These are the 15 Best Gambling Cities in the World

22 December 2016

Where do gambling enthusiasts go to roll the dice? Here are the best gambling cities in the world.

Are you a gambling enthusiast? Alux gives you a helping hand with this top-fifteen list of best gambling cities in the world.

For those who love to take risks and put huge amount of money at stake, gambling getaway is the finest type of vacation. And these gambling cities have more to offer than just casinos. So, your family will have other interesting activities to do while you spend entire days at blackjack or roulette table.

The criteria of best city to go to when it comes to gamble depend on the gamblers’ preference. For some, legality is a major issue. But for others, doing it illegally just adds more excitement to it. In the other hand, some gamblers prefer a city that never sleeps which offers them full nightlife entertainment. But for some others, a quiet luxurious resort is the best.

Regardless, these fifteen cities do not just attract people to gamble, but also successfully persuade them to put their bet again, and again, and again. And the country’s annual gambling losses statistic is the legitimate proof.

So, without further ado, let’s start the countdown. Hit me!

15. Monte Carlo, Monaco

These are the 15 Best Gambling Cities in the World | #15. Monte Carlo, Monaco
These are the 15 Best Gambling Cities in the World | #15. Monte Carlo, Monaco | source: montecarlosbm.com

Monaco is the land of rich and famous. Gambling has been one of Monaco’s sources of economy since 1856. After many struggles in regulation, Le Grand Casino de Monte Carlo or Monte Carlo casino was finally opened in 1858.

This casino is the famous James Bond‘s Casino Royale both in the book and the movies. Besides that, it has been used for several movies set such as Ocean’s Twelve and In Time.

The casino is owned by a public company which majority interest owned by the government. Legal gambling with top class security is a great reason for people who have truckloads of extra cash to visit this part of Monaco.

The legendary Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix racing and luxurious yacht parties should convince you even more to come and visit. And even if you just simply walking by the Monte Carlo streets, your eyes will be pampered by some of the luxurious sports cars passing through right in front of you. Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, you name it, these rich people have it!

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