People Who Drink Outlive Those That Abstain

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Study Shows That Abstaining From Alcohol Shortens Your Life

A recent study led by Charles J. Holahan shows that people who drink on a regular basis are less likely to die prematurely compared to those that abstain.

The research shows that the lack of alcohol consumption altogether leads to a shorter life span than those of consistent, moderate drinkers.

“Moderate drinking, which is defined as one to three drinks per day, is associated with the lowest mortality rates in alcohol studies” as it is put by Time Magazine

I bet you’re surprised to be reading this, but the study was conducted over 20 years on people between ages 55 and 65, taking into account a multitude of external factors such as social & economic status, level of physical activity and many more.

It was conducted at the University of Texas at Austin concluding that mortality rates were the lowest for moderate (1-3 drinks a day) drinkers, a little higher for heavy drinkers and highest for those who had never had a sip.

Study Shows That Abstaining From Alcohol Shortens Your Life, This infographic displays the results of a study conducted last year. Out of 1824 participants those that did not drink died prematurely!

While out of the regular 41% died prematurely, those that prefer to stay dry ended up with a shocking 69% premature mortality rate. That means you’re 60% more likely to die before your time if you don’t part-take in alcohol drinking activities!

Despite all the risks associated with heavy drinking, they seem to be better off than those who don’t drink at all.

While drinking has several negative impacts on one’s life it has a few benefits that come along with it. Strong social networks are key to maintaining mental and emotional health while non-drinkers often show signs of depression or anti-social behavior.

On top of that, quality drinking – especially red wine – improves heart and circulation health.

Here at Ealuxe we’ve always recommended responsible drinking but make sure you take these academic analysis into account so you can enjoy a long-lasting life surrounded by your loved ones!

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