15 Signs You’re Winning in Life

25 July 2021

Sometimes You Don’t Realize How Much You’ve Achieved in Life. Here Are a Few Signs to Help You See That.

What does your dream life feel like and how do you know when you got there? By the end of this piece you’ll have a clear indication of you’re winning at the game of life!

Hello Aluxers and welcome back to an exciting Sunday Motivational article where we’re figuring out how well you’re actually doing.

Get a pen and paper out and see how many of these you can check off. Be brutally honest with yourself for these will show you the way forward.

As usual, here is the video version of this article.

Here are 15 Signs You’re Winning in Life.


You’re Happy to Wake Up in the Morning and Start Your Day

You wake up rested and excited. You sleep well, you don’t feel tired, your body wakes up naturally and you actually feel blessed to wake up as yourself. It’s the quality of the sleep that tells you how well someone is doing in life.

When you’re winning, you wake up thrilled to be yourself!

You’re feeling like one of the people on those old tv commercials all smiles and sunshine. Your attitude towards what it feels like to wake up as yourself is your first signal on how well you’re doing in life; if you’re happy and excited to be you today, then keep doing what you’re doing.


When You Look Out the Window You Feel Blessed

Look where you live… look at how you live. This is the life you designed for yourself and it’s freaking exceptional. You’re loving every second of it. The view is breathtaking and you’ve always dreamed about getting to a point in your life where this is your reality.

Look at your home, at the abundance of comforts you have surrounded yourself with. You are a winner. 

Always spend a bit more to get the great view, it’s like a piece of art that’s meant to inspire you to dream even bigger!

For someone who’s got big dreams, the view is actually more important than the square meters a place has. Why? The first rule of real-estate is Location Location Location… and you’re located right where you’re supposed to be: At the top!


Your Body Is Not in Pain

How great does you body feel?! Mhhhmmm!! No pain, you can breathe easily, nothing hurts, you’re in your prime, you feel strong and your mind fires quickly!

The average person has hundreds of wishes, a sick man has only one!

This is one of those things that resonate with us long term.

We have wishes, we have desires of hitting bigger goals, but take a moment to appreciate that your body is fully functional and strong; that you’re not dealing with pain that you don’t know how to fix.


Your Future Is Predictably Positive

We love predictability. Most people hate it, because they dislike that’s about to happen to them, but not for you!

You can see into the future, you can see first hand your life gradually becoming better and better. Look at where you were last year and the year before that.. Crazy how life keeps improving this way!

There’s this unique moment in every successful person’t journey, be a it an elite athlete, a business man, or an artist, where for a few seconds time dilutes and they can see clearly what the future holds for them..

If you’re the one building it, you can see the future within your mind!

This is a future other people don’t see.. But you do! You see yourself winning the race… connecting the dots. You see the artwork before anyone else in the world can see it.

A very small sub-section of the population has this power… count yourself blessed if you can see the future.


You’ve Already Hit Some of Your Biggest Goals

Winning in life means crushing your goals, it’s that simple. Every time you crush a goal the world becomes more and more your playground. 

It’s the world giving you a sign of approval. 

Something weird happens when you manifest your goals into reality… you see it working and wonder: if I could do this… what else can I do? How far can I push this?

Successful people are successful because they’ve made success their mission, their objective. For them it’s personal, it doesn’t feel right living like someone else, they want to be themselves and let the world know who that is. It’s feeling hard to describe in words, it’s like a hunger, a thirst, a fire, a state of hyper-focus and drive that we can guarantee other people don’t have. 

It’s the sort of internal belief where that’s what you were meant to do and you’re willing to -metaphorically- die on the battlefield for. 

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You Feel Blessed When You Look at Your Partner

Can you believe you’ve been so lucky to have them as your partner? To wake up in the morning next to someone who genuinely loves you and would do anything in their power to make you happy and feel loved? 

Love is wealth!

And that’s why you’re winning at life,

The goal is to be wealthy beyond money!

Knowing that they have your back no matter what, inspires and motivates you to pursue your dream because you two dream together.

If you are a bit unsure about your partner and just need some reaffirmation, check out 15 Signs You Found the Love of Your Life.


You Don’t Feel the Need to Prove Yourself to Other People

Here’s the thing:

Those who got it, don’t need to prove they got it!

Because they didn’t get it for other people, they got it for themselves.

Here’s an interesting way to think about this: 

Trying to impress other people is like looking at yourself in a broken mirror and altering who you really are in order to make the reflection look good!

No matter how hard you try, you’re not gonna look good if someone else is a broken mirror, so stop.

It feels great to be who you are, that’s what got you here, so don’t trade that for anything else.


You Don’t Feel like You Need More Money

You know we had to talk about solving money!

You’re winning when money is no longer an emotional thing in life!

For you money is just numbers on a screen. You don’t need more money, yet money keeps coming your way. 

Like a snowball going down a hill, if you put in the work to make the initial one and set it in motion, it will just keep getting bigger and bigger with time.

You are not controlled by money, you don’t work for money, you’re just having fun challenging yourself and the market pays you for it.

Speaking of work


Your Work Is Mentally Stimulating You and You’re Loving It

Can you believe you get to do what you do for a living?! 

For you, it feels like play; you’d do this even if you wouldn’t be paid for it because you enjoy doing it. It keeps you engaged, you find it interesting and love throwing yourself in it.

Not only are you making a ton of money doing what you love, but your efforts actually have an impact. Here’s the thing about winning at life through work:

If you like what you do for a living, you’ll like yourself and have peace of mind!

If not, you’ll end up resenting yourself and reality because of it. We love what we do, we love engaging with you guys and we especially like it when you comment so that the algorithm knows the ALUX family is here to stay!


You Are More than the Old You Wanted to Be

A clear sign you’re winning at life is that your reality already exceeds your previous expectations!

You knew you had it in you, but honestly, you’re a bit shocked it worked out as great as it did.

The old you had some goals and dreams but failed to see the bigger picture. 

As you progress through your journey, more of yourself and who you are meant to be is revealed to you!

And that’s what happened.

Younger you would be really proud of who you have become!


The Life of Those around You Is Better Because You Exist

The better you are at what you do the farther the ripples of your impact reach.

What started out as a project to secure your future, now has become a source of prosperity for your team and even people beyond it. You are actually making a real impact!

You’ve made a difference and you’re not stopping anytime soon.

Because at the end of the day:

Who are we, if not the impact we have on the lives of others?

You are great already, your inner circle is taken care of, now it’s time to find ways to impact the community around you in an even greater fashion!


You Don’t See a Ceiling to What You Can Do in Life

You’ve become so successful because you understand a fundamental lesson mediocre people don’t:

The only ceiling in life is the one we set for ourselves!

And you’re living proof of that.

Everyone else decided to settle for mediocrity, but not you. You blew beyond expectations and soared to higher heights! You have no ceilings!

How high you go is just a matter of desire for you! There is no limit on your ability to expand!


You Don’t Worry about Basic Needs

Everything in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is taken care of! You have multiple options for food, shelter, security… in a single word: you are free.

You don’t have to worry about bills, about having enough money to pay for anything. These worries are beyond you. You don’t really need anything else material, because if you wanted it, you would’ve already got it, it’s not big deal to you.

Here’s something only people who get to this point understand:

It is only when your basic needs are covered people realise that life is about being more, not having more!

And you, my friend, have transcended into the “being more” phase!


The World, Your Peers and Friends Recognise Your Worth

At the very top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs lies self-actualization! 

This is the point in everyone’s personal journey when your reality reaches your potential. You have become who you were meant to become and the world has taken notice.

They see you… you feel like you matter! You are important to them, not because they need you, but because you inspire them to be more than they are. 

You know you made it, when children say they want to be you when they grow up!

What you choose to be beyond this, is in your hands!


You’re Having Fun

Life is meant to be fun, to be enjoyable and you’re experiencing it first hand. You’re blown away by the abundance that surrounds you, abundance of experiences, opportunities and thrills like has presented all of us with.

You can not be winning in life if you’re not having fun. What is the point of going through 80 years of existence and not make it be the best, happiest and fulfilling part?! We are all micro-organism living on a speck of dust in the grandeur of the universe, so have fun while you’re here, for this is all but a blink in time!


We want you to think about everything mentioned on this list and let us know: How many of the 15 signs can you confidently tick off? Write your answers in the comments!