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19 March 2014

1o Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas| Fine Living

I don’t know about you, but for me breakfast is a must. I cannot start my day without eating something before drinking my coffee.

And since eating meat in the morning might be quite heavy for your organism, let’s see 10 Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas.

Don’t get confused, I said vegetarian, not vegan, so the recipes include eggs and dairy, 2 key elements for a easy healthy breakfast.

It doesn’t matter if you are in a rush to go to work or to school, you should always make some time to enjoy an easy meal in the morning, to boost your day.

Try these Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas that take the minimum amount of time to be done and you are ready to go!


10 Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas | Fine Living

I have to be honest, this is my favourite breakfast in the world, this is how I start every morning and never get tired of it. You can add whatever fruits you want to a bowl of creamy Greek yoghurt, but my ultimate recipe is half of a chopped banana, muesli, a handful of different mixed nuts and raisins, and some cinnamon for an amazing taste. Delicious!


10 Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas | Fine Living

Oatmeal gives you great energy in the morning. Easy to prepare and delicious, this is one of the best recipes for a breakfast. Just add some milk, porridge oats, and put it all in the microwave! For extra taste you can add fruits, raisins, cinnamon or vanilla flavour.

Fruit salad

10 Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas | Fine Living

If you are not a fan of yoghurt, just chop all the fruits you have in the house and there you go, you have a delicious and fresh breakfast right here! Squeeze a slice of lemon to make it more tasty.


10 Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas | Fine Living

We can say parfait is a more luxurious version of yoghurt and fruits mixed all in a bowl because it’s all layered nicely in a glass, but there is more to it! For the ones who have a sweet-tooth you can add some chocolate pudding or vanilla yoghurt between the layers to make it more delicious.


10 Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas | Fine Living

Want something refreshing, healthy and easy to make? Milkshake is the answer. Add some milk, fruits – I personally use bananas – and blend it all together, simple as that! For a more meal-like feeling, add some oatmeal, muesli or nuts, and spice it up with some cinnamon. If you want a smoothie, the only difference is to replace the milk with yoghurt. Find delicious smoothie recipes here.

We’ve reached the middle of our 10 Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas and we’ve kept it really healthy with all these fruity recipes, so it’s time to get to the “real” food!

Scrambled Eggs/Omelette

10 Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas | Fine Living

I have to admit, very rarely I have the patience – and skills – to make a nicely perfect omelette, so scrambled eggs it is! And the best thing is you can add whatever you like. From mushrooms to spinach, onions, peppers, cheese, tomatoes, everything will taste amazing, I assure you! To make it more fluffy add just a bit of water or milk, and some spices for a great taste.

Baguette10 Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas | Fine Living

If you’ve had enough sandwiches in your life and want something delicious and easy to carry as a take-away, make a baguette! It’s just a bigger, tastier and crispier sandwich. You can add whatever you like, boiled eggs, cheese, tomatoes, cucumber and any other leafy vegetables such as lettuce, spinach or rocket.


10 Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas | Fine Living

Not a big fan of the crispy baguette? Well for that we have the wraps! You can put the same ingredients used for the baguette, wrap it up and you’re good to go!

Mini Pizzas

10 Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas | Fine Living

No, you are not going to bake a pizza at 8 in the morning, do not worry! Take a few slices of bread, toast them so they are nice and crispy and then just add some cherry tomatoes, olives, cheese or ricotta, and put it all in the microwave. If you have some extra time while you are getting dressed, add some olive oil and put them in the oven for a bit, instead of using the microwave.

Natural Pancakes

10 Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas | Fine Living

Who can say that this is not the most delicious breakfast ever? And it’s all 100% natural! Mix 2 eggs with a smashed banana and add some oatmeal to it, fry it up and they are done and healthy for you! Easy and tasty as that.

Do not forget, breakfast is only one step to having a perfect day, so find out more on how to have a great morning here!

These were our 10 Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas!

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