How to Watch MotoGP Exclusively Like a Sir

26 April 2016

9. Rent a Sport Car to Drive Around with Style

How to Watch MotoGP Like a Sir Rent a Sport Car
How to Watch MotoGP Like a Sir: Valentino Rossi Driving a Ferrari Sport Car | source: inautonews.com

The best way to embody the spirit of MotoGP race is to drive a fast vehicle. Travel to the city where you watch MotoGP with your sport car. If you don’t own any, just rent your favorite.

After arriving days early, you have time to explore the town. Isn’t it great to drive around with a sport car? If you can’t drive, you can always hire a driver.

Don’t know any sport cars? Take a look at this article to give you an idea: Luxurious Cars Owned by Celebrities

The MotoGP riders are known for their love for fast cars too. As you can see on the picture, Valentino Rossi was seen driving his Ferrari in Monza, Italy.

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