knives isn’t only functional, but practical. If until now you have always hated cooking, then perhaps you need to try it with the right equipment and you might change your mind.

Most chefs will tell you that the most important tool in the kitchen is a good knife.


A Few Great Bottles of Booze

Even if you’re only a social drinker, it’s always nice to have a few decent bottles stored away for when an unexpected guest shows up, or to toast a special occasion. Having a few signature drinks on hand also oozes style and sophistication, just be sure you have the glassware and some bar accessories to follow suite.


Fresh Greens

It has never been easier to grow your own greens. There are a million modern all-in-gadgets or build your own tutorials to help you get growing no matter how small your home is. You can choose from simple micro greens to indoor container growing, a balcony garden or add fish and have an aquaponics set-up.

If 2020 has taught us nothing else, it’s the importance of being healthy and self-sufficient. So, skip the queue at the greengrocer and get growing your own power packed veggies.


An Airfryer and a Crock Pot

As much as counter top appliances can create kitchen clutter, with these two devices you can basically take over the world. They allow you to cook efficiently, prepare bulk meals and cut out the bad fats without having to compromise on flavour.

Many come with timing switches so you can arrive home to a warm meal, meaning home cooked meals become virtually hands free! They are the perfect companion to modern living.


Recycling Solutions

No matter where you stand on climate change you can’t ignore the fact that none of us want to be knee deep in rubbish in the near future. To avoid this, we all need to adopt some form of recycling to better manage our waste.

If you’re lucky enough to live in one of a handful or countries where this just means bagging recyclables and putting them on the curb, then you’re lucky. But for many this means some serious sorting and failing to have a good system will lead to you just binning recyclable items with your regular trash.

The good thing about this is it gives you an excuse to go to the storage store to get yourself some nice containers, or separating bins or perhaps you can up-cycle something you already have to do the job. Then find out what your local recycling depots can take and how they need it sorted, and you’ll know how to label your receptacles to get recycling.


A Pet

Nothing makes a house a home like pets. They bring a happy presence that you come home to, and a feeling of company even when you are alone. Obviously, we would always encourage you to choose a pet that suits your space and your lifestyle, but even a simple fish tank can be a great feature to modern living.


What is something in your home that you could never live without?