Meet Aston Martin HyperCar: AM-RB 001

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The new Aston Martin HyperCar is finally revealed. The wait is over. Or is it?

It has been years since Aston Martin announced its work on the upcoming super car. On July 5th this year, just a few days ago, they revealed the Aston Martin HyperCar coded AM-RB 001.

Spoiler alert, this super car is the collaborative work of the British luxury car manufacturer and a Formula 1 Racing Team. How cool is that?

Even though they just revealed the exterior in sight, the automotive world has enough reasons to gasp. It is not just about how the car looks, but it is also about its fantastic specifications.

The car’s designer himself shared this jaw-dropping information. And now, they are here on this list for you. Even if you are not an automotive fan, you will want to get your hands on this Aston Martin HyperCar. Well, let’s get to it and get ready to be amazed!

15. Designed by the Don of Formula 1 Car Designer

Meet Aston Martin HyperCar: AM-RB 001 | Designed by the Don of Formula 1 Car Designer
Meet Aston Martin HyperCar: AM-RB 001 | Designed by the Don of Formula 1 Car Designer (Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images for Red Bull Racing) | source:

All die-hard Formula 1 racing fans know who this British guy is. He is Adrian Newey. He has been working for Red Bull Racing as the Chief Technical Officer since 2006. His main job is to design a super Grand Prix car.

He has been dreaming about building a road car. And now he is on it! The AM-RB 001 is definitely going to be his masterpiece.

Newey first started designing a Formula 1 car with March/Leyton House in 1988. Then he moved to Williams in 1991. His career went on with McLaren in 1997. During that period of time, McLaren was arguably the fastest car of Grand Prix race track.

Newey tried to race himself. In 2007, he joined the 24 Hours of Le Mans race with AF Corse Ferrari team. Alongside his two co-drivers, he managed to finish fourth in class.

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