What’s happening to ART in the age of the internet

16 December 2019

How Art is Changing With The rise of Internet and Social Media!


Hello and welcome to another exciting article Aluxers, we are sure that many of you love art and try to appreciate and consume it in your daily life in different ways. So in today’s article we are trying to explore how art is changing with the rise of internet and social media, and try to explore the opportunities this new age artistic landscape brings to all of us.


If you are one of those Aluxers who would rather watch visuals over texts, here’s the whole article for you in a form of a video:

With that out of the way, let’s discuss what’s exactly happening to Art in this age of the Internet:


Aluxers, do you remember the last time you walked into a museum or an art exhibition? Well we are sure that in the age of social media and google has not just changed our definition of art but also the way we consume it.

Unlike the timeless renowned artists like Pablo Picasso or Michalengelo, most of the artists today have their own Instagram pages, and have embraced the technology not just to monetize their art but also to create it.

It is not only the tools, techniques and materials in the making of an artistic object that have changed with the advent of technology but also the way we create, experience and consume art that has changed with the rise of internet.

In 2018, the online art market was valued at 4.64 Billion USD, and it is estimated that by 2024, the worldwide internet art market will be worth 9.32 Billion USD. With those figures on the table, one can guess that in the age of the internet art objects have become digitally informed social object, and not just the artists but all of us are part of this new age art movement.

So let us take a closer look  at this new global phenomenon-

Internet Art

Never heard the term before? No worries Aluxers, we have got you covered. By this time you must have got a hint that the internet has changed the way we see, buy, exchange or advertise the art objects, but do you know that it has also created a new art form- net art.The memes you enjoy on your instagram apps, the captchas and tumblr GIFs you create are all part of the internet art.

The term net art refers to art objects like sculptors, paintings, designs and other interactive experiences that are spread using the internet. The art as we know worldwide is an expression of life typically in a visual form like a painting, a photograph or a sculpture or carving, artists have always been famous for depicting the global phenomenon and the peculiarities of the period or place they live in through their art.

At present, we are living in the most exciting times in a post internet world and no wonder the new age artists are embracing the same technology and depicting it in every way possible through their art forms. 

Now let us try to understand who these artists are and what are they trying to do in their pursuit of internet art-

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Artists In The Internet Era

As we mentioned earlier there are numerous artists worldwide who are using the internet as a medium for conveying their art, and all of them are doing some path breaking work, but there is one artist who has literally transformed the internet into his own art gallery.

Well like his fellow internet artists, Rafaël[RAFA-AEL] Rozendaal truly believes that internet is his stage and loves the idea of owning his art while simultaneously sharing and monetizing it online.

Rafaël has created numerous art object in the form of domains on the internet and has also been successful in selling them by selling and renaming the domain title after the collector’s name with a condition of keeping it public. One of his famous internet art forms is a jello which can be moved in any direction just by click of a mouse, amusing right?

Well Aluxers, you would also be amazed to know that just like the art the way of exhibiting it has also changed with the internet era. Many artists in europe participate in BYOB exhibits which stands for Bring Your Own Beamer, in these exhibits, the artists bring their own digital screens or projectors and display their art, out on the streets or walls of buildings.

Even Google street view has been used by these new age artists as a medium to showcase their art. Moving forward in the post internet art, artists like Shezad Dawood are also using virtual reality as a medium to present their art forms. Shezad has created a virtual reality(VR) installation of a west Bengali town Kalimpong situated amidst the himalayan mountains.

This VR installation has been featured in various art galleries around the world and is a classic example of creating the human and digital interaction through art object. 

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Artist, Their Art and Social Media

All of us use social media to connect with people related to our field, and promote our work, and artists are no exception for this. Well in age of instagram, we all think we are artists, but we know you Aluxers are smart enough to figure out the difference between a professional and a rookie.

Apart from Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest there are also several social media sites like DeviantArt which are dedicated for artists and enthusiasts, so that they can create their portfolios, share their work and develop their community online.

These sites are helping blooming artists to stay connected to the latest trends and advancements in the field of art and also get inspired by the established professionals. Many of these sites also offer courses for beginners and enthusiasts to hone their multimedia and graphics skills.

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Copyrights for Internet Art

The biggest threat for an artist is always the infringement of his copyright, and in the world of internet and other digital devices, this threat becomes even more obvious. There are numerous websites which sell replicas, morphed forms of famous paintings and other art objects online and the naive consumers fall prey to these traps.

Now even though individual artist cannot stop such black market art sales they can definitely make sure that their art even though in digital form is copyrighted and protected by the laws of their land.

Majority of the countries have electronic copyright registration sites where artists can register their art work online, even though the artists are not allowed to copyright their style, they are allowed to copyright a number of artworks under their unique style. This helps them to safeguard their art from imitations, replication and recreation on mass scale.

It is in the purview of artist to decide which of his art works needs to be copyrighted, since not all art work have the same value or are easily replicable. So Aluxers, the next time you google search a Mona Lisa we are sure you will be wise enough to understand that out of those multiple paintings that pop up on your screen none of them is the original painting from the Louvre Museum.

Challenges and Threats

In today’s world with the rise of technology, smartphones and social media applications like Instagram, the boundaries between the professional artists and hobbyists are increasingly thinning. We are sure Aluxers, many of you must be using graphics software like CAD and photoshop at work or in your personal life for modifying or recreating your own work or someone else’s work.

Today many of the professional artists do use photoshop, sculptors do use modelling software, now all though these technological advancements are aiding both the professionals and hobbyists in their pursuit of art, they are definitely changing the perception of an educated viewer.

Many artists constantly fear of their art being replicated, morphed, diminished and sold online. Even though there are countries with strict copyright laws and theft of art objects, that protect the originality of the creators, threat of misuse cannot be neglected.

Artists today also face a unique challenge of monitoring the usage of smartphones and other advanced devices at their exhibits to protect their authenticity without compromising on the  publicity and overall experience for the audience.


Experiencing or possessing creative art objects has always traditionally been perceived as a privilege for the super rich, but the medium of the internet has made it accessible for everyone without any divide. Now, given the fact that the artists are taking efforts of adopting to technology while preserving their skillful art forms in the age of instant gratification, it is also our responsibility to value their efforts as viewers or buyers.

We understand that not all of us are in a position or willing to pay a handsome amount for a fine piece of painting or sculpture, but we do have a responsibility to appreciate it by becoming a conscious viewer.


We would like to know Aluxers, what you think about the art and the artists in today’s world? Are you one of those interesting people who practice or aspire to practice art for a living? Also do you believe that the entire way of experiencing art has diminished in today’s internet friendly world or are you overwhelmed with the digital landscape?