10 Reasons Why Men Dislike Relationships

28 June 2015

10 Reasons Why Men Dislike Relationships

These are the reasons why men dislike relationships!

Every woman wants to have her own superhero. That someone who will always be there to protect and support her.

For example, a powerful woman is only powerful if she has a strong man with her. And when I say strong I don’t mean physically, but intellectually.

I believe that the secret of being influential is having a man who loves you next to you. Together you can bring down any problems that might come in your way.

But what do you do when the man you need isn’t supporting you, and all he does is making up excuses?

What does that mean? It can mean that he isn’t looking for a serious relationship, hell he isn’t looking for any relationship. It means that he isn’t boyfriend material.

But why he keeps making up excuses? Have you ever stopped and think that maybe, maybe he hates relationships?

Here are 10 reasons why men don’t want relationships!

10th –No More Time Alone

Usually that’s a good thing for someone who is in a relationship. It means ‘forever alone no more’.

We are looking for someone to share the good and the bad things with. Someone who will support us and love us no matter what. The way I see a relationship is simple, you share the free time you have, with someone, which in the end means that you won’t die alone and be forgotten.

What men who hate relationships don’t get is that spending time with the one you love can benefit everyone. But eventually means you will not be spending your free time alone and be miserable.

10 Reasons Why Men Dislike Relationships
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