What is the “cleanest” country in the world?

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Which country is the most corruption free according to Transparency International?

We have discussed about the twenty most corrupt countries in this article. Now, let’s bring up the good news with this list of most corruption free countries.

Living in a corruption free country leads into many great things for the people of the following countries. You will notice that most of them are also ranked high in terms of life expectancy.

Spoiler alert: seven out of these ten countries are in Europe. It is only logical to say that Europe is the most corruption free continent in the world.

What about the other three? Which continent do they represent? Let’s take a look at the full list of Alux’s top 10 corruption free countries. The CPI (corruption perception index) score ranges from 0 to 100, where 0 means very corrupt.

10. United Kingdom (tied with Germany and Luxembourg)

Top 10 Corruption Free Countries | #10 United Kingdom (tied with Germany and Luxembourg)
Top 10 Corruption Free Countries | #10 United Kingdom (tied with Germany and Luxembourg) | source: today.com

We start our list with the country of the hottest royal couple, United Kingdom. According to Transparency International, United Kingdom scored 81 in CPI (corruption perception index) in 2015. They are tie with Germany and Luxembourg with the same score.

Among the three tenth rankers, United Kingdom shows the best improvement in terms of CPI. In 2012, the score was 74. It kept rising on the following years with 76 and 78 score consecutively.

Being on the top 10 of the most corruption free countries doesn’t mean it is free of corruption. From time to time, there have been some political scandals found in the United Kingdom.

The local press calls it “sleaze”. These so-called sleazes were conducted by a few individuals, not the system. And the country managed to fight them relatively well.

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