You Won’t Believe the 10 Weird Forbidden Things around the World!

7 June 2015

10 Weird Forbidden Things around the World

What weird forbidden things around the world you know? We know 10 of them and we are here to present it to you!

Certain countries do not allow under any circumstances the laws to be broken. But to be honest some of those laws are stupid and pointless to the point of being total absurd, like how in some countries video games are forbidden.

Like picture this: you go visit China per example and you find out they have stupid rules you cannot agree on but still you decide to give another chance.

Let’s say is a Saturday night and you want to go out, meet some new people find more about the place and so on, when suddenly you find out that they don’t sell the thing you love: movies with time travel per example.

What do you do? Leave the country? No. You have to obey their rules and live with it, the same happens with the people living in those countries, they can’t leave their home so have to obey.

How can you have a child and you can’t name your child as you want, you have to choose a name from the 24,000 names approved by the government, like who can tell me how to name my own child?

Let’s see the weirdest forbidden things around the world and make an opinion about the country itself and about the people living there.

10. Ketchup in France

You all know that red sauce that makes your sandwich taste so yummy? Well, France people don’t know, because apparently this common thing is banned out there and the French people don’t know the taste of it. But how about the French fries?

Because French people used to put ketchup and everything, they considered that the original taste is lost and that’s how the law against ketchup was born.

But there is one exception for that stupid rule; the students are allowed to get ketchup if they order French fries. Because what are French fries without the ketchup?

10 Weird Forbidden Things around the World
10 Weird Forbidden Things around the World

That’s probably the best thing forbidden –>
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