15 Unfair Advantages Attractive People Have

2 June 2021

If You Are Attractive, You Must Get a Lot of Unfair Advantages from People around You. Here’s a List of Some of Them.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We call BS. It is scientifically proven that attractive people are more successful in life, and today we’re going to unpackage 15 Unfair Advantages Attractive People Have.

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Physically Attractive People Are More Employable

It’s a reality Aluxers, that beautiful people are hired more often than unattractive people.

And yes, it’s the biggest of all unfair advantages if you’re not in the “pretty” box, but good-looking people are an asset to a company. They enhance the company’s image and make the company look good.

There are major biases during the hiring process, and it’s called “lookism.”

Harvard Business Review adds, “Physically attractive individuals are more likely to be interviewed for jobs and hired, they are more likely to advance rapidly in their careers through frequent promotions, and they earn higher wages than unattractive individuals.”


Beautiful People Are Happier

We’re not saying being beautiful doesn’t come with challenges, because there are. People are often jealous of you or want to be your friend with the hope of possibly sleeping with you. People also don’t believe you worked hard for anything, and you got given everything on a silver platter because… you’re beautiful.

Economists at The University of Texas at Austin provided research on whether beautiful people were indeed happier, and these are their findings: “Good-looking people are generally happier than their plain looking or unattractive counterparts, largely because of the higher salaries, other economic benefits and more successful spouses that come with beauty.”

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Whether you are attractive or not, if you want to know how to lead a happy life, check out 15 Rules to Live a Happy Life. 


They’re More Confident

The American Psychological Association studied the link between attractive people and their perceived ability to have better personality and mental abilities. Their findings revealed: “the correlational literature indicated generally trivial relationships between physical attractiveness and measures of personality and mental ability.”

However, Aluxers, they do add that “good-looking people were less lonely, less socially anxious, more popular, more socially skilled, and more sexually experienced than unattractive people.”

Forbes brings forward another angle in that by the time cute children become good-looking adults, their confidence levels are so high thanks to years of bias based on their looks.


Physically Attractive People Are Perceived to Be Better at Their Jobs

Again, whether they truly are as pointed out previously by the American Psychological Association or not, is not of importance because the perception is that attractive people are better at their jobs.

It’s also easier for attractive people to get out of trouble if they’ve f*cked up. People find it easier to forgive them and help them get out of a crisis, because there’s nothing like the thankful smile of a beautiful person to make you feel all warm and fuzzy.


Attractive People Are Perceived to Be More Honest and Trustworthy

A study done by Rice University found that people are more trusting of good-looking strangers.  Professor of psychology and statistics, Rick Wilson, said, “We found that attractive subjects gain a ‘beauty premium’ in that they are trusted at higher rates, but we also found a ‘beauty penalty’ when attractive people do not live up to expectations,”

When people are attractive, we tend to attribute other positive aspects to them and this phenomenon has a special name, which we’ll share with you next.


The Halo Effect

Aluxers, have you ever heard of the “halo effect”?

To explain it with our current topic, if you meet someone who is beautiful, then you imagine that other parts of that person are beautiful too. They’re believed to be neat and tidy, clean, funny, kind and all the “beautiful things you can think of.

As seen by our previous example, attractive people are deemed more trustworthy… now we are well aware that this isn’t true.

For example, there’s Sarah Seawright AKA ‘Prison bae’. There’s Jeremy Meeks AKA ‘hot felon,’ and we can’t forget Meagan Mccullough, the face behind the “Attractive convict” meme.

15 Unfair Advantages Attractive People Have

15 Unfair Advantages Attractive People Have

15 Unfair Advantages Attractive People Have


Scientists Believe Pretty People Are Smarter

Science Direct conducted research to ascertain whether attractive people are smarter than their not so attractive counter parts. They wanted to see if this perception was just bias creeping in or if there was truth in the stereotype.

Their findings may surprise you: “In the United Kingdom, attractive children are more intelligent by 12.4 IQ points.” They sum it up to confirm that on average, handsome male children score 13.6 IQ points higher, and beautiful female children score 11.4 IQ points higher.

Good looking children are also more fussed upon and encouraged in classroom environments, and it’s easier for them to take risks and fail than it is for unattractive children to do the same. And Aluxers, that is one of the most massively unfair advantages.


Beauty and Politics Go Hand In Hand

Studies done by Dr. Sebastian Jäckle from the University of Freiburg’s Department of Political Science and his colleague Thomas Metz, affirm that being attractive can help in politics.

They do add though, that it may be an initial response, but candidates deemed more capable can still succeed over their attractive competition.

They released the results of their first study in 2017 which said, “an individual who is rated as more attractive than their immediate local competitor by all the participants in the study can gain an advantage of 3.8 percentage points.”


Attractive People Are More Likely to Get a Loan

There’s a book written by Daniel Hamermesh called Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful, where he delves into this exact topic.

Besides discussing in depth what we’ve already spoken about, he also adds that attractive people are more likely to get a loan, according to Psychology Today.

He mentions a study that concluded that better looking people applying for loans were more likely to be successful than those that weren’t first in line in the looks department. Ironically, he adds that they were the ones more likely to abscond on repayments.

He concluded that loans are granted for … “the pleasure of dealing with good-looking borrowers.”


They Earn More Money

But, how much more?

Smithsonian Magazine also reflected on the words of Hamermesh and spoke about the wage gap between attractive people and the not so attractive.

They said that attractive men earned on average 13% more than unattractive men. It further adds that attractive women don’t always out-earn their less attractive counterparts but make up for it by marrying into a wealthier family dynamic.

In real-estate, good looking agents make far more money than not so good-looking ones, according to Business Insider, which is one of the biggest unfair advantages.

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Height and Weight Also Influence Earning Potential

As if dealing with just attractiveness wasn’t enough, Aluxers, now we have to add height and weight into the mix.

If you’re a man, being a little hefty is better for your earnings but that doesn’t apply to being a woman. Being a hefty woman is not going to earn you more money, instead it’s the skinny factor that’s important.

And Aluxers, please note – we do not endorse this – we are simply putting forward the scientific findings.

A study in the Journal of Applied Psychology further confirmed that tall people earned more money.


Attractive Women Perform Better Academically

Rey Hernández-Julián and Christina Peters* wrote a paper called STUDENT APPEARANCE AND ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE for the Metropolitan State University of Denver.

There they shared their research done in 2015 whereby they analysed 77,067 ID photos of University students.

Students were rated on their level of attractiveness according to volunteers.

The women deemed more attractive had higher grades on average. Interesting to note, this didn’t extend to the male students.


Good-Looking CEOs Bring Better Stock Returns for Their Companies

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Joseph T. Halford and Hung-Chia Hsu, set out to discover if better looking CEOs had a link to shareholder value.

Their findings confirmed that “stock prices rose higher for businesses with attractive CEOs after positive news about the company aired on TV,” according to Business Insider.

The pair studied the faces of over 600 CEOs and as quoted in their paper, BEAUTY IS WEALTH: CEO APPEARANCE AND SHAREHOLDER VALUE, “the findings thus far reveal positive and significant relation between CEO attractiveness on shareholder value around their job announcement.”


Attractive Teachers Have Better Success with Their Students

Aluxers, we’ve all had that teacher that we crushed on so badly, and we would have worked so hard to ensure that teacher took notice of us, or praised us…

These good-looking teachers are a positive influence on their students. For starters, you can’t help but look at their beautiful faces, so you’re not so easily distracted. And then of course, you’re just going to want to excel so you can hear their magic words, “well done, I’m so proud of you.”

The Wall Street Journal confirmed that “Yes, Students Do Learn More From Attractive Teachers.”


The “S*x Factor” Helps Attractive People Go Further in Many Fields

The sex factor is the last of our unfair advantages. In an article written by Professor Dario Maestripieri from the University of Chicago, titled ‘The truth about why beautiful people are more successful’ believes it all comes down to s*x.

His argument is that beautiful people will always go further in life because everyone they potentially meet would work at fostering the relationship in the hope that they might sleep with them.

You may or may not agree with him but what is undeniable is that beautiful people certainly have unfair advantages.


Aluxers, do you agree with the research brought forward by Professor Dario Maestripieri? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this.