10 Things That Really Go Through A Woman’s Head While PMSing

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10 Things That Really Go Through A Woman’s Head While PMSing

Listen very carefully to this because today we’re going to learn something very crucial: 10 things that go through a woman’s head while PMSing.

Ok, we’re stepping into the danger zone now. It may seem that this article is all about women, but in fact, it’s all about men. Guys, if you care about your lives, you should definitely take a piece of paper and write these down.

If you think living with a woman is hard, you should try living with a woman when she’s PMSing. But I’m sure most of the guys know exactly what I’m talking about here.

Yeah, so basically we can go from lovey-dovey to sadistic demons in nearly 0.5 seconds and you’ll not always understand why…neither will us. Anyway, here’s how it goes:


There is good news though, guys. Chocolate may be the solution to all your problems and it will get you out of trouble most of the times with your woman when she’s on her period.

You have no idea the relationship a woman has with chocolate, actually food in general, when she’s PMSing. Trust my words, that’s a really powerful bond and it all comes down to this: if we could, we’d live in the fridge for a week.

And in order to make you better understand what food means to a woman having her period, let me tell you a silly true story that happened to me.

This is a story of how I realized my boyfriend is my soulmate. No, he didn’t buy me a dozen of flowers or jewelry, nor did he wrote me a love declaration or whatever else you think would make a woman happy. So I was PMSing, complaining and being freaking weird as always and he turned to me and said: “Whatever, if I don’t bring you a pizza with extra topping of McDonald’s and KFC now, I’ve got nothing.”

Now, that’s love. So next time your woman’s PMSing, don’t get her flowers unless they’re comestible.

10 Things That Really Go Through a Woman's Head While PMSing | Image Source: http://girltalk.blogs.com/
10 Things That Really Go Through a Woman’s Head While PMSing | Image Source: http://girltalk.blogs.com/
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