Best Fitness Workouts For Women

20 March 2014

Best Fitness Workouts For Women | Women’s Lifestyle

We’ve talked about healthy meals, steps to have a good day, but summer is coming, so what about The Best Fitness Workouts For Women?

Being healthy and fit is not always about dieting and eating just low-calories meals, it is also about working out and living a healthy lifestyle per total.

I know some of you may feel like sweating at the gym does not really fit in your busy schedules, but trust me, it’s worth it. And let’s be honest, that one hour you will spend – productively – at the gym you would’ve spend it watching TV or just surfing the internet anyway. And we want our bodies to be toned for the beach, don’t we?

And it’s refreshing! After a nice fitness session you will feel energized, confident and happy. It’s actually demonstrated that working out makes you happy!

So let’s not waste another second and let’s see what are the Best Fitness Workouts For Women!


Best Fitness Workouts For Women | Women's Lifestyle

Yoga it is not all about being Zen and that hippie connotation a lot of people give to it. This kind of workout makes your body lean and fit, without even feeling it! The slow but steady moves stretch your muscles and tone them nicely. There are many types of yoga that you can choose from, such as weight-loss yoga, muscle-toning, and of course, meditating and relaxing.


Best Fitness Workouts For Women | Women's Lifestyle

Pilates is one step further from yoga, the movements being more intense and more fitnessy, let’s say. Breathing is a really important part of pilates, improving your balance, coordination and core strength.


Best Fitness Workouts For Women | Women's Lifestyle

This is probably the most popular type of workout among women. And it’s completely fine! If you want to lose some weight, burn some calories and tone your body, then do not hesitate to get up that treadmill and go for or run, or just ride a bike, because they are both cardio workouts.

Group workouts

Best Fitness Workouts For Women | Women's Lifestyle

Personally, group workouts are my favourite type of workout. I just love them! They are energetic, fun, intense and you have a group trainer to push you hard and to make sure you are doing it right. Not only you get to make some new friends, but seeing other people maybe doing better than you, it’s inspiring, gives you strength and determination to push yourself harder and be the best!


Best Fitness Workouts For Women | Women's Lifestyle

Yes, women can lift weights too. And you probably know that, after seeing a lot of body-building amongst women. But we are not going so far! If you want to tone your body and be fit go take some weights and let’s get it going! Not too much though, we want our bodies to be femininely toned, not extremely muscular.


Best Fitness Workouts For Women | Women's Lifestyle

Boxing, kick-boxing, and all these manly-considered activities can be great for women too! It not only burns calories and tones your body, but it’s also fun! You can sign up for a couple of classes and see it for yourself. And it would be really empowering to know that you have some box training, right?

These are The Best Fitness Workouts For Women!

What do you think girls? It’s time to hit the gym I would say!

We hope you enjoyed our article and follow our tips to eating healthy and staying happy!