15 Most Expensive Cruise Ships In The World

9 September 2016

Going on a luxurious cruise is probably on every traveler’s bucket list. After reading about these expensive cruise ships, it could be on yours too!

Before Leonardo DiCaprio‘s Titanic movie, we could only wonder and dream about these expensive cruise ships. But now, we are going to reveal the top fifteen right here!

Everybody loves traveling. Even if you think getting on a cruise ship will never be on your bucket list, you would want it when you can afford it. There is no way you can refuse all the luxury these ships have to offer for your exclusive summer vacation.

To build such exclusive cruise ships, it took a huge amount of money. Let alone the expenses in maintaining, berthing, or simply just running them.

We have amazing images of those ships for you along with some information about their worth and features. So, let’s start the countdown!

15. Costa Diadema ($620 million)

15 Most Expensive Cruise Ships In The World | #15. Costa Diadema ($620 million)
15 Most Expensive Cruise Ships In The World | #15. Costa Diadema ($620 million) | source: youtube.com

Costa Diadema is a part of the Italian fleet, Costa Crociere. This ship is the biggest they have with almost 5,000-passenger capacity. For every luxury cruise, more than one thousand crews are ready to cater to your needs.

Fincantieri took two years to complete the ship from the day it was ordered in 2012. Within those years, €550 million ($620 million) were spent to build the ship and its popular features. Among them is the retractable roof covering three swimming pools and three large dining rooms which serve top-class Italian cuisine.

If I were you, I would go straight to the Birreria Dresden Green. We may find some of the world’s most expensive beers in this German-themed beer garden.

Check yourself into one of Costa Diadema’s luxury suites. I suggest the Grand Suite with Ocean View Balcony on Deck 7. With just $900 per 6-day cruise, you can pamper yourself with this luxury.

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