Whom Should You Go to For Your First Tattoo?

24 September 2016

People wear art in their own distinctive ways. Some went to designers’ boutique for high-end fashion. Others went to these highest paid tattoo artists for top-class ink.

When you see your favorite DJs, race car drivers, or other celebrities with their awesome tattoos, have you ever thought of the man behind them? Who inked those beautiful arts on their skin? We have the answers here on our highest paid tattoo artists list!

Back then, tattoos were still taboo since they were most likely to be related to criminal community. But today, that is no longer the case. Thus, more and more people are getting their bodies covered with ink. And we have to admit, most of them look amazingly good.

However, no matter how great your idea about your new tattoo is, it all comes down to the tattoo artist’s hands. If you don’t pick the right artist, you will end up with the greatest regret of your life.

The right tattoo artist comes with a staggering price, though. Considering how good their portfolios are, it is only fair. So, who are the world’s highest paid tattoo artist? Here is the top-fifteen countdown list!

15. Oliver Peck ($100 per hour)

15 Highest Paid Tattoo Artists in the World | #15. Oliver Peck ($100 per hour)
15 Highest Paid Tattoo Artists in the World | #15. Oliver Peck ($100 per hour) | source: juzaphoto.com

Oliver Peck first tattooed when he was only 19 years of age. He is known for his old-school style tattoos. While we are surrounded by many shadow-depth tattoos with amazing details, Oliver stays with his true style: simple and bold colorful graphic.

To get one of these old-school tattoos, you have to book Oliver at the Elm Street Tattoo, Dallas, Texas. This shop is owned and operated by many tattooists. For one hour session with Oliver, you will be charged for $100.

Back in 2008, Oliver set a world record and inked his way into the Guinness Book of World Record. That day, for a consecutive 24 hours, he completed 415 tattoos. That’s a lot of ink!

When he is away from his needles and inks, Oliver judges a reality show of tattoo competition, Ink Master. The charm of this Dallas cowboy does not just engaged TV viewers, but also another world renowned tattoo artist, Kat Von D, as they were once married for several years.

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