15 Things You Didn’t Know About Rolex

17 May 2015

These are the 15 things you didn’t know about Rolex

As any person can say, Rolex made quite an impression on a global level, and it built for itself an undisputed image, but I bet that there are some things you didn’t know about Rolex.

If you are looking for a durable timepiece, than this is the perfect watch that money can buy. Rolex invested tons of money an precious time into creating not just only a watch, but a piece of art.

The company is well known for its privacy but there are some things that not even collectors might not know, and that is what we are trying to bring to you today.

When Rolex was founded, Hans Wilsdorf first concentrated on the quality of the movements, and his quest for precision led him to a big success.

1.Rolex first started in London

Not many people know that Rolex first started in London in 1905 as a watch assembler. At the beginning of this exquisite brand they used to import Swiss watches parts, and assembled them into English watch cases. Because Britain was having to much taxes, they closed their British Office in 1919 and moved back to Switzerland.

Things you didn’t know about Rolex

2.The most expensive Rolex watch

The most expensive Rolex watch in the World was built in 1942, and it was sold for $1.176 million. Only 12 were ever made, and according to researchers only 8 survived the oppression of time.

Things you didn’t know about Rolex

3.Every Rolex watch is hand-made

Resisting on a competitive market is really hard, you really need to step up your game, and Rolex understood that from the beginning. Every watch is hand crafted with a lot of attention and the results are as you’ve probably seen.

Things you didn’t know about Rolex


4.Rolex and the murder case

After a business man got murdered, the killer forgot to take his Rolex off and dumped the body in a river. When the police found the body after two weeks, the only way that police was able to identify the body was after his Rolex, that was still working.

Things you didn’t know about Rolex

5.The watches used for diving are individually tested

All watches used for diving are tested in a pressurized tank and only one in a thousand watches occasionally fail the test.

Things you didn’t know about Rolex

6.How long it takes to make a Rolex watch?

We are glad to answer that question for you, and you will be amazed to found out that it takes almost a year. Because of that, they only make 1 million watches per year and they are very serious when it comes to quality and efficiency.

Things you didn’t know about Rolex

7.How to identify a fake Rolex ?

You probably think that if you have to identify a fake Rolex you need to have a diploma in making watches or something like that, but no, actually is quite simple. All you need is to look at the second hand and if it gracefully sweeps then it is most certainly real. Even strippers are trained to do that!

Things you didn’t know about Rolex

8.Rolex during WWII

In the WWII, most of the Britain’s Royal Air Force officers preferred Rolex, and when they were captured by the Nazis, they would took their watches. Because of that, the Rolex watch became an instant status symbol for the British Air Force.

Things you didn’t know about Rolex

9.In the 1980s Rolex watches start being really expensive

The eighties was the birth of a new era, and people started to spend money on nice and shiny things. When they started to buy Rolex watches they realized its value and the demand alongside the price exploded over night.

Things you didn’t know about Rolex

10.What “Rolex” stands for?

Actually there is no fancy explication behind the name of this watch. This name was chosen because it was short and it was looking good on a watch and it was also easy to pronounce it in any language.

Things you didn’t know about Rolex

11.Rolex has an army of gemologists

Rolex has an entire department for buying, testing and putting shiny diamonds on watches. They use x-ray to be ensured that the diamonds are not fake. Rolex reports that in the last years of testing diamonds only 2 in 20 million have been fake.

Things you didn’t know about Rolex

12.A Rolex into the Mariana Trench

When Jacques Piccard begun his amazing journey, he took with him a Rolex watch and it survived under 11.000 feet, and kept perfect time. Now that is a real test of durability!

Things you didn’t know about Rolex

13.First watch with two time zones

Rolex was the first watch with two time zones and it was created for the Pan Am pilots who needed it for keeping track with Greenwich Mean Time on a long transatlantic flight.

Things you didn’t know about Rolex

14.Rolex donates all of its profit

Hans Wilsdorf became orphan at the age of 12. He later began working for a watch exporter and then founded Rolex. Because of his sad experience he and his wife donated all of their profits to charities and orphanages.

Things you didn’t know about Rolex

15.The least expensive Rolex

Everybody was curious to know what is the most expensive Rolex and we answered that question for you, but no one appears to ask what is the least expensive Rolex? Well, now we have to answer that question too. It is the Rolex Air-King, it cost $3,000 and it is loved by the people for its simplicity.

Things you didn’t know about Rolex

This concludes our 15 things you didn’t know about Rolex article, and I hope you enjoyed it!

So, what is your favorite watch brand and why do you think that is better than Rolex? For more opinions leave them in the comment section below!